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Tuesday, September 6, 2005


hey, does nayone here draw? cause if they do, you need to get a deviant art account. it's great! and if you do/already have one, look me up, my username is punk-soul. yeah....weird, huh? i named it after that thing from comic party, ya know, the kid at the end with punk soul written on his hands... yeah. i did that a couple of times. i also wrote !Pip rox! on my hands alot too. that made people laugh. oh, how i miss raychan! school isn't the same without her. mou.

i've been doing alot of fanart lately. CREEPY. i drew this really good looking(well, i thought it was somewhat good. it scares me the thought of it ebing good though.) picture of integra. one day i shall get better though. i've hoping on that. so much... oh well, look that up. have fun. i'm such a preacher. man.... weird feeling right now, like i'm going to get shot any second.

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Monday, September 5, 2005


so we have a tie....wolfe Vs. pip..... well, vote, cause i'm changing my backround tomarrow...or today...or whenever.... i'm going to draw more. i have that to be a goal...

you see, ahh, i have been working very hard at a fanartist. practice makes perfect anyways. so i have to get better the more i work at it. so shall. and like, that will eventually get better. yes, that is alot of rambling. huh? alot of polls today, huh?

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Sunday, September 4, 2005


ahh, it's lae in the day to be updating, but whatever. i'll make this short cause no one's gunna read it. i am now trying so hard to be a doujinka. also, i'm doing alot of fanart. i was working on one just now, but went on the computer cause i didn't know what to do from there.... ^^, sad i know.

as far as doujinshi goes, i think i may write a doujin script that's serious. i'm think a AxI one, very out of character for me, and it's probably gunna be the same for them... oh well, i think as long as i try my hardest at my drawing one day i shall be better. good enough to become a real proffessnol doujinka.

that was an oxymoron.

how sad....

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Saturday, September 3, 2005


GOOD MORING! that reminds me of our anouncer person....he can never get it right...he always says, "good evening". and now on purpose...

THEY'RE MAKING US JUMP OVER BLOODY FENCES IN PE!!!!!!!!! IT'S NOT FAIR!!!!!!!! i mean, u have to put one foot up, and then teh other, and then hop over. and that's that...... SO ANNOYING! i mean, i got one foot up(this was the third time doing the course) and my other one started freaking out so i fell over and i landed anime-style: one foot on the ground, one knee on the ground, both hands on the ground. my freind said i looked cool, but i was freaking out from my leg..... stupid leg! the messed up one.... reason i can't walk.....

my sister is into all those games like maple story and dunescape. what are they like? they sound kinda stupid to me...i've never played em though, so i really can't judge... yeah....

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Thursday, September 1, 2005

*is shocked*

i shall visit cites tonight! and then i need to work on a project fer school.....dumb school......

we had a math reveiw test. guess i'm good at reveiw cause my score was 102.75%. quite frankly, i didn't even know that was possible.....

i hate school.....i think i'm spelling it wrong, i don't care....

I'LL MAKE MORE FREINDS THIS WEEKEND!and, i uh, the doujinshi is coming out BAD. i feel terrible for messing it up. WAAHHHHH!
does anyone here do deviant art?

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Wednesday, August 31, 2005


i'm seeing this stupid boot thing were you call in you get a boot or some shit like that...dum....

i was laughing so hard in math class...... it was so damn weird...... me and my freind....for no real reason....cause she and i never laugh, so people kept on kept on staring us.....that's it....sad lil life i have, huh?

my computer is putting everything i type in computer language....just kidding, but all the things apart from letters into HTML... weird, huh? i leave you with lyrics, mates.(even though i can see they're wrong cause i know every word to the song.....)

That place is very fitting in the exciting human land
Hey check out others' act then correct my own
I can care less for lowly assignments, all for the sake of
money, living, vanity, and honor
My stomach is soaked and churning with greed {or "and with greed with juv juv}
World perception spread in the head, BABY I get a
crush on you all {or fondly at you}

Looking good with a disguised mask in the monster's
It must be the end of the world since HE is the symbol
Flocked with flies, infested with maggots, and farts at
mandala in the rotten culture

You are crazy mixed up with primal instinct
Universal concept shapes in the head, BABY, I'm
impressed by you all

Don't do that, if you do, there is no more savior


Sono bashoga yoku niauze wakuwakuno ningen land
Hora check hitonofuri tadasu wagafuri
Shimozewana rhythm mo nanmosono kanenotame
kurasutame mienotame meiyonotame

Onakawa bugiwagi jabujabu yokuyokude dorodoro
Otsumuni habikoru sekaikan BABY sonna
anatatachi horebore

