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Monday, July 4, 2005

Man, why did it take me so long to create an Animaniacs gif? Sheesh! Another question Iím asked constantly is where I get the Animaniacs quotes from. I actually have them memorized! See, when I was a youngin,í I was the kind that would tape their favorite shows so...letís just say that led to me owning MANY tapes stock full of Animaniacs episodes...22 tapes to be exact^_~ Anywho, so when technology became wonderous and my dad bought a VHS to DVD burner you better believe the 1st thing I did was make DVDs of all my Animaniacs episodes!! I have 4 DVDís full of Animaniacs so yeah, thatís how I know all the lines and thatís how I created the gif above^_^

*sigh* I was hoping to have the dance stage in Chrno Crusade for you guys today but the site I upload videos on isnít allowing me to upload them. It does this now and again when it feels like acting dumb. Iíll have it for your guys though as soon as I can. Anywho, today I went to a friendís motocross race and got a major sunburn on my legs. Iíve had burns before but holy crap this is the worst yet. Just sitting here is making them throb and I have to keep cold wash clothes on them all the time. Problem is the washcloths are getting hot too quick. Feh! The heat is like radiating off my legs. What a pain. Good thing I donít have to go to work today and wear pants or else it would really suck. I donít think I put enough sunscreen on or it went bad or something. Well, do people have plans for the 4th of July? Mine is to stay OUT of the sun.

Animaniacs Quote of the Day:
Teacher: "We will now move onto sentence structure, first, verbs. Yakko, can you conjugate?"
Yakko: "Who me? *gasps* Iíve never even kissed a girl!"
Teacher: "No, itís easy. Iíll conjugate with you."
Yakko: "Goodnight everybody!!"
Teacher: "You donít understand. Here, let me go to the board and show you."
Yakko: (To audience) "Donít look..."
LOL! I canít believe this was a kidís cartoon.

Anime guys have such scrumptious bodies...and Iím sure the fellows out there will agree that anime chicks have hot bodies too^_~

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Sunday, July 3, 2005

I have a three-day weekend!! WOHOO!!! Like the new background? Still Chrno Crusade but...theyíre younger! Well, Rosette anyway, Chrno doesnít age...that lucky-butt. And the gif is more from that dance scene in CC which I ADORE! I should just make a video clip of it and upload it sometime for you guys to watch. *ponders* Oh and many mentioned how they don't have money to buy programs like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere that I use to make my banners and gifs...well, I didn't pay for mine...my friends have...*ahem* sources...*shifty eyes*

Well, I have a new computer lined up to replace my Comcrap. The brand that Iím getting is called ĎULTRAí and its computers that are only sold in special computer stores. I was going to get a Dell but then I was told of all the horror stories about brands like Dell, Compaq, Gateways, HPís, etc and this computer has everything I want on it. Itís even going to have a DVD burner! YAY! And it comes with a 3 year warranty in which any computer store will fix it for free unlike big company names like the ones listed above where you have to ship the whole thing back to them. Feh! I should be getting it later this week. WHEEEE!!!

Animaniacs Quote of the Day:
The Warnerís are in an episode with ĎBoloney and Friendsí which is a parody of Barney:
Boloney: (Covering his face with a plate that has a crappy face drawn on it) "Guess who I am!!"
Wakko: "Öare you Don Knots?"
Boloney: "No..."
Dot: "Could it be Nancy Carigan?"
Boloney: "No..."
Yakko: "Is it a big fat polyester dinosaur whoís the color of an ĎInternational House of Pancakesí with a paper plate over his face?"

Haha! IPod ads would be so much cooler if they had anime characters in them:

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Monday, June 27, 2005

Aw, I love these two^_^
Since everyday Iím asked what programs I use to make my banners and/or gifs I shall sound like a broken record and tell everyone again^_^ To make the gifís, I use a DVD to DIVX ripper to get the scenes off my DVDs. I then import them into Adobe Premiere where I splice and dice them and then export them as animated gifís. For my banners and stuff, I use Adobe Photoshop CS and I have fancy-pants Lord of the Rings fonts I usually use for the text that I had downloaded. Okey dokey ardichockie?

