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Friday, March 7, 2008

I got my hair done the other day. It looks awesome…got blonder highlights along with dark brown streaks and since my hair is long, she dyed the bottom/under part of my hair dark brown so the blonde over top…of man, looks so cool. I got it styled differently too…I should just take a picture since I can’t explain it. lol! People at work loved it…they said I had celebrity hair now.XD

So today, one of the cashiers I work with, named Jenn, comes up to me and says, “I’m supposed to ask you if you have a boyfriend or not.” And I’m like, O_o….followed by, “Oooookay, who asked?” And she asked if I had seen the guy who was with her boyfriend the other day at the casino, I hadn’t and she says, “Well, that’s a friend of my boyfriends whose nickname is ‘Boots’ and he asked me to get the number from the ‘hot chick in the window.’” lol! Well, I am behind a window since I’m behind the cashiers and I’m the one who keeps track of the money going in and out to them but she said he’s a really nice guy and she gives me his myspace page so I could check him out. So I did and he is so CUTE!!! Oh man, tall and skinny and a pretty boy…just how I like ‘em! And in the pictures on his space I found out a bit about him that I liked, he’s plays the guitar, he likes video games and the Wii, he is obsessed with ‘Family Guy,’ and the coolest part…he knows how to use swords and collects them! I think a guy with a sword is so hot.XD XD I gave Jenn my number to give to him and she was so excited because she said he is one of those guys that all the chicks love but don’t date because he’s always considered, ‘just a friend.’ So, we’ll see if he calls me since I’d like to get to know him. I guess my new hair-doo is working already.^_~

A Random Amusing Thought:
A wish when I was born my first words had been, ‘Quote’, so when I’m laying on my death bed and about to die, my final words could be, ‘End Quote.’

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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My, oh my! Version Vibrant has finally been launched! I like the new layout of it…it reminds me of the way Animepapers is set up which is a good thing since I like how that site is set up. I’m also honored that my latest drawing has been plastered on the main page showing off the new fan art lay-out.^___^ I’ll probably set up an Otaku Worlds account…seeing as how I already have people subscribing to me.XD But I still love myOtaku since it’s nice to see people customizing their sites with html. Some things are a little wonky I see on myO but I’m sure it’ll start being fixed.

Since many people didn’t get to see my last post with myO being down and all, I shall repeat that my parents are going to be in Florida for 10 days and I’m taking care of FuzzButt for that time. He was pretty skittish at first, being in my apartment amongst all these new surroundings but it hasn’t taken him long to adjust. He’s already ventured through everything and woke me up this morning at 6:30am wanting food and petting. Keh! Not cool when you don’t get to bed till 4am…he’s lucky he’s so stinkin’ fluffy and cute! Hmph.
I asked the question about if some elves could be considered pedophiles?…something I asked myself when in the book I’m reading, a 1,000 year old she-elf falls in love with a mere 25 year old male elf saying to another character that he’s so powerful, good-looking, and “wonderfully young and innocent.” I wonder when it comes to immortality, would it matter? I got some fun responses in my last post is why I ask again. XD

Picture of the Day made me so happy when I found it. My first time seeing official artwork for the Vampire Knight ANIME!!! *fangirl squeal* Zero (the guy with white hair) looks sooooooo scrumptious:

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Sunday, March 2, 2008

My parents are going to be in Florida for over a week so I’m going to be taking care of FuzzButt!^_^ I brought him over to my apartment today and he’s still adjusting to the new surroundings but he’s doing well. He’s already starting to get into things but I’m just glad he hasn’t started meowing excessively since he is a talker and I don’t want to landlords on the first floor to be bothered by him. I had already asked their permission if I could have him in my apartment for a week and they didn’t care…hopefully, that means in the future if I ever want a kitty, they won’t mind.^^

