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Sunday, December 11, 2005

yep.. i'm back... can't ya beleive it.
ok, um, hey ya'll. yes, my blogger is messed, so i'm fixing it right now. and as you can see, my theme is the dawn. yes, the dawn. with young walter. i luv young walter. but not in a weird fangirl way. in a cool ok way. yeah. so.... don't get frustrated. you won't.

neways, you're prolly(well, maybe) wondering wat i've been up to. well, remember how i left to try to be become an artist? well, i'm not the worlds best, but i definetly gotten better. in a matter of fact, you could say i'm almost acceptable. it's true, practice makes a hell of alot better. and i'm not in half as bad of a bad mood as i was when i left. so, you should be happy. ^^ yes, i sound so stuck up. oh well.

well, right now i'm sick from food poisoning. aside from that, my health is relativily ok. my spelling has not gotten better though. lmao.

well, bibi then. AND SORRY I LEFT FOR SO LONG. CYA ROUND!!!!

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