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Monday, October 10, 2005

   i hate florida
alrighty, rememeber how i said i think i would be able to update? guess what, the kids are too busy playing their gay ass games, so i couldn't go on. AT ALL> then we went to orlando, which was a living hell, so that was fun. and the weather sucked ass. taht's it.

also, my dad ditched me at the airport. yeah, i couldn't get down the stairs with my huge suitcase and wouldn't help me cause he wanted to keep on going ahead. i hate that. what a bastard. damn him.

and, on even more sour note, the hellsing volume seven isn't even released yet. it's been published, but not released. wtf. that pissed me off too.

but, i got a hellsing shirt, and the two CDs, and my drawing spirit has been reawakened, and i plan on working some doujinshi again. i hope it works out. i'm such a failure.

PS. i didn't draw the art in the BG. that's just from the manga and i faded it so you can see the text n stuff.

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