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Friday, August 26, 2005


i am so sick of that comercial with the guy who is all like, "i'm wasted, will you arrest me?" it drives me insane....ahh, i have decided that i am a total weekling and i don't deserve anything....alas, but i shall try. i talked to my teacher from last year today because my mom is afraid that i'm going to kill her in her sleep or somthing.... and my teacher just told me that i am really smart and that's it. i left there thinking she is insane. both of em. and ofcourse i'm not going to even go near my mother...godd.

i have finally designed the world's best front image for my cite....heh heh, just kidding, but it was good enough for me. so, tell me what you guys think of this: it has integra in almost main center, only a lil off to the left, but mostly center. to her right is alucard, and to his right is young walter. to sir integra's left is seras, and to seras' left is pip, ofcourse. all of this is just their heads n such, ya know, upper torsos and that. so? what do you think? does this sound like a good design? man, i sure hope so. . . if all that goes well i might just do a millenium one. . .

i visited everyone's cites today, WOOT. i'm getting better at that...finally.... so, see ya guys later, hope to talk to you guys soon. heh, i make it sound like i'm leaving for ever.

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Thursday, August 25, 2005

weird stuf

have you ever wondered how people find you? i mean, on all my freinds i signed their GB ALONG time ago....so the person would have to dig deep to find it... and i only post comments on like seven different people's cites.... bothering.....

i recently rethought the layout for my other cite and have questioned if it is right... and i'm currently sick so i pretty much had to drag myself to feel good to draw....which i didn't suceed...i think i just want to get away from my doujinshi.... which i'm not going to...it haunts me mates.... it really does...... ne ways, if you ever go to any of those "art requests" pages on any anime/manga forum you always get only graphics requests, which of course ur'll all like "wtf?" and that just annoys me...i mean ne one can make their own graphics.... my sister sings the gorillaz song so damn out of tune and it makes me want to die... and she keeps on playing "my doorbell" by the white stripes... goddammit.... i think i'm back into deviant art.... i gotta be nicer to my art though, i'm not very loyal to it... i'm always not feeling well enough to draw...i gotta feel good somehow... anyone got any, like, home remedies...i start school in like a week. WOOT!
i have to go to my grandmother's house tomarrow though.... damn.... i hate that place.
it's like hell.
don't ring the damn doorbell.

i hate this song now.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

food poisoning

i now have a long and weird story to tell you all.
once there was this girl that said all these mean things about manga and hellsing, and me, and my freinds. needless to say i didn't like her.
but i talked to other people so she thought it was ok to talk to me.
and she was annoying.
and she was annoying, and all she talked about was this boy she liked that i knew cause he was an artist so i knew a few thing bout hime (i talk to him about hellsing alot) and she was annoying teh hell out of me.
and then she said she was my best freind.
and she put her hand around my neck.
my freinds don't come within a foot near me.
i let ra-chan and andy do that...
not ne one else...
that pissed me off even more.
and then my air head girly girl freind comes up and says,
"Kt is easily pissed off
and easily made sad.
and i can tell she is pissed off right now
so i suggest you leave
before she kills you. and she will.
in a matter of fact she is probably thinking of a way to kill you right now."
and i was...
which just proves no matter how stupid or whatever
ur freinds are.
it's ok. caurse they know you best.
the end.

and that girly girl i was talking of, doesn't think once about anything she says.
but that's ok.
and sorry i didnt' update yesterday.
see ys guys!

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Monday, August 22, 2005

   music, strangely.

I feel terrible for those people on that show "celebrity fit club"....they're all these fat people and now they're gonna make em swing like a flying trapeez..... that toally sucks, they're going to like, die or somthing. i now luv this new song, well it's not new, it's new to me though, it's called "When you start the war, fight with arrows, spears and swords!", it's from hellsing, but i just got teh MP3 earlier today, heh. i wanna know who sings that, and logos naki world, i'm looking it up right now. i got a bunch of songs by him now. they're so good! eventhe ones that are just instramental....man, i wanna kill my sister right now, she's so damn annoying, and is such an asshole to me! i hate that! she can't be nice for two minutes. godd, the good news is that my other sister is moving out and that means i shall GET NEW ROOM! NEW BIG ROOM!!! WITH A CLOSET!!!! i'm so excited...^^

PS-shaun of the dead was probably boring just because it's british humor.

