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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I finally finished my Ouran High School Host Club fan art I’ve been talking about! It’s been getting such wonderful reviews from everyone which makes me very happy since I worked hard on this. I adored drawing and coloring it though…helps that it’s also my fave scene from the show. I just love the Tamaki/Haruhi coupling to pieces.XP But yeah, a couple have mentioned it looks almost like a vector of a screen shot…it isn’t! For one, I stylized them more-so to my own new style I’ve been working on, which is the long-and-lean style like CLAMP’s and two, that particular full-body shot of Tamaki and Haruhi didn’t look like that…in the actual show, they had been borderline chibi-fied (something I never liked since it was an emotional, serious moment and the chibi style didn’t suite that moment) so, with my “artistic license” I drew it the way *I* thought it should have been done! Hazzah! Gotta love that whipping out that license. But yeah, ‘tis my 2nd attempt at coloring my works on the computer, so please take a look and comment, I’d appreciate it:

So, I’ve been very busy lately…summertime usually equals relaxing and vacations to most but for me, it’s the opposite. It’s the busiest most stressful time at the casino I work at. Lots of overtime, lots of overwork, lots of me getting stressed and easily irritable. But it’s okay, I deal. I’m tough. The drawing above that I talked about helped me in the sense it kept my mind occupied the little time I am at home. I just am in an overall better mood the entire day if I’ve worked on a drawing. I was probably going to try and throw something together for Adam’s evil cupcake contest he’s holding if I can gather the time. I got to see FuzzButt yesterday though! He kinda behaved himself too!XD

Here’s a picture of him I took that I think came out really well! I was more-so shocked that he let me put the camera this close to his face without swatting at it:

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

I bought a new fish today. It�s another clownfish�it�s so cute and small!! I already have one clownfish but clownfish like to be in groups so I got another one. It really does look like Nemo and his father now�since one is all big and this new one is all teeny and the little guy keeps on following the big one around like a dad. �Tis cute.

I visited my parent�s house yesterday and got to see my kitty, FuzzButt!!! He was being a trouble-maker as always. Our doggy, Harley has been being bad lately so my parents will put her in a kennel when she does something she shouldn�t be doing and you know what FuzzButt does? He sits right there in front of the cage of the kennel, teasing Harley! Prances around in front of it, paws at the door, jumps on the top�just mocking the poor pup! lol! He�s such a turd. I still do want to make a mini-manga based on FuzzButt because he has quite the comic-worthy personality. I never mentioned it before but the idea for my neko, thief character Bug in my manga:

Is based on FuzzButt! He has that sneaky, devious, sarcastic personality that will mimic the way FuzzButt is but more�humanized! lol! Even one of my other characters, the elf Estel, refers to Bug as �FuzzButt� from time to time. Just a way to leak something from my real life into my own story, I suppose�even though FuzzButt is a white fluffy puffball and Bug isn�t but still, similar personalities.XD

More captions, heehee!

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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Heh, I made this banner today:

It was after a friend and I somehow got into the topic of the elves� pointy ears. I was telling her about how I wanted to see the new �Hellboy� movie because the main antagonist in the flick is an elf and I was reading a little interview with the actor who plays the elf and he stated,��I don�t know what it is about wearing those pointy ears�but the ladies love them!� That cracked me up because I remember reading an interview with Orlando Bloom and he had said the same thing when he was playing Legolas.XD I do love those pointed ears though...dunno what it is about them�.^_~

I started a new drawing and it�s one I�m doing all on the computer. I decided that this is a world going digital and although I love traditional, I need to start broadening my art palette and practice more with digital works. It�s a fan art based on Ouran High School Host Club! WOOT! I drew it by hand but the coloring and the rest will be done on the computer. I love how the sketch came out�probably since it just happens to be depicting one of my fave scenes in that show.^_~ I think I may be able to bring my laptop into work too�it�s a Tuesday so it�ll be slow at the casino and another supervisor had brought in her laptop before so I don�t see why not�that will allow me to be able to work on my artsies while at the job and I know my boss doesn�t mind�in fact he encourages me to draw at work! Heehee! Well, obviously, as long as it doesn�t get in the way of my actual work�but that�s just common sense and I never abuse the freedom my boss gives me when it comes to what I can do on my down time.^_^


