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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Lying Naked in the Sun... You Are All that I've Become...
Time: 6:11 PM

Song: Left You Standing

By: Strawberry Nixon

Mood: Emotionally tired.

Ahah! Upon seeing the word "Naked" on this entry, I bet it caught your interest you little perv! I like you already. ~_^

I'm not going to really go into what distressed me today, but let's talk about the stuffs!

Dance: I got to lay in the hallways and push the play button on the stereo over and over while Trinity practiced her dance.

I layed on Maki's lap and relaxed a bit.

World Geography: Worked on a project for that class. After gathering information, I fell asleep and had a dream about bunnies and tomatoes. Must've been something I ate for breakfast. o.o

English: What do you know... no fun in that class!!! Moving on...

Lunch: Sat there, ate, messed around, uhm... forgot what else.

Back in english: No fun here!!

Choir: *This scene has been edited out due to much ranting and sadness and depressions and Eric picking me up.* xD It wasn't me being depressed.

Went to GSA, talked about some stuff and went home. What an eventful day!!!!! ^.^

This is a note to all of my friends. Yes Minty, Alora, Sub, Tala, Zappa, Phlinx, Tol, Newbeh, and Rei... this goes to all of you too!

I am here for all of you if ever need me. I can be your strength and have a lot of experience in a lot of things that I could help you with. If anything ever happens, feel free to call me or IM me anytime. Even if you're just lonely and need someone to talk to.

That's all, folks! Sethy signing out!

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