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Thursday, June 16, 2005


my computer totally freaked out on me today, i've spent all day fixing it... crazy, i tell you! crazy! but that's life, the life i hate...

i spent two hours meditating in nordstroms today, so if you saw me, hi! this lil kid thought i wasn't looking, so when he came real close and was gonna pinch me, i ''opened'' my eyes and screamed ''boo!''.... it scared teh poor kid sh*tless.... poor kid....


death is a terrible thing, yet, i dunno... i feel so weird about death right now.... like, it's ok, yet i don't want to die...

i will soon(in the next week or so) have the character designs for at least kaigen and sakura, maybe some other minor characters, up on my webcite. i'm afraid that they might mess up this cite, cause they're huge... so i'll keep em on my webcite. besides, it seems like a good idea.

does anyone know how to create backrounds for a webcite? not just a reapeating image, but one with a menu, or whatever, err, i forget what it's called... side bar n such, and an image at the top. like above this!!! the lil anime chick, if i remeber right.... well, at least theotaku has it... i have to go!

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Wednesday, June 15, 2005


ok, i am going to start writing article of my opinion for myotaku, and if they don't like em, i'm going to keep on submittin him until they do! rebellion! not really, but it is always, er, uh, yes.

i was wondering, does anyone know the password to my computer? cause all these kids at school did... it freaked me out... better change it...

agentyuki know me the best!!!!! yay!!! i appreciate that someone thought my manga was called hellsing.... heh .....

OMFG! there was just a tsumi warning and i have been praying to buddha for the last half an hour... and then they canceled it... i'm in tears right now... don't want to talk.... people don't take it serious... i hate that!

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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

ah man....

i had a concert yesterday... and it was terrible... i totally messed up... i cried twice... i had a terrible day. my freind screwed me over, my other freind ditched me, i still have an assload of homework to do.... but at least it's the last week of schoo;!!!!!!!!!! yay!!!!!!!!!! my eyes are all messed up though... i really need glasses... and i hate the summer, it's too hot, and no places sell black, only thrift shops. god, i hate that. my freind got the coolest jacket from a thrift shop.
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Monday, June 13, 2005

just stuff....

ok, man, i have to say this just cause...... the rest of this is really random...
1. i need a vacation.
2.Come on, come on, come on
Let's go!
Come on, come on
Let's go!
Come on, come on, come on
Let's go!
Come on, come on
Let's go!

Need a little sun to break up all the frustration
And turn it into love
Ain't nobody gonna tell us what we gonna do
Because today, it's up to you
Temptation comin' up to me
A little relaxation and I'll be great to be
Come on and weeky weeky loo at the
It's gonna start now
Kick it back , kick it back, kick it back to the track
Kick it back, kick it back, kick it back to the max

Vacation's where I wanna be
Party on the beach where the fun is free
We don't need a holiday, it's time to celebrate

'Cause I need a break, I need a vacation

Need to get me some and drive out all my complications
And turn them into love
Ain't nobody gonna tell us where we gonna be
Because today, today it's you and me

Vacation's what I wanna do
Party on the beach, fun for me and you
We don't need a holiday, it's time to celebrate

Repeat after me, "I need a vacation."

Let's go!
Let's go!
Let's go!
Let's go!
I wanna be where the fun is free
So come with me

3. i downloaded that song...

ok, quiz time!!!! how well you know me!!!
what is mi favorite:
1. color?
2. manga?
3. country?
4. 2nd country?
5. rock band?
6. J-pop band
7. best freind that i know in real life?
8. number?
9. femal hellsing character
10. hellsing character
11. non-anime TV show
12. actor

other stuff:
1. title of mi manga series
2. do i wear a sari?
3. mi e-mail address
4. do i like disney land?
5. one series i absoulutely hate
6. did i ever have a contest?


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Sunday, June 12, 2005

some stuff.

ok folks... i'll visit ur cites today.. i am so late on updating... i over slept...
there was this earth quake like three seconds ago, i didnt' relize it until somebody screamed... stupid... i thought i had just knocked the desk a lil.... i fee all disorganized now...
i got a RP character! it took me an hour, and with the help of this guy, but i did it! yay!!! so cool... ok, it just took me forever....
it's been raining all weekend^^ that made me happy.. it's all gloomy... i drew this really bad pic in like five seconds.....
man, i need food...
ok, this is this lil thing i noticed last night on inuyasha.... he says ''i knew i should have stayed with kagome'' and then the scene changes and it shows rin, who says, ''i knew i should have gone with lord sesshomaru...'' *hint*hint* and then she sees kohaku, and sorta shows that she feels for kohaku too(she also ''hides'' him from jaken, notice the air quotes)... yes that's all i noticed.... also, is that guy, the one that's part of the band of seven, who like inuyasha, is he a guy or a chick???? ''he'' seems like a chick, but they call him a he.... and when he pullled down his shirt, sorta, you know where i'm going.... but, yeah. anyone know? i think i know the name, but i don't want to post it if i'm wrong.

