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Sunday, June 26, 2005

just stuff

ok, hello peeps... mi head hurts and i feel like it's gonna fall off any second right now.... heh.....
i finished my character design for ami(she used to be called sakura, but i renamed all my characters, and FYI kaigen is now naoko) and she turned out, errr, very different.... i mean, everything is cery different. she seems alot older, and her hair is no longer blond, it's, uh, well, techinacally it's grey right now, but i dunno what color it should be. i'll post the crappy sketch and have people cote on it. anyways, i think i may change naoko around a bit too, though she turned out somewhat ok. and at the same time, she is very messed up. oh well. i will redo her. strange...
now, i need to inform you all of anime dieses...... yes it is terrible thing to catch. so far, i know of three.
1-the alexander anderson syndrom- it's where you start talking like alexander anderson. which is like living in hell, at least if you are one of the people around them. there is no cure... eck.
2- the kagome syndrom- you start failing math class. no cure... my freind caught this once.
3- the hentai drawing syndrom- i don't need to explain this...and uh, i think i have this right now, and i'll tell you when i find a cure.....

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Saturday, June 25, 2005


well, today i get to go to the mall.......
my freind just sent me an e-mail saying mi other freind needs to die... oh sh*t cause i think she's serious......... this is some freaky sh*t....
i feel strange today, just as a warning.... i dunno, i feel like i'm going to faint any moment... did anyone see CSI last night? now THAT was some freaky sh*t....
i can here this far off parot, ti's really cool...
i have to do renaming! the names kaigen and sakura(OC) are killing me! i know kaigen is going to be naoko, but what is sakura to be...
oh, well, does anyone(i feel like a big fat idiot) know how to work iron ons?...
does anyone have a devian art account? cause that cite is weird....
''hey, just because i think animals are cute doesn't mean i'm going to go dress up as one and go bop a weasel.''

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Friday, June 24, 2005


well, if it is possible, my ankle is now worse. i seriously think i need to see the doctor, and put ice on it. ouch....
life is pretty much ok apart from that... cept it is so sad... all my freind don't go to my school anymore! wahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! so sad! and then there is spork boy.... he is tis kid, who carries around a spork, and says sh*t like ''may the spork be with you'' and ''my spork''. freak...
i gave two of my inuyasha pins to my freinds...i had to literally stick on rachel since she felt sobad about it. i also have a sunburn and some kid grabbed it to be funny....
I FIXED MY SCANNER AGAIN! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
not that much to say.... oh yes, this sunday i will be in hell, and the year is going to end in six years.... on December 23, 2011 or 2012 to be exact... is a sunday...

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Thursday, June 23, 2005


i have had a super interesting day.... well, tomarrow is the last day of school, so no matter! part of me really doesn't want school to end, and then there is the fact that it is school.
i sprained my foot yesterday...i beleive i told you guys that, but it turns out that i shouldn't be running or walking on it. SCREW THAT! i have totally messed it up now..... it hurts real bad....apart from that, ok!
i feel really stupid!
mi leg itches....
i have the most boring life. but i now have an assload of time to work to do...
has anyone ever heard of devian art? it's pretty cool, yet at the same time really weird.... i can't really say that caus ei havn't looked around the cite that much.... i dunno.... i shall try!

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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

damn ankle

ok guys, i just had a freaky ass day...i went to wild rivers and i got freaked out by this ride and nearly died... not really, but ya get ze idea.... my sister is ''talking'' to me right now, it's really funny cause i'm not listening(or looking at her for that reason) and all i can see out of the corner of my idea are these freaky ass hand movements....
i just sprained ankle.... i can't move it,a nd i started screaming cause it REALLY REALLY hurt, i seriously thought i had broken it.... i hadn't, but it's all swollen and blackish blueish brownish...... it still hurts, yeah.... i was screaming, and everyone was all like ''shut the hell up!'' i got so pissed, i can't even yell in pain anymore.... i can't figure out the damn comic convetion cite... i'll never get there! poor ankle....
i had so many pixie stix today, i feel sick now.....
damn ankle....
i nearly drowned in the wave pool, i hate that.
my sister is still talking to me......
so, hows ur life?
note- i think i might have to go to a doctor soon, and sorry i freaked u guys out with the ''i'm gonna kill miself thing'' no it's not a thing to kid about, but i'm way too familar with it....

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Tuesday, June 21, 2005


i had another concert today, and well, it was some sort of ceremony, and we were in a tent, so i stood in teh back and slowly began to lean back...... and fell over... everyone laughed at me.... IT WASN'T FUNNY DAMMIT!
on another note, i think i shall kill myself sice my best freind is leaving... and other things on top of that.... i have to go wild rivers tomarrow, hope i'll have fun.
poor saemi.
head hurts.
the world is flat.
inside joke. anyways, would anyone join a ''punk soul'' club? if you have ever read comic party, that gave me the idea... how they write punk soul(like how people write ''ozzy'') on their hands... yeah.

