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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Thanks to everyone who commented on my latest drawing! I do appreciate it! And yes, this is the drawing I threw together lightning quick to have partially colored in time for the newspaper reporter to come and take pictures of me.XD In the picture of me in the paper, you see it only partially complete…pretty much just the faces, hair, and wings are colored. I think it came out decent for a “rush job.” lol! But yes, if you haven’t seen it already, here’s the link straight to it:

When I came into work last night, my coworkers kept on asking me for my autograph since they had seen me in the paper.XD It was busy for me last night too since 1 fellow banker got fired, another quit, and we’re still short a supervisor (although I’ll probably be getting that position.^^) so I had to run back and forth in the casino juggling two banks at once since we’re so short staffed. I get to do it again tonight…and then again tomorrow. Joy…and you’d think, since I’m doing TWICE the amount of work I should be I’d be getting a bigger paycheck. Pfffffft…yeah right.

Picture of the Day comes from Code Geass. Lelouch=Love. *pets him*

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

I finished another drawing! This is the one I threw together mega-fast for when the reporter came to my place to take pictures. lol! It’s one I’ve been wanting to do for a long time though…pretty much a sequel to my older drawing called, ‘Tamaki’s Shoulder Angels.’ But which one is the good twin and which is the bad one? Kaoru and Hikaru? It’s also very difficult to draw twins…lol! Hard to make 2 characters look alike in one picture.XD But yes, it’s already doing very well on Deviant Art. YAY! So, if you could just take a look at it here and comment, I’d be very appreciative:

And speaking of reporters and such, that article has already been written and printed about me in our local newspaper! That was dang quick! The article is really long too with a full color picture of me working on the piccy above and the reporter decorated the title with my last drawing of the chibi cover to my Naruto Catchphrase comic. I’ve already been contacted by 3 different people wanting to commission me for work! Spiff-tastic.

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Friday, April 18, 2008

So, the interview with the reporter went well! She came over and started off by taking a bunch of pictures of me while coloring one of my artworks and then she asked me a bunch of questions. It was cool how stinkin’ fast she can write! And most of the time…she wasn’t even looking down at what she was writing…looking at me while scribbling away in her notebook.XD I do the same thing though when I type. I used to freak my roommates out in college when I’d be having a conversation with them while typing on the computer.XD But she was really interested in me, as an artist, but also the whole concept of anime. I don’t know when the article will be printed in the newspaper but she hinted that it would be soon.
And she also gave me like, the biggest compliment ever as an anime fan, as she was getting up to leave she says, “You know, you LOOK like these anime characters.” And I was like, O_O and then she goes, “Yeah, you have the big eyes, long skinny face, narrow chin, elongated body…you look like one. And I mean that as a compliment!” I think she threw that part in because I don’t know if she thought she had offended me or not.XD

Nothing else really new going on except I’m working on a new drawing that should be done in the near future. It’s kinda a sequel to one of my older drawings that has done insanely well on Deviant Art. It involves only 2 characters is the only hint I’ll give.^_~

Picture of the Day comes from Code Geass…again. lol! I just have a plethora of Code Geass pictures…probably since there’s so many good ones!! I think the males will enjoy this one for obvious reasons but I like it since it’s got my bishie, Lelouch in it making a funny face since he’s trying to sew CC’s outfit back together with a pin in his mouth and CC is being…well, CC and flirting like crazy with everyone.XD

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

For those who asked in my last post since I talked about the 2nd live-action Death Note Movie, there are only TWO movies. Like I said, these 2 movies cover the entire Death Note series from start to finish. The 2nd movie totally completes the series. The 2nd movie, in my opinion, was a LOT better than the first. Glad you guys liked the pictures too! I couldn’t get over how much the actor looked like L and did the mannerisms of the L character perfectly.

So today, a reporter from our local newspaper is coming to my apartment to interview me about my artworks and is going to have an article about me! She was really interested in the whole anime style and wanted to ask me questions about that too since there’s a big art community in this area but it’s mostly fine arts and very little illustration. She’ll be here at 1:30pm and said that she wants me to draw while she asks me questions and takes pictures of me. Nothing more distracting than that when trying to draw! lol! I know when I did the workshop at the NY Anime Fest, the photographer kept snapping pictures non-stop and that was pretty distracting. This will be a lot more laid-back though and the lady was really nice so I’m pretty excited and pretty nervous.^^’