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Monday, July 7, 2008

So, my boys and I went and saw the movie, Wall-E. It was incredibly awesome! I admit I wasn�t too excited to see it since the way they advertised it just didn�t interest me but the movie was amazing. I couldn�t believe how emotionally connected I got to a character that couldn�t even talk but for a couple words and noises.XD The movie was great, I totally recommend it, the short before it was so hilarious as well so make sure and get that early!! At one point during the movie though, they showed Wall-E playing a game of Pong and there was this mother with her kids sitting a little in front of us and when that came up she goes, �Oh wow! Ping! The first video game ever created�blah blah blah.� And I mutter, �The game was �Pong,� not �Ping� you jack a**.� My friends heard me say that and cracked up.XD Gosh, that game was WAY before my time and even *I* knew the name of it. Duh.XD

Other than that, work has been keeping busy as heck. I hurt my back a couple weeks ago but it feels 100% fine now which I�m thankful for�but now my wrist is acting up again. *grumbles* This is my wrist I had surgery on a few years ago and off and on, it will just�hurt. It feels like it�s sprained and it gets worse when the weather is muggy so I�ll wear my wrist brace till it starts feeling better. Remember that lady I told you guys about that complains and whines non-stop and if you have a problem she�ll be guaranteed to have one worse? Well, I�ve been wearing my brace for the past week and it�s not feeling any better but I never complain about it even though I hate wearing it but I come into work tonight�and SHE is wearing a wrist brace too!! She�s going on saying how now her wrist hurts and that she�s going to be going to the doctor because she probably has carpal tunnel and all this bologna. She�s trying to out-pain me�again!! But the thing is, my wrist truly HURTS and it�s a constant nuisance/worry for me because this is my drawing hand and when it�s throbbing I don�t like to over-do it and then she has to come in trying to get attention off of a pain she probably barely has? Ergh, I can�t stand it and while she�s complaining to me about how much it hurts I pretty much just nod my head and quietly seethe thinking to myself�she probably has no idea what it really feels like. I hate complaining so maybe that�s why I have a low tolerance for whiners.>_< Rant over.

*snicker* I love this picture:

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Monday, June 30, 2008

I had to go to a mandatory guest services orientation the other day for work. Everyone had to do it but the thing that sucked most about it was that it was held from 8:30am-4:30pm�and some of us people work until 3am in the morning!!! I ended up sleeping in my car in the parking lot because it takes me 40 minutes to get home anyway and figure in the time to drive back, I�d only get an hour sleep at home plus, gas prices at being $4.10+ a gallon�it�s not worth it. I was actually comfy in the backseat but I only slept about an hour anyway just because�I don�t sleep well in foreign places.XD Needless to say, at least they supplied us with coffee and the orientation took place in a big tent outside reserved for �high rollers� at the casino and since our casino also has horse racing, I got to watch the pretty horses practicing outside.^^

What made it tolerable as well was that I sat amongst people I work closely with. One of them being the other banker I just trained named Rae, who some of you may remember used to work for Disney dressing up as the characters. We talked almost the entire time because the guy conducting the class was so flippin� boring�.good thing we were smart and sat in the back.^_~ Well, I didn�t know Rae was scared senseless of spiders and at one point, I see something crawling on her and I go, �Rae, you have a spider on you,� and she FLIPPED out!!! LEAPT out of her chair screeching, �GET IT OFF!!! GET IT OFF!!!� Oh man, I got the spider off her but I was DYING in laughter. Of course, the guy stopped his speech and everyone was staring at us and I go, �It�s okay! Just a spider attack!� And everyone burst out laughing. Rae is also a couple months pregnant and after it all she goes, �Man, I think I just went into labor.� She was kidding, of course but I found that whole incident rather amusing.XD