And no, everyone I have not yet gotten rid of my Comcrap. And yes, I already have earned more then enough at my summer job to buy a new one. I wanted to wait till the end of the summer though since a new model is released like every month. I still donít know what kind to get. I was told to avoid Sonys and I donít want a labtop since I really donít need to spend the extra money for one. I was probably going to go with a nice Dell or HP. Compaqís are evil and need to DIE and BURN and SUFFER!!! Although I do know that HP and Compaq have combined evil forces but they still sell different models.^_^

Does anyone know what those commercials are about with the "Stop the Mannequinism?" I may have an idea but I donít want to sound like an idiot so I want to know if anyone really knows what itís about. Speaking of mannequins has anyone seen that commercial thatís for chronic dry eyes? Have you noticed the chick in that commercial? Holy macaroni does she look fake! She looks like she should be posing in a department store window. Sheís really creepy looking if you ask me.

Animaniacs Quote of the Day:
Howie Turn: "I am Howie Turn! Iím a big star!! Iím a household name!!!"
Yakko: "So is the Mr. Tidy Bowl Man. Are you related?"

Helloooooooooooo full-demon Chrno!!! Ahem...sorry. I had an Animaniacs moment there too^_~.

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Sunday, June 26, 2005

I hate my computer...enough said. That should also help explain my absence for those who remember my Comcrap.

I made a new Yuki Club banner! I just felt like itÖI had fun coloring in the eyes of the one black and white image. I love that piccy of Yuki...*stares dreamily*

So if you want to swap banners and would like this one instead, just let me know if you donít know how to change them around.

Holy hell itís been hot! Me likey the warm weather but the high 90ís is a bit extreme now and again. I went to my friendís botherís graduation party today and his little sister (sheís in 3rd grade) made him a whole bunch of presents and one of them included a "Boyís Cologne" which was basically just a huge mix of fragrances that she found around the house. Letís just say, it smelled very feminine. Anywho, he smells the fragrance and then reads the bottle label that she put on which said "Boyís Cologne." He looks at her and says, "Thereís only one problem with this. This says ĎBoyís Cologneí on it. WellÖIím a MAN!" LOL! Oh man, I was laughing forever about that one. I donít know why it amused me so much, it just did. You just had to hear the way he said it. Classic.

Animaniacs Quote of the Day:
In this episode, the Warners are the Three Muskateers and are protecting the King from a Viper that is coming for him at midnightÖthe King has just laid down to go to sleep:
All 3 Warners: (Singing along to the lullaby, ĎMockingbirdí)
"Hush little king, please donít cry,
weíre going to sing you a lullaby.
A big scary monster man is coming for you,
Heíll gobble you up like chunky beef stew.
Warners: (All 3 give him a kiss) "Goodniiiiiiiiiight."
Yakko: "Weíll be right outside protecting you from the evil viper who lurks in the shadows to do horrible, unspeakable things to you while you innocently slumber."
All 3 Warners: "Sleep tiiiiiiiiiight."
Heehee!! Theyíre so soothing, arenít they?:-P

I love this picture. Looks like me when Iím brushing my teeth in the morning.

Oh and about the picture in the last post...you know the one that looked happy but it really isnít. I donít want to say whatís going on in that picture because it basically will ruin the whole ending to the anime. So, if you really want the spoiler, then just PM me and Iíll let you know what is going on in that scene.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

*sniff* Chrno cries *sniff* Let's all give him a huggy-poo.

Man, so many of you want to watch Chrno Crusade now! Who knew my taste in anime had such an influence on you guys. *grins* Yes, itís definitely worth seeing and I think it's one of the few that I shall watch again! I highly HIGHLY recommend buying it off E-bay if you can. I bought the ENTIRE series for $20!! And the DVD is an official release (release from Japan though) but the quality and subtitles are flawless. If you buy the "American released" version, I guarantee it will have the crap edited from it plus you'll be paying like $20 per DVD which has about 5 episodes on it. The series is 24 episodes long.

My brother was a dick to me Sunday. He came over for dinner and then left, so that night I was about to go to bed and I pull the covers up to crawl in and there was a freakin' snake skin under my sheets!!!! I screamed bloody murder and ran from the room. I then hear my mom and dad laughing and they then confess and tell me that my brother had put it there. Oh man, I could kill him. You may be thinking my brother is either a kid or a teenager but nope, he's 31. He's never grown up. He still will randomly pick me up and toss me in the pool fully-clothed for no apparent reason. He's never matured. Ah well, that's what I love about him. Oh and my mom had found that snake skin a couple days ago in the garden and that's where that came from.

