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Monday, July 7, 2008

So, my boys and I went and saw the movie, Wall-E. It was incredibly awesome! I admit I wasn�t too excited to see it since the way they advertised it just didn�t interest me but the movie was amazing. I couldn�t believe how emotionally connected I got to a character that couldn�t even talk but for a couple words and noises.XD The movie was great, I totally recommend it, the short before it was so hilarious as well so make sure and get that early!! At one point during the movie though, they showed Wall-E playing a game of Pong and there was this mother with her kids sitting a little in front of us and when that came up she goes, �Oh wow! Ping! The first video game ever created�blah blah blah.� And I mutter, �The game was �Pong,� not �Ping� you jack a**.� My friends heard me say that and cracked up.XD Gosh, that game was WAY before my time and even *I* knew the name of it. Duh.XD

Other than that, work has been keeping busy as heck. I hurt my back a couple weeks ago but it feels 100% fine now which I�m thankful for�but now my wrist is acting up again. *grumbles* This is my wrist I had surgery on a few years ago and off and on, it will just�hurt. It feels like it�s sprained and it gets worse when the weather is muggy so I�ll wear my wrist brace till it starts feeling better. Remember that lady I told you guys about that complains and whines non-stop and if you have a problem she�ll be guaranteed to have one worse? Well, I�ve been wearing my brace for the past week and it�s not feeling any better but I never complain about it even though I hate wearing it but I come into work tonight�and SHE is wearing a wrist brace too!! She�s going on saying how now her wrist hurts and that she�s going to be going to the doctor because she probably has carpal tunnel and all this bologna. She�s trying to out-pain me�again!! But the thing is, my wrist truly HURTS and it�s a constant nuisance/worry for me because this is my drawing hand and when it�s throbbing I don�t like to over-do it and then she has to come in trying to get attention off of a pain she probably barely has? Ergh, I can�t stand it and while she�s complaining to me about how much it hurts I pretty much just nod my head and quietly seethe thinking to myself�she probably has no idea what it really feels like. I hate complaining so maybe that�s why I have a low tolerance for whiners.>_< Rant over.

*snicker* I love this picture:

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