I love this caption�I had to explain to one of my coworkers who Lestat was though.XD

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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Thanks to those who checked out my first “real” wallpaper and commented! ‘Tis appreciated. And to stick up for what I said about Vista…I’ve actually had this laptop with Vista on it since December and my old tablet was the very first thing that didn’t work with Vista. Every other program I have put onto it that I used to have on Windows XP has worked 100% fine with Vista. I don’t know why people have such a stink against it! I really like it and it’s really no different than the other Windows except it’s got some extra features and nicer graphics. lol! Besides, like I said, my tablet is reeeeeally old but Wacom does supply free downloads for their tablets so they will work with Vista and it did! No problems! Hee! And for those who haven’t seen my Gackt wallpaper, here’s the link (image will pop up in new window):

Oh, and I finally did something with my mySpace page! I’ve had one forever but just never touched it. I want to start getting in touch with old chums and some of them are on mySpace. I made a FaceBook page too since more of my pals are on there and holy crap, I’ve been bombarded with my old high school classmates! It’s not a bad thing and it’s so cool to see/hear from them again and seeing what people are up to now! In high school, I was nice to everybody…I didn’t care what they looked like, who they hung out with, jock, prep, goth, geek, I didn’t care and because of that, people were nice to me in return and because of *that,* I have no regrets, I made no enemies, plus, it’s easy to chat with them now that we’re in our mid-20’s and have all been out in the “real world” for awhile. It’s just cool…^_^

So, if you have mySpace or FaceBook, please stop by and Friend Request me!! Just say in your message that you’re “such and such” from Otaku so I know who you are! And hey, you get to see a picture of me too! Even though most of you already know what I look like.XD So here’s my mySpace page: Click! and my FaceBook: Clickty Click!

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

So, I was bummed…I have my nice new laptop with all the nice graphic stuff on it and Photoshop CS3 but when I tried to use my Wacom tablet (which I had gotten years ago for a class) with my Windows Vista, it wouldn’t work!!! I was a sad Elves. But then, thanks to the wonderful, Yensid (who sadly isn’t on this site anymore but we still chat on DeviantArt) she told me that Wacom has a software that you can just download for free so your old tablet will work with Vista and behold! My tablet has life!!! Wohoo! So, I was happy and wanted to tinker around with Photoshop a little and I made a Wallpaper of my fave singer, Gackt (one of his songs is the one playing on my site)! So, if you guys could take a look at it and comment, I’d be very appreciative (click the piccy below and it will open in a new window):

So, I was tagged by Sword411 to post 8 random things about myself so here they are:
-I love peanut butter but hate peanuts
-I hate children but they seem to love me
-I get more upset if an animal dies in a movie then when a person does…same usually goes for real life too.XD
-I’m left-handed but throw and bat and bowl with my right.
-The song ‘Toxic’ by Brittany Spears is my guilty pleasure song
-I barely knew what anime was until 2002 and didn’t start drawing anime till I joined this site.
-I don’t like sweets but LOVE salty foods
-I suck in math but somehow have a job keeping track of all the money at a casino.XD
So, there are my random facts so now I shall tag: jomz, xaos, mewmewlover55, Magnus Lensherr, moonshine7, chibi-anna-chan, KakashiGF, and SaxGirl. (obviously, you don’t HAVE to do it but it is kinda fun.^^)

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Monday, June 23, 2008

My drawing made it into the top 10 finalists for the NYAF contest! I know it has no chance of winning but I’m honored it made it that far anyway. I’ll probably give my free ticket to my pal, Angie since I was asked to be a guest artist again at NYAF so I’ll be getting in for free anyway.