Animaniacs Quote of the Day:
King: "I am the king! The ruler!! The supreme leader!! This is the uniform of a great man!!!"
Yakko: "Does he know you're wearing it?"

I was a bawling mess during this scene. It's not as happy a scene as it appears to be...Oh, I'm cruel.^_~

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Saturday, June 18, 2005

I LOVED this scene in Chrno Crusade!!! Those who have seen it probably recognize it. SO CUTE! Letís just say it's a case of dancing with two-left feet followed by revenge that leads to the realization they can dance^_^

I watched the rest of Chrno Crusade last night. I won't give anything away but I remember when someone on another site commented on how they loved the series but didn't like the ending. I understand why they said that now but it's not because the ending wasn't good. The whole finale was INCREDIBLE from the great story to the animation BUT...the ending was devastatingly sad. Like super-duper emotionally heart-wrenching. I was a total wreck the last couple episodes. So, if you're a viewer who NEEDS happy endings, don't watch this anime. I mean, it's a happy ending to a degree but you have to look at it a certain way to think it's sorta happy...sorta. But it's still an AMAZING ANIME!!! *grabs Chrno and gives him a hug* He's such a total sweetie and SEXY in his full-demon form^_~

I'm peeved because I have to go to work Sunday for required over-time. In that they tell me I have to work an extra day and I can't say no. Ticks me off because it's freakin' Fatherss Day and my sibs and I pitched in and bought my dad an XM Radio and I won't be home when they're here. Phooey.

Animaniacs Quote of the Day:
The Warners are giving a visit to Rasputin from Anastasia and are driving around him recklessly in little Go Carts...
Rasputin: "SLOW DOWN!!!!!"
Yakko: "Why? Everyone else is Russian around here."
Hahahahahaha!! *wipes tears* Get it?

Awwwwwww...I want a Chrno of my own. *grumbles*

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Thursday, June 16, 2005

*GASP* It's a weekday and I'm updating! What's going on?! Actually, it's 6:45 in the morning right now and I got ready for work quicker then usual so I thought I'd pop in and say howdy. So...HOWDY!

Like the new theme? It's CHRNO CRUSADE!!! WHEEEEE!!! I love this anime. It tickles my fancy. I'm surprised it's not as popular as some other animes. Every person that has ever seen the anime or read the manga has loved it. Maybe it's because it's not on cartoon network. Feh! I know it's been dubbed because people comment on how good the english voice of Chrno is. I have no idea because, like most of my pals know, I don't watch dubbed anime and I watch it in its original voices and context. Chrno's voice is great in Japanese too! He sounds so...soothing. And I love how he says Rosette! He says it like "Rose-set-toe." But fast. And Rosette says Chrno's voice like this: "Crow-eh-know." But fast. So cute! I think it's just how they pronounce those names in Japanese. Like the new music on my site too? You better believe that's from Chrno Crusade too! I was rambling about how good it is that I thought I should share the wealth. *sigh* So pretty.

Oh and thanks SO SO SO much for all your guy's comments and votes on my D.N.Angel lineart drawing!! Holy crap! I have 69 votes and it's still at 100%! That's a first! *bows to your guy's greatness* Oh, and some people commented how large their ears look. Well, if you have seen the anime you would know that there ears are indeed that big^_^

ARGH!!! Ok, WHAT is with the over-playing of that Kelly Clarkson song?! 'Since You've Been Gone' I believe it's called judging by the repetitiveness of that phrase. I don't listen to the radio except when in the car and in the morning and I swear, everytime I turn on the radio, this stupid song is on. SHEESH! Sorry, I'm easily agitated in the morning.

Animaniacs Quote of the day:
Teacher: "Wakko, what is the meaning of the word, 'procrastination?'
Wakko: "Eh, I'll tell you tomorrow."
LOL!! You get it?! Thiiiiiiink about it....think in literal terms...what does procrastination mean and then look how it is used in the answer. *sees light bulb go off over some of your heads*

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Sunday, June 12, 2005

I had a grand day of shopping and drawing! Everyone remember my D.N.Angel drawing that I showed in progress? You know, the one that got stolen off my site and some a-hole posted it as their own? Remember Dark and Daisuke naked? Ah hell, this one:

Well, I spent last night clothing them and then today I inked them. I really like how the inking part came out so I uploaded it onto Otaku and if you want to see it, you can see it HERE! I usually don't upload works-in-progress but this, to me anyway, looks like it could be considered complete if I wanted but I do plan on coloring it. Comments and votes on it are always appreciated^_^

