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Thursday, October 13, 2005

YAY! OMFG! i got teh seventh volume of hellsing. ofcourse, pip died. which totally made me sad... that was so sad....oh....pippers...... nyo.... what made me even more depressed was that at teh end of the book it said that pip was suppose to die a long time ago.... yeah boy did that make my day. oh well, even though he's dead, he'll live on through his fans like me, and well, hell everyone still loves the valentine brothers? so it's fine. . . yeah.

i also got the first hellsing DVD. yay. i havn't seen teh whole series yet. can you beleive it? i can't.

Deviant art is so much fun! it's cool. yeah. i'm starving......

oh well, taht' all i wanted to say. and yes, the blogger is messed up but i gave up on it so it really doesn't matter. oh well.

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