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Wednesday, April 6, 2005


Thanks SO much to everyone who told that a-hole off that had stolen my artwork!! Special thanks to Lewna, Jigglymonster, Marz, 2LovinInuyasha, Kagome2690, DragonMasterKatie, and Oinkwarrior(who I think is an Otaku member too) who left total awesome comments in the arist's profile and or "gallery" where my stolen drawings were located. I'm sure his inbox is stocked full of nasty e-mails too! THANKS GUYS!! It feels so good knowing I have this many friends who go out of their way to stick up for me. *SMOOCH!* LUV YA!!

And I got permission from all the winner's of the Yuki contest to submit their pieces so you can see what their submissions were:
1st Place: Lewna's 101 Reasons for why she loves Yuki: Click!
2nd Place: Pyrinsomniac's FanFiction: Click!
3rd Place: DragonMasterKatie's fanart: Click!
Again, ALL the submissions were excellent and this was a real hard decision for us judges to vote for. Special, ulta, super duper thanks goes to Yukina123 for being one of the judges and doing an absolutely dandy job of it too!!^_^

Oh and I submitted my background image from my site I made to the wallpapers section. You don't have to comment on it or anything but I thought I let people know in case they wanted to download this image to their computers that was in the proper size for regular computers:-D

I had a frickin' mouse...a REAL one...not a computer mouse..in my room today!!! It didn't really scare me though because I'm not scared of mice but this mother trucker had some balls! I saw him in the morning and all throughout the day...he would just scramble across my floor. And then! Get this...I was sitting on my computer typing away and I hear this munching noise to my left, so I look over and this mouse was chewing on the duct tape I have over my vents to keep mice from going in and out of them! Keep in mind my vents/heater is no more then 3 feet away from me! He's just chewing away looking at me like...meh! So this mouse chews some more being obnoxiously loud and he manages to finally clear enough room to squeeze through one of the slits in the vents!! Holy crap!! These slits aren't even 1/2 an inch thick!! I was amazed I must admit. I think mice are secretly made out of rubber.

Ever think you could be jeleous of a horse? Well, you're about to be:
See, told 'ya...lucky horse *grumbles.* Well, maybe not the guys out there but us Legolas fans perhaps-_^

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