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Sunday, August 21, 2005

more stuff, is this long?

i'm watching shaun of the dead right now....it's so sad...... or at least i think so...i mean, it's bloody hilarious...i luv his freind.....everyone's dieing though. also, bram stoker's dracula is pretty dirty....i mean i only saw part of it, but dude that is one dirty flik. suppose that's what you get for like vampires...... i can't even imagine what it would be like in a world with all these zombies...... imagine how freaky that would be so bad...... i mean, i would go down trying so damn hard...i would get all the survivors together and have them help us kill all the people..... i sound so damn weird right now.... how sad.... the freind is about be left behind..... poor shaun's freind....that's so sad....i'm gonna cry...maybe.....not really, oh his name is ed..... in a few minutes i'll be laughing though.... i know that.... or maybe not, since they're now surrounded by dead people....oh how .....WTF? oh hell, it's the military..... YAY! THEY'RE SAVED! that's so sad since everyone died.....except the other party, they don't have a scratch.......o god, this is funny, now they have the zombie going on water slides n shit, and like on talk shows....oh, how sad.... nice ending though.... i probably just ruined the movie fer everyone......haha, ed is a zombie now n still alive, well dead, but that's beyond the point, i mean, well....he's there that's the poing...and now i'm just rambling... yeah, ok, well, catch up with you guys later! is it me, or the people that used to visit myself are now gone...so sad, i need to make new freinds...... i shall, i shall, i'll try. i mean, whatever......
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Saturday, August 20, 2005

   a bunch of stupid stuff....

ok, has anyone heard about this new thing called air conditioned clothes? don't they look cool? i mean that is SO awsome!!! it's got this lil fan hooked in so you stay cool while doing whatever you want....... like i said, so awsome....
anyways, i have to look after the world's ugliest dog this weekend. and it's annoying, and ugly, and when it tries to snuggle up to you you just want to push it away.... and i do.... oh godd, i hate it. and you can here it moving all over that house.....it's annoying...godd, i feel like i'm gunna throw up, oh well..... heh.... bleh.
well, that's about all that's ahppening to my sorry boring life...can't wait for school...and my violen teacher to get back from peru...i heard a rumor that my teacher at school died.......and mi mom's boyfreind from somewhere like canada or some shit like that is staying here....goddammit....

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Friday, August 19, 2005


i am getting REAL sick of having freaky dreams along with all this weird stuff happening to me...it's creepen me out. i me, like it's just bothering. head hurts from noting, and i'm all like, not restful cause any minute somthing weird could happen. lights go on, it gets real cold, when was a kid i would watch all those shows...damn...i'll visit cites tongiht, it's so freezing, and then when
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Thursday, August 18, 2005


today was interesting....i woke up at about 5:50, which is pretty late for me, to my sister screaming her head off. the whole occaison went somthing like this:
run run run. "OMG. THERE'S SOMTHING IN MY EAR!!!!!!" i was on my stomach when i heard this so i turned over, and off the bed.^^ ends up there was an ant in my sisters ear. weird. and then my mom continued to yell at my older sister for some time about how she doesn't do anything to help anyone and all she does is steal all our money, which is really true, i mean i've found her going through my room for money, that pissed me off. another time i was missing money and finding out who the person was wasn't too hard, she had left her trash from del taco on my bed so she is also stupid just in case you didn't figure that too. kay, bi.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

oh man

i feel bad.... my freind's sister IMed me and i sent a bunch of messages rambleing and asking where she was and then i released she was offline. oh shit. yeah, i feel real bad.
i'm watching a cartoon right now, it's really weird....funny, it has this purple lady, and these old looking people, a cute lil kid and a talking llama. weird......
man, my life is so uneventful. isn't that so..... i hate drawing young walter...like drawing his head, like profile is killing me. doesn't even look like him,, it's really weird.... huh.....i hate playing the violen... i dun see why i had to stick with it... i feel so bad fer that girl...huh... my head is weird, ok, see ya guys later. bibi.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2005


ahh, the forget fullness of the human race.
what a pathetic excuse for your own demise....
i feel weird today...
sleepy more than anything.
the good news is i finshed the top image for my cite. all i have now is lordsesshomaru's pic and the short comic and to finsh the doujinshi. which is going just fine. cept my head, i feel like i want to like, barf. i think that's cause i ate carls junior....i really hate that place, i mean, it doesn't even taste that great but like, i was starving, and it was free food, and when you get into my possition , if i spelt that right, free food kicks ass. i should have the buttons sometime this week(for my cite). i know i will for sure have a seras one and a bat one, if you guys have any other hellsing characters you want, i might make an alucard one, i'll have at least one of each character down the road.... oh well, ya guys probably dun even care. this CSI episode is awsome, and on UTB japanese drama ish so sad! i think i'm the only one who watches that show..... oh well, that that.... she's giving up her kids...personally, they are running out of characters, i mean teh grandmother left to brazil, the chef guy retired, and so on...now the kids are leaving... slowly running out....

freaky noises now, see ya later.

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