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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Time: 5:30 PM

Song: Running (TrAnCe ReMix)


Mood: Just... there? o.o;

HAPPY STONER'S DAY! Though I'm not into drugs... just thought I'd say it!

Well... not much happened at all today... so this post will be really.

Sorry everyone if you feel that I am ignoring you or if you just get the feeling that I'm never there anymore for you.

I've been really busy lately... and I have no other time to stay home, hang out on the computer, or go out with some of my close college friends nowadays.

I really am sorry, but good 'ol Sethy-chan will get 'er life back up 'n running as soon as she possibly can... even if it takes as long as A-kon to do so.

Once again, sorry for the shortness... I need to go work out or something. xD;;

Phlinx, thanks for wishing my luck and I hope you have fun, bro.

Tala, I know you went to bed at 11:11 PM instead of 10:30 PM... -.-

Zappa, tell me, damnit!! >.<

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