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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Thanks to those who checked out my first “real” wallpaper and commented! ‘Tis appreciated. And to stick up for what I said about Vista…I’ve actually had this laptop with Vista on it since December and my old tablet was the very first thing that didn’t work with Vista. Every other program I have put onto it that I used to have on Windows XP has worked 100% fine with Vista. I don’t know why people have such a stink against it! I really like it and it’s really no different than the other Windows except it’s got some extra features and nicer graphics. lol! Besides, like I said, my tablet is reeeeeally old but Wacom does supply free downloads for their tablets so they will work with Vista and it did! No problems! Hee! And for those who haven’t seen my Gackt wallpaper, here’s the link (image will pop up in new window):

Oh, and I finally did something with my mySpace page! I’ve had one forever but just never touched it. I want to start getting in touch with old chums and some of them are on mySpace. I made a FaceBook page too since more of my pals are on there and holy crap, I’ve been bombarded with my old high school classmates! It’s not a bad thing and it’s so cool to see/hear from them again and seeing what people are up to now! In high school, I was nice to everybody…I didn’t care what they looked like, who they hung out with, jock, prep, goth, geek, I didn’t care and because of that, people were nice to me in return and because of *that,* I have no regrets, I made no enemies, plus, it’s easy to chat with them now that we’re in our mid-20’s and have all been out in the “real world” for awhile. It’s just cool…^_^

So, if you have mySpace or FaceBook, please stop by and Friend Request me!! Just say in your message that you’re “such and such” from Otaku so I know who you are! And hey, you get to see a picture of me too! Even though most of you already know what I look like.XD So here’s my mySpace page: Click! and my FaceBook: Clickty Click!

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