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Thursday, April 7, 2005


Ok people! ENOUGH with the freakin' chain letters!! I mean c'mon!! Do you really believe that bull? I don't mind getting like one...just to read and laugh at because it's so stupid. But after like 20 of them (and I mean that literally) it's ENOUGH!! NO MORE! Don't send them to me!! I read the one before about if I didn't send this chain to like 10 people some ghost child was going to kill me that night. Well, guess what? It didn't happen.

You wanna hear something stupid I did today? Why even ask that? Of course you do! Anywho, we were on break from our class and I come back and sit down and put lotion all over my hands (vanilla scent in case you wanted to know...if you want to know what I always smell like, it's vanilla) so I finished putting it on and then I decide to put some chapstick on too but I couldn't get the cap off!! My hands were too slick and lotioney. I have no idea why I did this but I turn to the guy sitting next to me and ask him: "Could you take my top off for me?" LOL! You should have seen his face! He was like, "huh?" And then he sees I'm holding the chapstick and he starts laughing which made me start laughing because I realized that I just asked him to take my top off. Heehee! He takes my chapstick and takes the cap off it while still laughing and said "man, and I thought this was my lucky day." Ha! He was so nice and freakin' cute! Maybe that's why I was compelled to ask him to take my top off. I know I'm weird and I didn't even know the kid but I'm not shy so I didn't care.

I was watching American Idol tonight...SHUTTUP! So I watch the show! SO WHAT?! And they had Fantasia from last season singing today. GAH! I always hated her voice SO much and I was reminded tonight why I hate her so much. For one, she sounds like Macey Gray..I HATE her voice with a PASSION! And 2nd..1/2 Fantasia's "singing" was screeching into the microphone. I think a few of my glasses shattered. I'd rather hear nails driven down a chalkboard. Anywho, that's my rant and thank you for listening *hands you all some cookies*

And the Yuki Club would like to welcome it's newest members: JungWoo, XcXChezaXcX, and bladesofice! *hands over some ice cream* The club almost has 90 members! Our plan for Otaku domination is almost complete!! MWAHAHAHA!...I mean...uh...*hands over some more ice cream* Oh and if you guys do NOT see your name on the official Yuki Club site as members and you are part of the club, just leave a post and let me know! Sometimes, things get jumbled when I'm passing info to Lewna or one of us gets busy you know the drill: Yuki Club!

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