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Monday, June 30, 2008

I had to go to a mandatory guest services orientation the other day for work. Everyone had to do it but the thing that sucked most about it was that it was held from 8:30am-4:30pm�and some of us people work until 3am in the morning!!! I ended up sleeping in my car in the parking lot because it takes me 40 minutes to get home anyway and figure in the time to drive back, I�d only get an hour sleep at home plus, gas prices at being $4.10+ a gallon�it�s not worth it. I was actually comfy in the backseat but I only slept about an hour anyway just because�I don�t sleep well in foreign places.XD Needless to say, at least they supplied us with coffee and the orientation took place in a big tent outside reserved for �high rollers� at the casino and since our casino also has horse racing, I got to watch the pretty horses practicing outside.^^

What made it tolerable as well was that I sat amongst people I work closely with. One of them being the other banker I just trained named Rae, who some of you may remember used to work for Disney dressing up as the characters. We talked almost the entire time because the guy conducting the class was so flippin� boring�.good thing we were smart and sat in the back.^_~ Well, I didn�t know Rae was scared senseless of spiders and at one point, I see something crawling on her and I go, �Rae, you have a spider on you,� and she FLIPPED out!!! LEAPT out of her chair screeching, �GET IT OFF!!! GET IT OFF!!!� Oh man, I got the spider off her but I was DYING in laughter. Of course, the guy stopped his speech and everyone was staring at us and I go, �It�s okay! Just a spider attack!� And everyone burst out laughing. Rae is also a couple months pregnant and after it all she goes, �Man, I think I just went into labor.� She was kidding, of course but I found that whole incident rather amusing.XD

I love this caption�I had to explain to one of my coworkers who Lestat was though.XD

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