So, I was reading the 5th book in the This Witch for Hire series and an interesting event happened in the book that made me ponder. This book has elves in it and you guys know how the Tolkien style elves are immortal? Well, these elves aren’t quite immortal but they do live excessively long and remain pretty ageless looking and there’s 2 main character elves named Ceri (who is over 1000 years old) and Trent (who is only 25 years old) and they didn’t meet until this 5th book. At first, you think Ceri hates Trent and vice versa but then Trent leaves and Ceri is all daydreaming and sighing about how Trent is so powerful, good looking, and “wonderfully young and innocent,” which got me thinking, what is considered pedophile in elvish standards? lol! And that got me thinking of Lord of the Rings….Legolas is about 2,900 years old while Galadriel is almost 30,000 years old and although they both seem really old…if Galadriel would go after Legolas…that’s quite the age gap and would that be considered pedophile to other elves or would they not really care considering that they live forever so no age matters? *scratches chin* Man, I think into things too deeply.XD

Picture of the Day comes from Ouran High School Host Club:

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Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy leap year!
I finally finished the outfit series for that website. I did Kisa Sohma first and I’m probably going to do my fave bishie, Yuki next.^_^ But if you could take a look and comment, I’d much appreciate it…oh and I PURPOSELY drew Kisa older!!! For the know-it-all’s on DA who thought that I had drawn her wrong. *bonks head* And thanks to those who have already commented on it!:

I saw a psychic today! lol! Have any of you guys seen the show Psychic Detectives on CourtTV? Well, on that documentary show is the psychic Phil Jordan and he actually lives right in our town and he likes to go to the casino now and again and he’s told us he’s wanted to do a show just for the employees and we finally got it! It was a little eerie when he did my reading because he sees people’s auras and depending on certain colors in different places in means different things. Like, he saw lots of red around my left wrist and neck and told me to take it easy on my left wrist since he sees a lot of strain and problems there. OMG! I’ve had surgery on my left-wrist and I’m constantly having problems and pains with it (I’m left-handed too. BAH!) and remember not too long ago how I pulled my neck muscle and had to go to physical therapy for it? He said I hold too much stress in my neck. Creepy! He then told me he saw me moving or have moved recently…again, OMG! I just moved into my apartment last month! Unfortunately, he saw me having 3 kids…2 girls and a boy…one girl and one boy are going to look just like me and all my co-workers laughed it up because they all know how much I hate kids and I never want any of my own.XD I asked him about my art career and he said he saw me having my current job for another 2-3 years but then my artwork will start to become my full-time career. He told me a lot of other spiffy stuff but those were the main ones. It was fun and entertaining.^_^

Picture of the Day comes from Lamento:

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

My cell phone stopped working! For no reason too! So I went to the Verizon store and the employee took the battery out and put it back in and of course, that didn’t fix the problem. She told me some fancy term that I don’t remember on what was wrong with my phone but the jist of it was…there’s no repairing it but since it wasn’t anything *I* did, they gave me a new one for free. Which seems nice, right? WRONG! I lost all my phone numbers and pictures and ringtones! *sniff weep sniff* I had a memory card in my phone and SOME of my pictures I had put into there but still, it’s going to be a pain to get my friends #’s back…but Aya, in case you’re reading this, I still have your # written down so you’re fine.^_^

*Edit//* I had a different post here but it's early enough that I changed it since I just uploaded a new drawing. All the details about it are in the artist's statement below the piece and tomorrow, I'll have a little more details...well, not really actually. lol! I don't know why I typed that.XD But if you could take a look at my drawing and comment, I'd be very happy:

And for those who cared to know what I had posted before I edited, we had a really bad snow storm on Tuesday and while driving down the highway to work, a van next to me slid off the road and crashed. They were going WAY too fast so I didn't pity them when they crashed. I'm sure they weren't hurt though since it wasn't on the news or anything.^^

Picture of the Day comes from Lamento:

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Monday, February 25, 2008

It’s amusing how people go into panic if their internet crashes. Mine crashed last night and although, I was looking forward to relaxing while browsing pictures, videos, and games.. I have so many hobbies that I didn’t flip-out. I baked some snickerdoodle cookies and then I ended up reading 3 mangas while watching Beetlejuice in the background.XD I was going to draw, but I was too tired and drawing when you’re exhausted is not a good idea. The internet was back up today so it’s all good.^^

