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Tuesday, April 5, 2005


Thanks to everyone who vowed vengence on my stolen drawings. And many many people asked for this person's e-mail so they too could tell him off. Well, here it is: chibi_927@yahoo.com. I have no problem giving out his e-mail since he STOLE my drawings. And here's the link to his "gallery" where my stolen artworks are: Click
The drawings he stole of mine was of my Kenshin piece, "Bring it on," and my 3 Inuyasha drawings, "Lean On Me," "Sad Inuyasha," and "Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru." In his gallery you can see the titles of the pieces and yes...he even stole my titles as well as my descriptions on how I created them. *grumbles* On those links you'll also see where I told him off.

Oh and with the person sold my drawings on e-bay...that was a different circumstance then this event. This had happened last year where the person was selling prints of my Lord of the Rings drawings on e-bay. And yes, that person got kicked off e-bay. I've had my drawings stolen numerous occasions, mostly my photorealism work, unfortunetly and it doesn't get any easier when I see someone else taking credit for my drawings. Some people will actually erase my signature and put there's on it!! But that's with my photorealism pieces since I sign those. Maybe I should start signing my anime pieces at the bottom...naw, people will still erase my signature. *sigh*

I had this sad dream last night that turned weird and then funny. I was with Tohru, Kyou, Hatsuharu, and Yuki (all character from Fruits Basket in case you didn't know)and we were all hanging out on the beach. All of a sudden these weird creatures are flying over us with swords in their hands. So the gang of us somehow get wings sprouting out of our backs and we go flying up to these things. Turns out their Ringwraiths like in Lord of the Rings!! We then go flying over the ocean while these ringwraiths are chasing us and one catches up to Yuki and slices him down the back and rips one of his wings off!! Yuki falls unconcsious and starts plumeting down to the water and I'm screaming for Haru to get him! Haru sees Yuki falling and catches him just before he falls into the water where, naturally, there's a bunch of sharks waiting for him since blood was pouring out of Yuki. OH NO!! So I'm panicking because I think Yuki is dead and I squeeze my eyes shut and then open them and Yuki is standing next to me looking totally fine and smiling. Then I see we're on a stage and auditioning for American Idol!! I look to my left and Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru are standing next to me and they're fighting on who gets to sing first. And Simon is there (also in anime form) telling them to "Get a bloody move on it!!" I woke up right after that but isn't that funky? Feh!

I think these faces of Yuki and Kyou go well with the reaction to my dream: "Huh" and "WTF?"

And some more Legolas goodness because I'm in the Lord of the Rings mood lately and I love elves...even if they did steal my ramen^_^

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