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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Senior Otaku =D
yay! i'm a senior otaku ^^ (i'm no longer an otakuite) wow.... i'm so hyper (all because of that!?) well, i'll continue on: looks like alot of you updated today. i only got a chance to visit 15385bic's but i am visiting others too (don't worry!) all i need next is for Rei-syn to start yelling at me. she wrote to me and was like "you deactivated your site... how dare you" so i have the feeling she's out to get me ^^; there was more to the message, but that was the first line (what'd i do wrong?). it's turning into an emo-world out here: so many kids i know are starting to act emo (ok, so maybe it was only for friday) but alot of funni things have been happening this week (excluding the emo part). like me and my friend saw these hugs tv's and they had ff7 and parrapa the rapper on 'em and me and my friend were rushing to every PS they had but none of the PSs had the games on it. then i started saying "my life is incomplete unless i play that game!!!" and, yeah.... ^^; don't mind me. i'm sorta hyper now. well, i'm doing lots of stuff. oh! i forgot to mention: new theme!!!! my new main bg is vincent since i've been so adicted and not i just have to find a "dark" bg for my gb page :P how long will that take? it has to be a drak kh one. i found a roxas one; that will have to do for now. i forgot to say i have to pay my mom $12.50 becasue she helped pay for my manga. i had only brought the money i thought was enough to pay for it all but wanted extra books so now i have to pay her back TT.TT she probaly won't take me to the bookstore until i pay her back (and it's not like i'm gonna walk) so i have to give her the cash soon... i always pay her on time though (and when i say "on time" i usually mean that night or the next day). well, i won't write much more cuz i've probaly bored you to death :P can people please visit? no one visited my post on monday TT.TT how was everyone's day?
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