Kamenga yoku niauze muchakuchano kaibutsu land
Masani yomosue yatsuga symbol
Kusatta bunkani takaritsuku haegatobu ujigawaku
mandarani heokamasu

Otakuwa muchimuchi jabujabu honnoude gushagusha
Otsumude katamaru uchukan BABY sonna
anatachini omisore

Sorewo yattara ikemasen Sorewo yattara mou

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Tuesday, August 30, 2005


NOTE: the hellsing preveiw was not a movie, it's the OVA.... ^^, it comes out november 6th from what i've heard.

well, today was the first day of school and we had all the honor student go up to the front of the class and i guess my new teacher is alllergic to noise cause she was all like "YOU CAN'T CLAP! YOU MUST DO THE SILENT HIGH FIVE...." she continued from there but at the "silent high five" part she lost me.....next thing you know i look up and i pretty much see this:

ok, i'm going to have this one day, and one day only. i uploaded it to my freewebcite and it's killing my bandwith(ok, fine, it's not, BUT STILL..... it's not mine and i don't steal) ....and it's not mine. i'm guessing somebody filmed it at otakon or another "con". I DO NOT OWN THIS!!! ONLY ONE DAY! so tell your freinds if they wanna see it as zis, oh yeah, and it might now work....and if it does, it might take a while...here's a link, cause i can't figure out how to add video:

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Monday, August 29, 2005

good day!!!!

i have a really freaky thing to say today....i had a really good day.... well, the only bad thing is that i didn't leave my house at all, no good music came on the radio, and it's as hot as hell, but aside from that, today was splendid.

yes, i changed the backroumd. sure, alucard won the poll, but i relized he was already the backround, and i felt like a change. i also feel like this one isn't going to last too long.... and i'm not sorry that it's just jan, cause i hate luke. he looks like a messed up integra.... funny, huh?

i saw the trailer for hellsing, i hate the song, and i'm praying it isn't the beggining or the ending...but a the same time, i literally went into a state of shock when i saw it, and people had to come by and hit me in the back of the head to make sure i was still alive....IT WAS SO COOL! pip's hair is the most awsome color, it's like an orangish-yellow.

I GOT SO MUCH DRAWING DONE THIS WEEKEND! I'm so proud of myself...yes, i know that is really bad, but this is and exception. i never get anything done, so i'm going to try to be more loyal to my art. and i shall.... i'm all the way up to page four, and half way done sketching it too. so all i need to do is one and a half pages of sketching, ink three pages, and do some general looking over. so happy!!!

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Sunday, August 28, 2005

a hell of alot about art.

*is about to die of shock*
i actually sketched a whole page of doujinshi today! heh, suprise suprise........ when i say sketched i mean i've done everyhting but sound effects, what they say, and it's not inked... ahh, and it took me three tries to finally get walter's head to where it didn't make me cringe.... oh god, i'm such a terrible artist. . . .
but NOT terrible enough to derserve a comment i got today...which left me a little pissed....maybe a little bit more than a little bit pissed. . . . ok, ya know the integra fangirl that i was all pissed at about a month ago? well, i have never said anything rude to her at all, in a matter of fact, i was complimenting her and then she said this, "are you really am artist, or do you just call yourself that?" THAT MADE ME SO MAD! and then i drew. now, if i can finish two pages tomarrow, i might just have it done this week. for SURE the webcite will be up with everyhting by a week from now...won't that be cool? quite excited....but at the same time i am having major second thoughts, and i just had the weirdest ass feeling i ever have...like i'm being watched...someone is watching me, so freaky.....

i'm watching tommy boy, oh, i luv this movie....... hahaha..... i'm not in a bad mood anymore thank god..... head is a lil tipsy though.

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Saturday, August 27, 2005


heh, i went to "beverages and more" yesterday and got all this soda, like old time soda.... for some of it you need a VERY aquired taste, and for the rest of it, well, it just tases good.

i'm watching the travel channel and this werid thing about some swedish chick that killed some german guy, it's quite boring...and she kinda looked messed up....sorry... they should have gotten a different actress... speaking of such my sisiter did the weirdest thing today, she came downstairs and was all like "KT! I'M SO SORRY I WAS MEAN TO YOU LAST NIGHT!!!" cause had been a total ass and i was all like "wtf?"..i think had a dream about it or somthing..i dunno, i tried to be nice to her....

my lovely quote of the day:
"i'm trilinqual. i can speak; english, french, japanese, and german!"
and that was just one of the things that she said...the dumbass....

has anyone here seen the smokey bear commercial? were like, he's evil? i luv it.... and have noticed that i mostly talk about commercials? i hate that.....

i also hate were like it's all like(ha), "watch CSI's labor day speacil! on labor day!" well no shit....

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