I seem to be getting back into watching anime again…Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion is what I’ve dived into again. I looooooove the way this show is animated. The characters eyes…LOVE and the animation itself is so smooth and flowing. It’s not like some animes where it’s choppy, this one is drawn so well and I just love the style. It’s very CLAMP since the characters are so elongated and thin…they look…graceful. lol! I guess that’s the best way I can describe it. I also enjoy some of the characters trying to say “Lelouch.” The character in the picture below with the green eyes, Suzaku, that voice actor can’t say Lelouch worth beans…it’s kinda like, “Leerouco”.XD Most of the other voice actors can say it pretty well but I guess there’s just too many “L’s” in his name for most Japanese to pronounce.XD Although I commend them for trying...heck in Inuyasha, they completely changed Kirara's name to Kilala just so the English voice actors could say it!XD

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Monday, April 14, 2008

Thanks to everyone who checked out my Naruto parody comic! And yes, I purposely made the ending Looney Tunes/Animaniacs-eque since I have a guilty pleasure in incorporating Warner Brother’s into anime pieces.XD Anyway, here’s a link in case you haven’t seen the it yet:

So, I spent all of Saturday doing nothing but watching movies! lol! I told myself since I finished the Naruto comic, I was going to treat myself to a day of movies and I wouldn’t feel guilty about it! I tend to not watch flicks because as I’m sitting there I feel as if I should be working on something. So I ended up watching, August Rush (the rhapsody piece played at the end of that made me cry is was so amazing), Enchanted ( a movie I’ve been wanting to see and it was very cute), The Other Boleyn Girl (I had read the book and downloaded the movie…got a perfect DVD quality too even though it’s still in theaters…>_>), the 2nd Death Note Movie (for those who don’t know, it’s a the 2nd live-action flick and people have asked this but these 2 movies are NOT a new story…it follows the manga/anime from beginning to end. The 2nd movie completes the series. The actor who plays L…my gawd is he amazing. It’s like the plucked him right out of the manga!), and last but not least, I watched the first 4 episodes of Prince of Tennis (I had NetFlixed the series and I’m glad I never BOUGHT this series because they only put 4 episodes per disk?! WTF?! Rip-off!!! Hence why I NEVER buy the American box sets. Buy the Japanese box sets and they’ll fit 12 episodes per disk and they’re dirt cheap as well!). So yes, it was a movie-rriffic day!

I took a bunch of screenshots of L from the 2nd Death Note movie so you can see for yourself how much the actor looks like L. The actor sure did his homework to get the mannerisms and such exactly like the L character. I took a lot of screenies but I’ll only share some…hope this still isn’t too much.XD:

That’s Light beside him:

Here’s one of L, Light, and Misa:

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Saturday, April 12, 2008

In case you didn’t notice…theme change! Woot! It’s by one of my fave DA artists, Heise…I had bought her artbook and this is one of my fave pieces of hers. Her artworks are full of bishies! lol!
The music is one of my fave songs! It’s off Gackt’s newest album! *glomps him*

I finished my Naruto parody comic! Some people have already seen it and I appreciate those who have already done so! The comic is very short and a fast read so I’d appreciate those who haven’t checking it out!

And with my last post about my friend, Tyler asking me out on a date, I got some pretty good comments. Baka no Hanyou’s made me burst out laughing:
“god, FINALLY you go out with one of them. It was like watching a bad shoujo manga. I just kept wondering how long it would take...”
lol! But we went out last night to a Japanese restaurant and we both sat at the hibachi table. It's always fun watching them to their little tricks and stuff...our chef though at one point was doing tricks with an egg and he accidentally flung it and it broke on the table. lol! Luckily, no one was sitting there but his face was pretty funny and then he says, "Oh no, next time you come back here I may be gone. They fire me over broken egg!" Heehee! Cute in that Japanese accent and he was kidding of course but I don't often see the chef's make mistakes.XD The food was yummy and then Tyler came back to my place and we watched a funny Chinese horror movie called, Mr.Vampire. It was so funny...we had BOTH the subbs and subbs on and it was hilarious how much they didn't match. So, the night went well and we'll be having another date next week.^^

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thanks to those who went and checked out my new drawing! The actual comic will be uploaded by Friday. I’m done with it really but want to wait to upload it till the weekend. In case you missed the colored cover then please check it out, thanks!

