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Thursday, September 29, 2005

konnichiwa...... ... ... ... ... .. .. .. . . . . .
HEY EVERYONE! hope you've all been fine. i know i have. more or less. well, more less than more, normal. sorry bout the backround, it really wasn't working for the longest time. i mean, i couldn't get all the HTML to work so i sorta gave up and then picked it up again and had it messed up even more and then i fixed it. don't i make everything sound so dramatic?

i read a manga called DearS. there's no nudity, but it's sorta pervy. but still really good. the drawings are amazing. and it's hilarious. shoujo, but still good. hentai, not really. could be worse! yeah. oh well.

i'm also going to be working on alot more art. alot more. i'll be doing not only fanart but also from my newly created and favorite series.... shit. i dun have a name for it.... oh well, from that too. it'll be good. fanart fun. yesss.... XD. god, that's retarded.

yeah. sad. that's it. ok. well i'm gonig to florida. i'll still be on. maybe. my dad's rich, he'll have a computer. i hope. i think the ghost in my house hates me. i was sitting down here last night and a peice of the clock hanging fell down on me. ofcourse, the peice had been nailed to it. makes ya wonder. . . the freakiest song i have ever heard is from 666 to 777. creepy. luv it. bubi.

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