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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Heh, I made this banner today:

It was after a friend and I somehow got into the topic of the elves� pointy ears. I was telling her about how I wanted to see the new �Hellboy� movie because the main antagonist in the flick is an elf and I was reading a little interview with the actor who plays the elf and he stated,��I don�t know what it is about wearing those pointy ears�but the ladies love them!� That cracked me up because I remember reading an interview with Orlando Bloom and he had said the same thing when he was playing Legolas.XD I do love those pointed ears though...dunno what it is about them�.^_~

I started a new drawing and it�s one I�m doing all on the computer. I decided that this is a world going digital and although I love traditional, I need to start broadening my art palette and practice more with digital works. It�s a fan art based on Ouran High School Host Club! WOOT! I drew it by hand but the coloring and the rest will be done on the computer. I love how the sketch came out�probably since it just happens to be depicting one of my fave scenes in that show.^_~ I think I may be able to bring my laptop into work too�it�s a Tuesday so it�ll be slow at the casino and another supervisor had brought in her laptop before so I don�t see why not�that will allow me to be able to work on my artsies while at the job and I know my boss doesn�t mind�in fact he encourages me to draw at work! Heehee! Well, obviously, as long as it doesn�t get in the way of my actual work�but that�s just common sense and I never abuse the freedom my boss gives me when it comes to what I can do on my down time.^_^


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