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Sunday, March 11, 2007

final fantasy 7 geek O.O -vincent valentine-
i am proud enough to say i'm a complete Final Fantasy VII geek (as if i haven't been one) i guess it's because i've been playing Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII lately. i'm working on a picture that has to do with ff7 (more like doc:ff7 actually). it's Vincent Valentine (the once ShinRa gun-slinging Turk) back in his days as a Turk portraying his "sin". he's behind a gate that will only open a little and his cuffed because of his "sin". the gate is only open a little because he wants to see Lucrecia. so basically, my imagination went a little (er, i take that back) last night and i started drawing Vincent, behind a gate which i decided would only open a little and he's handcuffed because of his "sin". i know, weird, but where would we be without an imagination? getting off this subject, it seems like everybody's fav j-pop band is L'Arc~en~Ciel (how can i blame them? i luv that band too ^^) i only got, uh, 5 votes i think (without me voting). i would like to thank the 4 or 5 people who visited my site last night *bows* the others probaly didn't want to 'cause i didn't visit theirs o.O sorry... i said i might not be able to -_-" i'm really hungry (no worries, i won't starve myself) gee, i'm bored. *thinks* oh! i called my friend because i was like "what was the spanish h/w!? i lost the sheet of paper!" so i called like 5 different people and only one picked up (if your cells are off or dead, learn to charge them/turn them on)! so i went to look through the book when i was talking to her and what happened? i found my sheets of paper for my spanish h/w. so much for them being "missing". *sigh* i'm so stupid. maybe today ain't my day? it seems fine, i'm just a lil off... cursed daylights standard time or whatever. -_-" for any Final Fantasy geek go to ffinsider.net just for fun. ffinsider has many different games you can look out (no, it's nothing like e-Bay) that you can view the characters, screenshots, pictures, wallpapers, etc. i discovered this site about 2 years ago, and only visit it every now and then o.O visit it if you have the time. how was everyone's day? eh.... my wp won't appear (still!) so, where are those headphones of mine? i need to listen to some j-pop. i really can't visit sites today either. sorry!!! forgive me? k... time to keep drawing Vincent. hopefully he'll get on ^^'
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