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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I finished a new drawing and holy crap I did it all on the computer!!! It’s my entry for the NYAF mascot and if you could take a look and comment, I’d be every-so appreciative:

And to answer a few questions from my last post, we know the cemetery next to my parent’s house has 53 people buried there (although only 8 gravestones remain and the rest are who knows where in our woods) because a lady had stopped by my parent’s house a few years ago and asked, “what happened to the old church and the rest of the gravestones?” Turns out the house next door to us now stands where a church did and there was a cemetery that ran all the way up the hill but the stones are all gone but 8. We know this because my mom went to the town county office and asked to see the record of the cemetery next to the house and that’s where she learned, that there are 53 people buried there but we don’t know where. And yes, I used to be scared to death (lame pun intended) of that cemetery growing up but then when I was about 7 or so, my dad and I really cleaned it up (because it was over-run by leaves and branches and such) and my dad said they were now happy that we did that so they are now our friends.^^

Oh and yes, the Ragdoll breed of cats (what my kitty, FuzzButt is) is the breed that when you pick them up, they go limp...like a doll…hence the ragdoll name. But, like I said in my last post, FuzzButt is the polar opposite of everything a Ragdoll cat is supposed to be and he does go limp when you pick him up…at first…but then he kinda wiggles and wants to get down.XD But, if you’re holding him up to the fish tank or something interesting outside, then he’ll sit still and he pretty much molds into your arms.^_^
Since I’ve finished this post talking about cats, here’s a caption from that icanhascheezeburger site that always gets me giggling:

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