I managed to hurt my back on Friday…by leaning forward and picking up my laptop of all things! Almost as bad as when I strained my neck opening a water bottle (for those who remembered that fun-filled incident). I went to a doctor and he told me my back muscles in that spot were really tight and that they had probably spasm-ed and that’s what caused it. He gave me some good pain killers and muscle relaxers so I could get through work (I had to work that night…and all the nights leading to today). They were calling me, “dopey” at work since I was pretty out of it and they said my eyes were all glazed over.XD
Can I see a show of hands of those who can’t stand when others whine a lot? I know I’m one of those people. I rarely whine about physical pains but there’s this lady I work with that is a constant whiner to the point where I don’t care anymore. You know what I mean? You start to lose sympathy for someone who complains daily. And if you have a pain, guaranteed she’ll have one worse. So, you better believe when I came into work with my hurt back, suddenly, her shoulders ached, her back ached, her neck hurt, blah blah blah, I don’t give a crap. Everyone pretty much ignores her when she’s whining but with me, since I rarely complain, they babied me sooooo much.XD They were all very sweet and it was appreciated that they cared.^_^

Picture of the Day is more of those cute cat captions from icanhascheezeburger…and I made an account on there and am going to upload pictures of FuzzButt…maybe he’ll get captioned too since he’s a very caption-worthy putty-tat:

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

I realized something…when I run out of ramen is when I know to go grocery shopping.XD I can go weeks eating like…nothing but sandwiches or whatever I find lying around my apartment but when I run out of ramen. TRAGEDY! MUST go shopping then!!!

I had the day off and my brother was in town for a few days so I went to my parent’s house to visit. I brought my new camera…again…to take pictures. I love my new camera…I’m finally starting to get some of the features and have been tinkering around with it so that my pictures are coming out better and of course you guys know what that means when I visit my parents? Pictures of my kitty, FuzzButt!!! Hee! Many have mentioned they could totally see FuzzButt in a manga or anime since he’s the polar opposite of everything the breed of cat he is (which is the super sweet, docile Ragdoll breed) should be. In other words, a bad ass.XD I’ve been thinking of making a little manga mini-series involving real stories that involve FuzzButt but altering them so that FuzzButt is the narrator and what goes through his mind during such instances. Perhaps one day I’ll do that…one of my MANY drawing projects I want to do.XD

So, here’s a few pictures I took of FuzzButt that I took and captioned so, enjoy the cuteness of a cat that I think is secretly, pure evil:

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I finished a new drawing and holy crap I did it all on the computer!!! It’s my entry for the NYAF mascot and if you could take a look and comment, I’d be every-so appreciative:

And to answer a few questions from my last post, we know the cemetery next to my parent’s house has 53 people buried there (although only 8 gravestones remain and the rest are who knows where in our woods) because a lady had stopped by my parent’s house a few years ago and asked, “what happened to the old church and the rest of the gravestones?” Turns out the house next door to us now stands where a church did and there was a cemetery that ran all the way up the hill but the stones are all gone but 8. We know this because my mom went to the town county office and asked to see the record of the cemetery next to the house and that’s where she learned, that there are 53 people buried there but we don’t know where. And yes, I used to be scared to death (lame pun intended) of that cemetery growing up but then when I was about 7 or so, my dad and I really cleaned it up (because it was over-run by leaves and branches and such) and my dad said they were now happy that we did that so they are now our friends.^^

Oh and yes, the Ragdoll breed of cats (what my kitty, FuzzButt is) is the breed that when you pick them up, they go limp...like a doll…hence the ragdoll name. But, like I said in my last post, FuzzButt is the polar opposite of everything a Ragdoll cat is supposed to be and he does go limp when you pick him up…at first…but then he kinda wiggles and wants to get down.XD But, if you’re holding him up to the fish tank or something interesting outside, then he’ll sit still and he pretty much molds into your arms.^_^
Since I’ve finished this post talking about cats, here’s a caption from that icanhascheezeburger site that always gets me giggling:

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