I've been getting many many MANY PM's from people asking me to publish their sites on my posts to help boost up their ratings and to that, here is my response, worded perfectly by my pal, yukina123:
"Hey, you guys, I'm not your personal advertizing board, could you possibly make a little effort to visit other peoples' sites and make friend's that way instead of through me?"
I'm sorry, I don't want to sound bitchy but I'm getting SO many of those lately from people I don't even know and it's starting to offend me. *HUG*

Animaniacs quote of the day:
Yakko: "Wait a minute! You expect us sweet innocent children to climb up dangerous scalfolding and paint naked people all over a church?!"
All 3: "WE'LL DO IT!!!"
-Said when the Warners were helping Michealangelo paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel^_^

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Saturday, June 11, 2005

*GLOMPS EVERYONE!!* Missed all you guys! I forgot to mention that my work hours have changed to Monday-Fridays so I'll try and pop in on the weekends..like today!

*YAWN* Oh brother, I can sum up how I'm feeling right about now by summing up a Wheel of Morality phrase quoted by Yakko from Animaniacs:
"Early to rise,
Early to bed,
Makes a man wealthy,
but socially dead."
Yep, that's so true. Bless Animaniacs for putting it into a catchy phrase. I have work from 7:30am-3:30pm and I'm whiped by the time even 9pm rolls around! Sheesh! I'm becoming an old lady. And it sucks because my friends are on a different work schedule then me so I rarely see them. I was also out-smarted by seran-wrap today too. FEH!

Man, I've become OBSESSED with watching Chrno Crusade!! Obsessed meaning I actually try and watch an episode everyday even after work. Something else I love about this anime is the music!! Boy howdy!! I LOVE the music!! I'm a sucker for the orchestra type music...especially piano and violins melt my butter and most of Chrno Crusade is piano and violins with like, hymm music mixed in. SO PRETTY!! I spent all last Saturday downloading MP3's of the soundtrack...I mean, downloading them totally legally...*shifty eyes.* But Chrno and Inuyasha are my fave anime soundtracks^_^

I have decided to end my posts with a witty saying from the old cartoon Animaniacs since almost every single one of you remembered that show and loved it. This was also back in the days when they could put "adult humor" in daily cartoons and get away with it! Perfect example which was reminded to me by lordsesshoumaru of Otaku:
Betthoven: "I am Ludwig van Betthoven. World famous composer and pianist!"
Yakko: *GASP* "You're a what?"
Betthoven: "A PIANIST!!"
Yakko: "I certainly hope not! You should be ashamed for even thinking that!"
LOL!! You get it? Because pianist sounds like...ahem...you know!^_^

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Sunday, June 5, 2005

So, many of you are asking me what my ranking is on Otaku, aye? Feh! I'm not tellin'....ah hell, I don't care:-P I'm currently #50 for those who asked me^_^

Lookie at what one of my best pals, yukina123 made me:

SCREECH! She's such a doll!! *glomps her* We're working on making a new club together too! It's going to be based on one of the best fantasy characters out there...c'mon you know it...ELVES!!!! You should pay yukina a visit if you want to meet an awesome person who's a total sweetie. Also, go tackle jigglyness too...she always makes me laugh^_^

So, I popped in one of my Naruto DVDs with the idea that I was going to only watch one episode. Yeah, that didn't happen. TEN episodes later I stopped!! Well, the thing with Naruto is, they have these certain story lines that lead from one show to the next so you want to see how that section ends! I sometimes think the battle scenes are drawn-out a little too long though but that's my opinion.

I finally realized why I always found Naruto so unique looking...they actually attempt to define the noses!!! It's like this anime, takes the time to put characteristic noses to the characters instead of the normal triangles. It works really nicely too and it never really clicked that they do this till I was watching it today. The profiles are attempted to look distinct too which is also an anime rarity. See for yourself:

Anyone remember the show Animaniacs? One of the few cartoons directed by the oh-so-wonderful director named Steven Spielberg? The names Yakko, Wakko, and Dot look familar? Man, this cartoon was the shiz-nit when I was an elfling and to this day it's cracks me up. Here's a classic Yakko-ism:
Yakko: "There it is sibs the Florida Keys...right between the Florida pocket lint and the Florida spare change."
LOL!!! Get it?! Ha! So corney it makes me giggle^_^

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