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Thursday, June 26, 2008

So, I was bummed…I have my nice new laptop with all the nice graphic stuff on it and Photoshop CS3 but when I tried to use my Wacom tablet (which I had gotten years ago for a class) with my Windows Vista, it wouldn’t work!!! I was a sad Elves. But then, thanks to the wonderful, Yensid (who sadly isn’t on this site anymore but we still chat on DeviantArt) she told me that Wacom has a software that you can just download for free so your old tablet will work with Vista and behold! My tablet has life!!! Wohoo! So, I was happy and wanted to tinker around with Photoshop a little and I made a Wallpaper of my fave singer, Gackt (one of his songs is the one playing on my site)! So, if you guys could take a look at it and comment, I’d be very appreciative (click the piccy below and it will open in a new window):

So, I was tagged by Sword411 to post 8 random things about myself so here they are:
-I love peanut butter but hate peanuts
-I hate children but they seem to love me
-I get more upset if an animal dies in a movie then when a person does…same usually goes for real life too.XD
-I’m left-handed but throw and bat and bowl with my right.
-The song ‘Toxic’ by Brittany Spears is my guilty pleasure song
-I barely knew what anime was until 2002 and didn’t start drawing anime till I joined this site.
-I don’t like sweets but LOVE salty foods
-I suck in math but somehow have a job keeping track of all the money at a casino.XD
So, there are my random facts so now I shall tag: jomz, xaos, mewmewlover55, Magnus Lensherr, moonshine7, chibi-anna-chan, KakashiGF, and SaxGirl. (obviously, you don’t HAVE to do it but it is kinda fun.^^)

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