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Wednesday, July 6, 2005


so today, this is mostly about fireworks, sorry if that bores you, but it was lots of fun.
ok, first, we had these stupid bottle rockets and M80's and this boring shit, and then my uncle's roommate comes out with this thing that looks like a duraflame log with a rope coming out of it....... yeah, when the stick came down it broke the tree amd missed me by 2 feet.... eesh....
and then he brought out this thing that we couldn't get it to stop...... it was cool, but it sounded like a blooky gun and kept on going and GOING..... it finally had a finale and stopped.
next, the neighbor(this was a party, there was only 12 people there, but whataever...) found an ASSLOAD of sparklers....... we were all barefoot, and i have to say, never do sparklers barefoot, cause it feels like a beesting. anyways, at first it was all"ooo, sparklers, lets do one and see it we die"(they had expired in 1989) and then ti got to a point where each had like ten sparklers in each hand, yelling at each other to watch out for our feet.... it was fun.
ok, i watched the grudge, and since i've gotten home, creepy shit has happened. i couldn't sleep cause my bed looks alot like that one chick's who dies in her bed, only covered in papers.... well, the end looks like it........ so i was creeped out.
next, we get home and my sister's car isn't here, and she isn't either. i dunno if this is a curse or a blessing, but it looks like she was in the middle of doing somthing on the computer.... alll her stuff is a round it, and it had just finished burning a CD........ eesh.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2005


boy, do i luv fireworks. HAPPY FORTH OF JULY SUCKAS! jjust kiddin, anyways i never released that my aunt's could be so fun. that sounded so gay.... haha....i think the shit that the fireworks let out are messing me up... oh well. i watched the grudge today, and since then, freaky stuff has been happening...i think i'm going to pass out... sorry this is so short, have a wonderful 4th of july!
note: my aunt has had three parties in the last three days, so i'll have loads to talk about.

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Monday, July 4, 2005


uh, yeah......today was interesting. alrighty, you have to go read the post from two days ago bout mi club, agentyuki was the only one who read that. darn....... anyways, i'm still in LA, and i have no idea how much longer i'll be here. my aunt rented the grudge, so i'm gonna see if i can talk people into watching that.....
i'm trying to write a vampire fic, but, as so with everything, all i could get was a fanfic. a really random fanfic. i'll type it as soon as i get home.... yeah, i know, i suck.
one word-fireworks man. fireworks.
so read that, and anyboday interested in helping me tell me. kay, bi......

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Sunday, July 3, 2005

well, i had a day

yay! we got fireworks! i asked what type, and my aunt was all like ''the illegal type''. so they should be good. not much else has happened. i mean, everyone has left the party(my aunt had a party tonight-and there is one tomarrow night-and the night after that) so, uh, this was this one lady that had a hairstyle EXACTLY like the dead lady from the mummie returns... anukh sunamore or whatever. well, that my life. i think i'm just jittery cause i'm MESSED UP! cool me. that's a joke. the messed up part. and a long story........ i have a long story for everything. well, i'm gonna go watch a movie now, cause i'm in the mood for a movie....i guess. either a comedy or a horror. i don't think there are any horror, but they have some funny stuff. yes.................... and the wheel goes round. oh yes, does anyone know how to draw lace? like on a dress?
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Saturday, July 2, 2005

yeah....i totally suck

ok, well, pretty much every bad human emotion i can possible feel i feel right now..... AKA i'm in a SUPER bad mood..... i want to crah, trash somthing, beat in like five different people's faces in, say i'm sorry a million times.... yeah, it's sorta confusing, i'm just really pissed off and sad...i can barely type i'm so jittery.
sorry i'm updating so late today, i'm lucky i'm updating at all, and no, i'm not having a good ''vacation''... more info on that later
meanwhile...i have come up with a new ''club''... see, it's not really a new club, cause it's not just some lil button clickie thing that you post on your cite, you actually have to do somthing.... so it's a real club... well, it's more of a association or guild or comitee(i don't feel like spelling, more like bashing....) or somthing.... yeah.
it's a sorta artist club, and i can't do this myself!!! so please, it you write or draw or do anything like with manga, please contact me and tell me that, cause i need some help.
the club will do stuff like contest and give awards and other stuff, i just havn't thought of it yet cause i NEED HELP!
guidlines for joining:

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Friday, July 1, 2005

stupid sister

ok, i found the cite i was looking for.... uh, you can go to it, yet i warn you of the "danger", AKA if ur a lil kid, or ur parents are the room, or anything like that, don't go to it. just trust me on this one, don't go to it. here's the address:
it's a nice cite with beautiful drawings, i havn't really come across any nudity, but, it's not good. in that sence. apart from that: wonderful drawings! and beautiful eyes, though they are done on the computer and i don't know how to do that, so i can't really do those eyes... damn you chibi eyes.
ok, my freind gave this link yesterday, and i was all like, "uh, do i want to go here?" well, the address was for "pen island", a cite that sells pens....... erase the space and u'll figure out why i hestitated. man, alot of pervy stuff today, eh?
oh yeah, i changed my BG.... i relized Ed hot, and i'm pretty sure you guys are sick of hellsing. heh, i wish those flowers were for me^^
heh heh'^^
i am doing alot of perverted stuff today-oh yeah, here's more....
i still havn't cured mi inner hentai, i think it has gotten worse.... is so sad!!!!!!!
yeah, that's it.
i'm going to LA today.
you all rock n roll.
luv n peace.
punk soul
pip rox
alucard's hot
hell yes
see you lot lader.
PS. mi sister just said she saw a person downstairs..... i don't see anyone.

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Thursday, June 30, 2005

drawings and stuff

ok, again, you all are probably wondering why(if you remember this) i was yellsing ''i did it''overe and over again a few days ago. well, it's because i figured out my style of drawing, finally. and i like it. oh yeah, does anyone know how to draw chibi eyes? i can't do that!!!!!
head hurts, when does it not........
i have that song stairway to heaven stuck in my head... oh, it makes me wonder.
and i figured out what was wrong with my cite, it had somthing to do with frames. crazy, don't bother me about it.i don't even understand it. all i know is that it works.
i'm trying to find this cite....it's this person's cite with all these cute things and weird drawings, and stuff. . . it's in japanese.... and that's about all i know.
also, maple world got hacked, i've never played, i just have an account, so i got all these e-mails say VERY rude things.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2005


hey dudes....does anyone have good HTML cites? please? it's killing me(and not softly).... i think my freind rachel has forgotten about me, that drives me insane. this weekend, i'm gonna go to LA, i may or may not be able to post, but i will try my hardest. anyways, yeah, i know have a headache from all this HTML crap, and that's what it is, crap. crap i tell you!!! heh heh, yeah.... has anyone here ever hear of tsubasa? it is interesting, strange doujinshi.
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Tuesday, June 28, 2005


ok, i have like no TIME this morning, but i can visit your cites tonight, i've been extra busy lately with all the end of the year things... anyways, i have decided to start over mi cite, and this one from scratch, cause the templates were driving me INSANE. oh yeah, does anyone know tht tag for a scroll bar?
I DID IT! I FIGURED IT OUT!!!!I DID IT! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 I SO SMART!!!!!!!!!!!!!I DID IT!

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Monday, June 27, 2005

man... i say that alot....... not muchh....

oh man, mi day sucked..... and i hated it..... i really didn't like today....
i drew alot.... adn mi head hurts......... it always hurts damn it...... i een had somthing to day, but i forgot it....
i wanna watch a scary movie...i dunno what's out though...
there are way too many sakuras....
hentai is perverted stuff.
bagpipe rock sux....
anybody has any good rock bands? j-rock...
i feel so sleep deprived....
did anyone see the paranoia agency episode? it sucked!

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