One of my boys, Gavin is moving to Colorado. *sniff* None of us really agree with him doing this for many reasons that I’d need like, 3 posts to fully explain. What makes us worry is that 1)He doesn’t have a job lined up, 2)He doesn’t have a place to live yet, and 3)The person he wants to live with is the epitome of a free-loading bum who takes advantage and mooches off other people. I gave Gavin 6 months before he moves back…everyone else gave him 2-3 months before he realizes he should have thought things through a little more.
But anyway, we threw Gavin a going away party full of food and drinks and plenty of entertainment. We mostly sat around and told stories and had quite the philosophical discussions that are amusing to ponder…which we usually do when alcoholic beverages are introduced...i.e. when we got into the debate on which was more likely, Transformers or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.XD We tend to watch bad movies to pick on them but this time, we watched the Looney Tunes Golden Edition and we were laughing so hard. It’s amazing how creative and amusing those cartoons really were…especially when you’re older and can appreciate them fully. We then read the back of the box and it says along the bottom, ‘May not be suitable for children.’ HA! Looney Tunes WAS a kid’s show but now with all the censors and retarded parents, we get crap kid shows like Dora the Explorer which the animation alone makes my head hurt they are so cheaply and poorly done. I’m glad I grew up with the age of Animaniacs, Tiny Toons, DuckTales, Darkwing Duck, etc. etc. since I think those were the last of the truly good cartoons aimed for kids…but they were also good for adults too.

Sorry, I blabbed a lot…I could debate for hours why kid’s shows suck these days but I’ll shut-up.XD
Picture of the Day comes from Loveless:

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

I’m so happy!!! All my money that was stolen from my bank account has been returned!! I feel a big weight has been lifted since I’ve been stressing for the past 3 weeks just waiting to know if all my savings was going to be returned or not. Now comes the next steps…I’m going to be splitting up my bank account so if someone does get a hold of my debit card numbers again, they won’t get ALL my money so I won’t be stuck in such a bind again. I’m also looking into Identity Theft insurances since although this wasn’t technically, the extreme of ID theft, it’s awfully close and if these scumbags so easily got my debit numbers, who’s to say my social security and identity isn’t next. Life Lock insurance seems the best so far since they also have a wallet protection plan in case card numbers are stolen as well.

I had gotten some rebates in the mail too which was awesome. They were for my laptop as well as for Norton Anti-Virus so I had $150 to enjoy…and dammit, I had a bad few weeks so books and manga is what I deserve!!! *pounds desk* I got 4 mangas…one being the 5th volume of Absolute Boyfriend…*LOVE!!!* And the rest were ones I had never heard of but I really liked the artwork and they seemed very good. I got the 5th book in the ‘This Witch for Hire’ series…that’s the series I mentioned quite awhile ago that has the components of every fantasy lover’s dream from vampires, to fairies, to werewolves, to my personal fave, the elves.^_^ But it takes place in modern day so it’s pretty awesome reading about a super-hot elf behind the wheel of a convertible.XD
I went grocery shopping too which isn’t as exciting but hey, I was pretty much out of food and my ramen supply was almost gone! The horror of it all!!

Picture of the Day comes from Code Geass…this picture amuses me…here we have them at a party and the 2 girls have obviously had one too many drinks and their eyes have all latched onto Lelouch (being the main hunk of the show has it’s upside.XD):

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Well, today is Sunday so sometimes, LOTS of people are around on myO and sometimes not. It’s a hit or miss day.
I got to talk to Jangalian on the phone today.^^ It was funny, she expected my voice to be a lot more high-pitched then it was. Do I come across as a high voice kind of person? lol! I’m also still sick though and my nose is still stuffy so that made me sound a liiiiittle deeper.XD I thought she’d have a southern accent and she thought I’d have a NY one. Only people from NYC really have the “NY accent” the rest of us in upstate NY talk like ‘normal’ people. I thought she’d have a southern accent since she actually comes from the same town as one of my supervisor’s and she said she had an accent. *shrug* I can see that happening since some people around where I live, have borderline hick/redneck accents while people, like me, do not. Guess it all depends! Accents fascinate me.XD I’m particularly fond of London, Irish, and Australian accent, meself.^^