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Monday, June 20, 2005


oh man, ok, i hate today... it sucked.
my freind didn't call me back.
my other freind hung up on me.
the same freind ignored me-no shit
i finished my fanfic
i get to sleep in tomarrow
paranoia agent sucked
i saw the jackass movie(poor dunn)
poor japanese people on top of that
uh, i finished my drawings
pandas rule.
my freind didn't call me back(different one)
i hate HP!
i nearly got shot with a crossbow by this kid in the park today
my grandmother is stalking me and supposely on her way to my house right now
that about sums it up...
i also did the punk soul thing to my hand.... cool... no sweet...

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Sunday, June 19, 2005

the dance, and that's it...

ok, like is said, i had a sweet dance friday night. it was awsome! i mean, i actually had fun for once... i think it was cause all my freinds came...
few people can say they took part in a headbanging contest.
even fewer can say they took part in a headbanging contest and won...i can...
yeah, i couldn't think straight, i mean, it lasted like 5 minutes long. . . bugger really...
i also got a bunch of, um, crazy people to yell pip rox, and that was f**king hilarious. my whole group of freinds were cracking up. so funny... yeah..... also,they played that really old ''cha cha'' song were you back up...it was creepy, cause everybody danced when it came on, and we were in teh back so we risked getting killed..... literally...... the dance had like, a mosh pit, it was awsome! fun.
i'm finishing up kaigen, it should be done soon.
i came up with a plot for my fanfic. that sux, but it's a plot anyways.
that's about it... never anything interesting happaning in mi life.... keven federline needs to die.
i hope i get to watch the TV tonight, if my sister isn't taking control of it. . . stupid........ i want to watch paranoia or whatever agency, it looks so scary....

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Saturday, June 18, 2005


not much today... the reason i'm so late on updating is that i went to a dance last night and have been asleep all day. i can't beleive that my best freind is graduating! NO!!!!!!!!!!! i wanna cry...i think i broke my pop-up blocker..... uh oh...
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Friday, June 17, 2005


ok folks... again, life is good.... heh....this food tastes funky.... i mean, the soy sauce on this rice... anyway....... man, my pop-up blocker is messed up! food tastes weird.... i'm thirsty... done complaining.
i'm gonna write a fanfic... have to think.... point is, I WILL! i'll post it on fanfiction.net, does anyone know of any good cites for fanfics.......
ok, erm, i shall make manga writers, uh, i suppose you could say club, but with this, you can't just stick a picture on your cite,you must participate... so tell all your freinds on myotaku who write or draw their own manga to join, this, er, clubish thing. i dunno, we can all help each other. i would sure like that....... really. thanks..... also, if they think they can draw a wicked cool button, they can.... thanks!
police chases are fun to watch... BAD LUCK!
i have never been called so many names in one day.... i seriously want to kill kt, really, i think i shall send her an e-mail saying that..... really.... that drives me insane. . . .all she says to me is ''i don't know''

THIS IS MY BEST FREIND's ray-ray(rachel, the pet name is a short story) dream.
ok, it was like any other day at school, only i was in my freind's math class(a year ahead of mine) and so yeah. the setting is my school, and well, u'll know the characters... also,

me and my freind are waiting outside for our freind when pip and seras come up. (...) pip walked up to us and seras walked into the opposite direction.
pip''hello, we are here to search ur school for alexander anderson''
us ''.....?''
they both had guns, and our principle(a COL) was all like ''you can't have guns at school! go to class(typical)'' so he was shoved into math class with us... (i'm smart!!!)
now, our math teacher is a real character... he has a western accent and doesn't look it... funny... and everything he says has a tune... he's weird... MR. S.... freak...
''CLass, Sit DOWn...''(that's what he sounds like.... it's weird.... hard to type.... just F**k around with ur voice and u'll get. pardon mi french.)
we all sit down... me and my freind on either side of pip.... so, i started reading hellsing volume 6(dude, i must have forgot, it's my freind's mind) and it was the part with them kissing.
pip- did you draw that??!!???
me- uh no...
RR- kohta hirano did
pip- oh really? stalkers!
me and RR- NO!!!
pip- no that doesn't bother me
me and RR- O.o
at that moment seras came in, and, according to my freind, got jealous.
seras- pip? what are you doing?
pip- huh?
our principle(walks in room)- GET RID OF THAT GUN! AND SIT DOWN!
seras sits down....
mr p stares at here, then it's time to go... yay!
outside, we are walking and arucard comes out of a wall.
seras- master! what the hell are you doing here?
arucard- alexander anderson is here.
Mr. P- wHo ARE you?
arucard- it's alexander anderson!(i'm gettin sick of typing that)
me and RR- NO!!!
mr. p takes off his face to reveal alexanderson's face, i pass out(wtf?) and arucard kills him. the end.

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