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Wednesday, December 14, 2005


you wanna see somthing funny? click this

it's the cookie song

sung by the cookie monster

only in stead... hellsing characters.

GUESS WAT? my grandmother is going to sneak into my house when i'm gone. so i hid the key and she can't break in. i mean, i don't wanna sound weird, but my house is impossible to break into. it's impossible to get into it, but it's also impossible to break in. the door doesn't open, it's stuck, along with the backyard door. and our windows don't open. the only way to break into the house is to climb on the roof. which, i don't see my grandmother doing anythime soon. so, i think i'm somwhat safe.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

howdy all

ok...i am... super pissed... I SPENT ALL OF THE LAST TWO NIGHTS SLAVING OVER HOMEWORK. HOMEWORK. wtf???? OMG. I HAVE NO LIFE. well, if zat's how the apple falls. i don't think that's a real saying... -.- .... whatever.


good news: THEY HAVE FINALLY SHIPPED THE SERAS FIGURINES! bad news is i don't have one and i don't know when i will get one if i ever get one at all. i hope i do. i want the alucard one real bad though.

i have up to chapter 5 of the dawn...i don't even know if they have more..i want more of it though.... heh, yay.

oh yes, bad news. i have to leave saturday to go to florida. which means i will be gone for a week. crap. well, oudie.

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Sunday, December 11, 2005

yep.. i'm back... can't ya beleive it.

ok, um, hey ya'll. yes, my blogger is messed, so i'm fixing it right now. and as you can see, my theme is the dawn. yes, the dawn. with young walter. i luv young walter. but not in a weird fangirl way. in a cool ok way. yeah. so.... don't get frustrated. you won't.

neways, you're prolly(well, maybe) wondering wat i've been up to. well, remember how i left to try to be become an artist? well, i'm not the worlds best, but i definetly gotten better. in a matter of fact, you could say i'm almost acceptable. it's true, practice makes a hell of alot better. and i'm not in half as bad of a bad mood as i was when i left. so, you should be happy. ^^ yes, i sound so stuck up. oh well.

well, right now i'm sick from food poisoning. aside from that, my health is relativily ok. my spelling has not gotten better though. lmao.

well, bibi then. AND SORRY I LEFT FOR SO LONG. CYA ROUND!!!!

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Sunday, October 23, 2005


i'm watching one peice right now.... is that not the sadest thing? i think it's kinda sad and weird... but it sure has luvable characters! my sister keeps on telling the one kid(i beleive his name is monkey D. luffy, but what do i know....) one peice, and i told her a million times that that's not his name, it's the name of the treasure. which is a weird name when you think about it.

ya know what pisses me off? well, alot of things piss me off, but one of the things are clubs on deviant art that don't update at all. that's just stupid! i mean, i have tried to join so many, but they all updated last spring. which is why i want to create one myself.... and it will have contests...... somthing like that. i dunno. it just makes me mad that they don't fucking update. what will i give as prices? huh....any ideas. hey, one peice is kinda funny. i like it.

another thing that pisses me off is that is the fact that i havn't drawn in so long. i need to. i'm going to.... i've just been all of the world lately. craziness(i had to go to grannies this weekend). hmmm.. oh well, always nice talken to ya people. cya around...

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Thursday, October 13, 2005


YAY! OMFG! i got teh seventh volume of hellsing. ofcourse, pip died. which totally made me sad... that was so sad....oh....pippers...... nyo.... what made me even more depressed was that at teh end of the book it said that pip was suppose to die a long time ago.... yeah boy did that make my day. oh well, even though he's dead, he'll live on through his fans like me, and well, hell everyone still loves the valentine brothers? so it's fine. . . yeah.

i also got the first hellsing DVD. yay. i havn't seen teh whole series yet. can you beleive it? i can't.

Deviant art is so much fun! it's cool. yeah. i'm starving......

oh well, taht' all i wanted to say. and yes, the blogger is messed up but i gave up on it so it really doesn't matter. oh well.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2005


have you noticed that i always get sick? i must have, like, a disorder or somthing. jesus. neways, i threw up like a freaken lung last night, damn it i was so fucking sick. my mom's all pissed. yes, i don't know why. probably for somthing that she did herself but it's my fault cause she can't really live with the fact that it really might be her fault. she does that alot. oh well.

good news is that i finished my script(should i call it that? it's not like thumbnails or anything, it's just the written word and what happens and it's probably going to change a million times. how sad.) for my doujinshi. i don't like how it ends though. i beleive the last thing said in the whole thing is "garrr" so i might add a little for of ending to it. yeah, it's a hellsing fancomic btw. yeah...how sad.


yeah, i have to wait a while too before i get it. oh well, from what i have heard it's like super depressing. yeah. pip dies, nyo.

nyo nyo nyo nyo nyo nyo bibi nyo!