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Saturday, June 11, 2005

oh man

this is creepy... i hear someone walking around outside...man, this freaks me out....
i now really like that song ''fukai mori'' i dunno why, is just good!
still creeeped out...
ok, now i'm all paranoid... does anyone watch that show, UTB japanese drama? i was late to school one day and i got hooked... i wonder what happened.
last night, i called all of mi freinds, and guess what? all of them couldn't talk cause they were watching the breakfast club.... pissed me offf.... so i fell asleep again... i'm such a loser.... ^^
i feel weird... everything is sorta spinny... and fuzzy... oh well..... barf.... JK!

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Friday, June 10, 2005

nothin-uh oh

oh man, i just deleted mi post..... sorry bout that..... it's just that i exceeded mi bandwith so i'm trying to get it down.... all i talk about was ni-shu(ni-chan)this lil manga chibi character that is now gonna be mi webcite's lil logo. isocute!!!! i feel like an idiot... there's a cock roch in the corner... i need to get ready for school.
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Saturday, May 28, 2005


i just got super fast high speeed internet, so now i can visit ur people's cites actually! like, i visited alot yesterday! that is so cool! ahh, everyone is 2 hours ahead of me. no fair. it's 6:05 here.
i have ''it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood'' stuck in mi head. strange song, and i hated that show. sad that he died. Mr. rogers, if you have no idea what i'm talking about. he reminds me of one of mi old teachers. that guy was weird. and he's always looked the same too. i mean, that's sorta funny, but when ya go back 20 years(we figured this out by yearbooks, not time travel, heh heh^^) and he looks exactly the same, it makes ya wonder exactly how old he is.
i was watching all this creepy stuff on the travel chanel yesterday. it was creepy. but i had seen most of it before. i seriously think mi house is haunted. i mean i heard this coughing upstairs yesterday, clear as a bell, and when i went out into the garage. no one's car was there, which ment i was alone......... and then that sorta freaked me out.

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Friday, May 27, 2005

   hello again-more weird dreams.

ahh, yes, somehow today i feel different. i can't explain it. everything is smaller today. i mean, it's importance. nothing is as important as it should be. i can't feel mi foot, been sittin on it too long. ouch^^
i shall try to submit some wallpapers today. i have figured that i need to submit 84 to get mi goal of 700 downloads. i'll be lucky if i get that. so i shall try. yes.all i need is 75 more! gah....they won't even accept most of em....
speaking of which, they liked both of my fanarts. yay! and i plan on working on more. man, does mi head always hurt this bad? wah....... ooo the smilies are cool, i just looked back from the TV......heh they move! ooo a snake. so cool! wow, i don't think i would shove a snake down someone's throat.....maybe.....doubt it....that makes me sound crazy eh?

speaking of crazy, i had this really weird dream. ok, so it started off in mi house, and i was just sitting there, all of a sudden all this freaky grudge shit started happening to me. cept instead of the wife, it was arucard. which doesn't make ya feel any better. so i'm running like hell and then i get to this church. so i thought ''eh, what the hell, it'll save me for a lil while.'' so i walk up to this church and there is this cripple lady(yumiko)climbing out of a wheel chair and trying to stand. i asked her what she was doing, and she said that the church wouldn't let her become a member if she was a cripple, but if she was normal, then she wouldn't have to visit as a guest. it was so sad!

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Thursday, May 26, 2005

i luv this show

ahhhhhhhh, mythbusters. whod doesn't like a bunch of guys who decided to try to make a lil kid fly off using baloons?
have ya heard about the paris hilton commercial? personally, i'm sorta anti hentai, but i think people are really overeacting on this one. i mean, yep. off topic and strange, i know.
i am praying the otaku people accept my fanart. i hope they do. i drew this really good pic of integra, but sombody threw it away. seriously. i'm not just saying this. i left it on the counter, and my mom just threw it out. along with a couple of bills and stuff. good to see i'm not the only one who was digging through the trash that day. unfourtunetly, i couldn't save my pic. wah.
i need glasses. or somthing. my eyes hurt. weird eh?
sorry bout the last post. i wanted to kill my sister. she is so evil i hate it.
HAHAHHAHAHAHA! the big pole on the boat just fell off. hahahahaha! i find zat funny.
i have all this homework to do, and i don't care! hahaa! see ya guys later!

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