So, you guys know how I won that fan manga contest in which my entry will be published in the back of the Black Sun Silver Moon manga? Well, the other day, I got a package in the mail from the go!Comi publishers and I thought it was a copy of the manga my comic was going to be printed in. Well, it wasn’t…it was the Japanese version of the first volume of Black Sun Silver Moon So, I flipped through it, trying to figure out why’d they send this to me and didn’t see anything significant so I thought they must have just sent to me, well, just because! So a few days pass and I was about to put it onto my bookshelf and just looked through it again and then I realized…the manga-ka had autographed it and I hadn’t even noticed it!!!! It’s because the drawing she did for me as well as her actual signature looked so nice, I thought it had been printed in…it wasn’t until further inspection, I saw it was indeed, autographed by the manga-ka! I was so excited and smacked myself for not noticing it to begin with. The manga-ka’s name is Tomo Maeda and I recognized that as the bottom part of the autograph but I reeeeeeally want to know what else is written on there since, frankly, I can’t read Japanese! I’m going to post a scan of her autograph and if anyone knows, please tell me! If not, I’m going to try and contact go!Comi since they’ll probably translate it for me. Here’s the scan:

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Friday, February 15, 2008

Okay, in my last post I mentioned when my boys came over to my apartment, we got into a debate based on a question Gavin asked and I wanted to know what you guy’s thoughts on this highly serious subject:
What is more likely to actually happen: Transformers or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

Let the battle begin! *blows whistle* Gavin and Tyler thought Transformers were more likely while Phil and I thought Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were. Gavin and Ty argued that with space being so mysterious and large, it’s more likely that there’s a planet out there with Transformer-like beings and Phil and I argued, well, if you’re going to go into that direction then who’s to say, there’s not a secret lab somewhere on *this* planet with ooze so mutant it could transform a regular animal into something super intelligent? We all know that there’s plenty of nuclear waste around so who’s to say that it couldn’t mutate an earth creature into something more? I argued that the likelihood of aliens that happen to be robots that can also happen to transform into identical vehicles or airplanes on this planet seems pretty unlikely. They argued that what’s the chance that there’s an exact nuclear ooze-type stuff that will transform turtles into party-ho pizza eating crime fighters?
Obviously, both are pretty much never going to happen but it was a matter of which was more likely? My boys and I tend to think deeper into things then necessary in case you hadn’t noticed.XD

Later that night, Ty went on youTube to show us a video…Power Rangers Vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle! There really is that video on youTube and the sad thing is, I remember that episode of Power Rangers too! lol! It was great to watch.XD

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Still no news about the rest of my stolen money…well, I should say, my bank is keeping my informed but they’re still waiting to hear from the ‘main bank’ on if and how much will be returned to me. It’s still looking good that I’ll be getting all of it back.
A few people asked how I’ve managed to save so much money…that’s an easy answer, I’ve WORKED for it! lol! I’ve been working since I was 13 years old. Starting with babysitting, then I was a summer rec. counselor, and then when I turned 16, I worked ‘real’ jobs and even throughout college, while my friends were enjoying their vacations I was working. I don’t excessively spend money…of course, I treat myself now and then to a few books or mangas or DVD’s, etc but my paychecks go straight into my bank so I can save up. My parents are wealthy, I’m not going to lie but they didn't believe in ‘giving’ me money, rather I had to earn it.

I forgot to mention the other day my boys (Gavin, Tyler, and Phil) came to my apartment to cheer me up and have a mini party. It was so much fun and my boys spoil me. They brought me 4 bags of Spicy Nacho Doritos!! Those are my fave snack and they also bought me a big bottle of my fave drink (alcoholic) as well as some wine, pizza, and wings. My boys and I love watching bad horror movies (just to pick on them) and we watched this one movie called, Death Bed: The Bed that Eats People. Yes, seriously…it’s about a murderous bed. lol! It was terrible but we were laughing so hard. After the movies we got into one of our random debates. I’ll need to ask you guys what you think on this subject matter we discussed for quite some time but I’m going to save that for my next post since this one is already getting too long.XD

Picture of the Day was sent to me in an email from my sister…just one of those pictures that makes you go AWWWWWWWW!!!!!

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