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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Well, a ridiculous amount of people asked for a Hatsuharu gif and I love him to death so, there we go! I always laugh at this part 'cause you're all pumped since he looks like a bad-ass...until you see he's on a little bike with a basket in the front. LOL!^_^

I just finished reading the 9th Fruits Basket manga and it's amazing how much more involved you get with the characters. And we finally get to see the remaining members of the zodiac! YAY! I'm all pumped because I have volumes 10-13 sitting next to me and can't wait to get to more FB goodness...precioussssssss....

I skipped my Philosophy class today. I dunno, I just felt like it. I was too involved in my FMA drawing that I didn't want to stop. I finally got Ed's freakin' pain in the ass, I'm going to shoot myself, armor arm done! YAY! GAH! I understand now why the animators/manga artist gave him a long jacket to wear over that thing so they wouldn't always have to draw it!

Oh, so they did change Sesshoumaru's name too? I did not know that one! Well, I can understand to take certain letters out of certain words but I'm sorry, names should be spelled the same. Kinda like with my name...I mean, you could technically spell my name the way it sounds which would be Linsey but I would be pretty pissed seeing people spell it like that since it's LinDsey. Feh! (check out yesterday's post if you have no idea what I'm talking about)

I love this whole scene in the FB manga...it's in volume 8 so some have seen it. But what made me laugh out loud was look closely at it...do you see that Ayame has a little zodiac rat charm hanging off his cell phone? HA! What a cute touch!! They sell those things all over China Town but I don't think I've seen a Yuki one before but now I want to look for one:

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