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Sunday, September 25, 2005

guess what....
guess what....i'm back.
yeah, i know.
sorry i totally left you guys fer liek the longest time, but whatever. in that time lotsa things have happened. including me becoming a better artist, still not that good. i wonder.... when is that thing that the otaku people are doing coming out? i am so curious to see how it looks. i mean, what style shall it be in? i hope it's not like ne of those other books and looks like total crap. i mean my sis got one cause she can't draw(and the book hasn't done jack for her, so if it wasn't clear enough alread) and it makes me want to shoot it.

on a happier note, not only is the hellsing anime coming out on september 6th, but the 7th volume of the manga came out on wedsnday. i will hopfully be getting a copy tomarrow. which i am pretty sure i just jinxed it, so i won't be. and if the first one didn't jinx it, that just did. amen.

ok. looks like it's gonna be pippers next.... pip is short for piipers, is pippers short for anything? who knows.....

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