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Thursday, April 21, 2005

~*Insert Title Here*~
Time: 6:05 PM

Song: Evolution

By: Ayumi Hamasaki

Mood: Victorious.

Well... getting ready for the parade tomorrow. Got my jazz pants ready and the black spaghetti strap ready as well.

Marching's easy and all, but it's all about listening to the drumline's cadences and paying lots of attention to the drum majors. We have to halt on their command, but also march in place, listen to the drumline, and keep our routine going.

Talk about more multi-tasking, eh? xD

At least Maki's going to be there the whole time with me and we're going to try our best to have fun. Of course... with some of the things I do, 'course we're gonna have fun!

I don't like the fact that we're going to be surrounded by a bunch of drunks, wanting us to do things. Our guard director even informed us that they may even throw things at us... yeesh.

I hope I can keep my attitude in check the whole time. 'Cause if one beer can is thrown at me, I may grab my flag and cause some major carnage. =3


Not much happened today at all. Took the TAKs test on Algebra... 'twas easy.. as always.

Listened to my mom's CD player (Since my own broke) and drew a new picture.

Went to lunch at 1:24 PM for "C" lunch and didn't eat anything. I really wasn't hungry afterall... I mean.. I did eat a pretty big breakfast. So that makes up for the missed meal...

Went to Algebra and played some weird game with the class. I answered the hardest question in two minutes though... so my team one and we got Blowpops! Yummy!

Walking to Choir with Heather, I kept screaming things like, "I gotta Blowpop! I love my Blowpop... does anyone else like blow... pops?!" Yeah, I know... I'm immature at times.

Went to choir and got quite the work-out with moving stage equipment from the choir room all the way to the auditorium. The girls had claimed me to be the "strongest girl" in the whole class.

They say this because within five minutes, I carried six 100 lb. risers to the auditorium by myself. Tch.. that stuff was a piece of cake! But a lot of girls were struggling, so I asked them to hold the door open while I carried the riser in.

We set up the risers and acoustic shells. There are 50 girls in my class and five of us were helping with setting up the equipment. Yeesh.. lazy people nowadays.

Went back to the classroom, got my stuff, and left.

Trent came up to me today and asked why I quit my job. I responded with my reason... which was, "If the manager's not going to do anything about sexual harassment, then he can forget it." And Trent's friend, Ali, grabbed me by the shoulders and said, "I ain't lettin' my girl quit! You better get your ass back to work."

............. -.-

I said very quietly, "YOUR girl? Not once have I agreed to even lay eyes on you with a slight interest. If your hands don't come off quickly, you may regret it."

Now Ali, being the sexual harasser that's been bothering the shit out of me ever since I started working, just got closer and said, "You're my girl."

My fist collided with his face faster then you can say, "Crack!" And Trent guided him away and out of the school. Victory for Sethy-chan! ^.^

Went to GSA, talked about the parade, had to cut our meeting short for a personal reason.

Waited outside to be picked up and played with my glowsticks while idly talking to Kandis about why I was playing hacky sak with my glowsticks. x3

Got picked up, came home, ate some rice, and now I'm here!!

That's my day in a nutshell!

Phlinx, can't wait to talk to ya again sometime, bro.

Tala, good girl! Going to bed early is good!!

Zappa, all's well for me! How 'bout you?

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