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Monday, October 10, 2005

   i hate florida

alrighty, rememeber how i said i think i would be able to update? guess what, the kids are too busy playing their gay ass games, so i couldn't go on. AT ALL> then we went to orlando, which was a living hell, so that was fun. and the weather sucked ass. taht's it.

also, my dad ditched me at the airport. yeah, i couldn't get down the stairs with my huge suitcase and wouldn't help me cause he wanted to keep on going ahead. i hate that. what a bastard. damn him.

and, on even more sour note, the hellsing volume seven isn't even released yet. it's been published, but not released. wtf. that pissed me off too.

but, i got a hellsing shirt, and the two CDs, and my drawing spirit has been reawakened, and i plan on working some doujinshi again. i hope it works out. i'm such a failure.

PS. i didn't draw the art in the BG. that's just from the manga and i faded it so you can see the text n stuff.

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Thursday, September 29, 2005

konnichiwa...... ... ... ... ... .. .. .. . . . . .

HEY EVERYONE! hope you've all been fine. i know i have. more or less. well, more less than more, normal. sorry bout the backround, it really wasn't working for the longest time. i mean, i couldn't get all the HTML to work so i sorta gave up and then picked it up again and had it messed up even more and then i fixed it. don't i make everything sound so dramatic?

i read a manga called DearS. there's no nudity, but it's sorta pervy. but still really good. the drawings are amazing. and it's hilarious. shoujo, but still good. hentai, not really. could be worse! yeah. oh well.

i'm also going to be working on alot more art. alot more. i'll be doing not only fanart but also from my newly created and favorite series.... shit. i dun have a name for it.... oh well, from that too. it'll be good. fanart fun. yesss.... XD. god, that's retarded.

yeah. sad. that's it. ok. well i'm gonig to florida. i'll still be on. maybe. my dad's rich, he'll have a computer. i hope. i think the ghost in my house hates me. i was sitting down here last night and a peice of the clock hanging fell down on me. ofcourse, the peice had been nailed to it. makes ya wonder. . . the freakiest song i have ever heard is from 666 to 777. creepy. luv it. bubi.

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Monday, September 26, 2005


good morning.
i woke up at 4 this morning. cause my phone went off(god dammit) and i just thought "let ring". and i did. the first time. and the second time. by the third time was looking under my bed for my phone(i could hear it, i just couldn't find it) and finally i did. i flipped open greeting the person "uh". it was my mom. and she couldn't remember if she had closed the garage door and she didn't want people to steal HER stuff. i hung up on her, and went downstairs to check. A GUESS WHAT? SHE HAD CLOSED IT! so yeah, that was pretty much my day so far.

yesterday i went to the manga shop. they didn't have the seventh volume of hellsing! i was so pissed! i'll just wait. it's ok. pip dies, so i can wait. but i did get "kill me kiss me" which is so far hilarious, the second and third of "dearS" cause it's so pretty, and the second love hina, which is also funny. and a newtype mag, which is kinda disapointing this month. BUT- DID YOU HEAR THEY'RE MAKING AN ANIME TO THE MYTHICAL DETECTIVE LOKI RAGNORAK? as much as hate it, i also luv. it's kinda weird. it has no plot(trust me, he doesn't hunt down mythical beasts like it says) but its pretty, funny, not only cuase of the stuff that happens but also cause it's just so damn random. eh, we'll see. can't wait!
ja ne!

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Sunday, September 25, 2005

guess what....

guess what....i'm back.
yeah, i know.
sorry i totally left you guys fer liek the longest time, but whatever. in that time lotsa things have happened. including me becoming a better artist, still not that good. i wonder.... when is that thing that the otaku people are doing coming out? i am so curious to see how it looks. i mean, what style shall it be in? i hope it's not like ne of those other books and looks like total crap. i mean my sis got one cause she can't draw(and the book hasn't done jack for her, so if it wasn't clear enough alread) and it makes me want to shoot it.

on a happier note, not only is the hellsing anime coming out on september 6th, but the 7th volume of the manga came out on wedsnday. i will hopfully be getting a copy tomarrow. which i am pretty sure i just jinxed it, so i won't be. and if the first one didn't jinx it, that just did. amen.

ok. looks like it's gonna be pippers next.... pip is short for piipers, is pippers short for anything? who knows.....

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