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Thursday, July 10, 2008

I bought a new fish today. It�s another clownfish�it�s so cute and small!! I already have one clownfish but clownfish like to be in groups so I got another one. It really does look like Nemo and his father now�since one is all big and this new one is all teeny and the little guy keeps on following the big one around like a dad. �Tis cute.

I visited my parent�s house yesterday and got to see my kitty, FuzzButt!!! He was being a trouble-maker as always. Our doggy, Harley has been being bad lately so my parents will put her in a kennel when she does something she shouldn�t be doing and you know what FuzzButt does? He sits right there in front of the cage of the kennel, teasing Harley! Prances around in front of it, paws at the door, jumps on the top�just mocking the poor pup! lol! He�s such a turd. I still do want to make a mini-manga based on FuzzButt because he has quite the comic-worthy personality. I never mentioned it before but the idea for my neko, thief character Bug in my manga:

Is based on FuzzButt! He has that sneaky, devious, sarcastic personality that will mimic the way FuzzButt is but more�humanized! lol! Even one of my other characters, the elf Estel, refers to Bug as �FuzzButt� from time to time. Just a way to leak something from my real life into my own story, I suppose�even though FuzzButt is a white fluffy puffball and Bug isn�t but still, similar personalities.XD

More captions, heehee!

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