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Monday, September 26, 2005

good morning.
i woke up at 4 this morning. cause my phone went off(god dammit) and i just thought "let ring". and i did. the first time. and the second time. by the third time was looking under my bed for my phone(i could hear it, i just couldn't find it) and finally i did. i flipped open greeting the person "uh". it was my mom. and she couldn't remember if she had closed the garage door and she didn't want people to steal HER stuff. i hung up on her, and went downstairs to check. A GUESS WHAT? SHE HAD CLOSED IT! so yeah, that was pretty much my day so far.

yesterday i went to the manga shop. they didn't have the seventh volume of hellsing! i was so pissed! i'll just wait. it's ok. pip dies, so i can wait. but i did get "kill me kiss me" which is so far hilarious, the second and third of "dearS" cause it's so pretty, and the second love hina, which is also funny. and a newtype mag, which is kinda disapointing this month. BUT- DID YOU HEAR THEY'RE MAKING AN ANIME TO THE MYTHICAL DETECTIVE LOKI RAGNORAK? as much as hate it, i also luv. it's kinda weird. it has no plot(trust me, he doesn't hunt down mythical beasts like it says) but its pretty, funny, not only cuase of the stuff that happens but also cause it's just so damn random. eh, we'll see. can't wait!
ja ne!

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