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Sunday, October 23, 2005

i'm watching one peice right now.... is that not the sadest thing? i think it's kinda sad and weird... but it sure has luvable characters! my sister keeps on telling the one kid(i beleive his name is monkey D. luffy, but what do i know....) one peice, and i told her a million times that that's not his name, it's the name of the treasure. which is a weird name when you think about it.

ya know what pisses me off? well, alot of things piss me off, but one of the things are clubs on deviant art that don't update at all. that's just stupid! i mean, i have tried to join so many, but they all updated last spring. which is why i want to create one myself.... and it will have contests...... somthing like that. i dunno. it just makes me mad that they don't fucking update. what will i give as prices? huh....any ideas. hey, one peice is kinda funny. i like it.

another thing that pisses me off is that is the fact that i havn't drawn in so long. i need to. i'm going to.... i've just been all of the world lately. craziness(i had to go to grannies this weekend). hmmm.. oh well, always nice talken to ya people. cya around...

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