A lot of big things have happened to me this past week. The main one has to do with my job…but in a good way it will affect me. One of my supervisors put in her 2 week notice (she’s quitting because her husband got a better job and she’s going to work elsewhere) and I was thinking of possibly applying for her job. Well, then my boss calls me into his office and sat me down pretty much ASKING me to apply for the job because he wants me as a supervisor. That made me feels special but he stressed that it’s not guaranteed I’ll get the position but I think he only said that because he can’t “promise” people the position since anyone can apply for it…but the fact that he cornered me and asked me to speaks volumes. I guess the day my supervisor put in her 2 week notice he had told another super that he hoped I would apply for it.XD It’ll be good because it’ll get me more money plus it’ll be something different. It’ll be weird though…being the supervisor to people older than me. Only one other person in our department is younger then I am. I don’t think anyone will care though since I get along with everyone.^_^

The other big thing is that my best friend, Tyler, that I talk about quite often in my posts asked me out on a date…like, a date date. It took me a sec when he asked me to quite put into terms that he wants to start a romantic relationship with me. I said yes, of course, I hope things work out since he is my best friend already and he already knows me so well, and vice versa. I think he decided to ask me since when I started dating that guy Boots (as short lived as it was) I think it made him a little jealous.XD
Picture of the Day comes from Code Geass:

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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Well, I didn’t get the Naruto comic done like I thought I would. I just didn’t have the time. I did upload the cover art though! Well, I wanted to put the cover art without the text and everything in my fan art gallery and then the actual comic part would go in the fan manga section. I colored this all in one day and was going to complete the comic but my back is sore from being hunched over this drawing for so long. lol! So, if you could please take a look and comment on this, I’d be ever-so appreciative:

What I’m wondering now though is, they only allow one drawing every 24 hours…does that count fan manga pages as well? Because I want to upload the entire thing at once…not a day between each page.>_< Maybe I’ll ask Adam on his blog and see if he answers.

Whelp, keeping this short since I just want people to go check out the drawing…even though it’s Tuesday and not too many people are around on Tuesdays but meh! I have Mondays off so that’s why I can get my drawings done on off-ball days.XD

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Saturday, April 5, 2008

So, I should have my Naruto comic done by Monday or so. I have the comic itself done I just have to color the cover page. Don’t expect this to be a serious comic…it’s actually kinda picking on Naruto and it’s only a little 3 pager. I’m not even going to shade it all, just pretty much keeping it line-art.^^
My boys are coming over Saturday night. We found a Mario Kart drinking game and are going to have fun with that.XD We’re also are going to watch some movies. Woot!

Whelp, I got a raise at work. Freakin’ finally. It only took about a year and a half of hard work to get it. Feh! I don’t know how familiar you guys are with Unions but they’re basically companies whose jobs it is to keep up with the rights of employees and making sure that companies aren’t taking advantage of their workers. Not all that many businesses have Unions but one is trying to get us employees to sign up for it. I mean, everything seems fine and dandy with having a Union at my job but the problem is is a little thing called “Union Dues” which means $8.55 would be taken out of every paycheck I get. Now, that doesn’t seem like a lot but that amount adds up! By then end of the year, they’d have taken almost $600 of my earnings! So, I’m hoping we don’t get a Union at my company (if they get 51% of employees to sign up then we ALL have to pay the dues) since unless they’re going to get me a heck of a big pay raise, it won’t be worth it.

I’m drinking some hot cocoa. Dark chocolate flavor…yumm. I’m a dark chocolate fan over milk. Stinkin’ SessLover18 was saying that it’s too warm where she lives to be drinking hot cocoa. Feh! I wish it were warm here…I’m sick of this cold crap. Although we had a couple days where it was in the 50’s! That was pleasant.
Picture of the Day is of Momiji from Fruits Basket:

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Friday, April 4, 2008

And oh man, figures when I compare Kyou to a jerk the Kyou fans would spring out with claws extended.XD Nothing wrong with that but it irritates me when people always throw the “his life has been sooooo much harder then Yuki’s so that’s why he’s the way he is.” Ugh, okay what member in the Sohma family HASN’T had a crappy life? Kyou fans tend to say that Yuki has it easy…apparently people don’t pay attention. Kyou being the cat, isn’t technically a zodiac so he feels left out in that aspect but Yuki, being the rat and therefore, the most praised by Akito is also left out. The entire family resented him as a child and the one time Yuki tries to reach out to Kyou to befriend him he screams at Yuki saying that everyone hates him and wishes he was dead. Kyou lost his mother as a child, Yuki’s parents completely abandoned him, leaving him to Akito in which Akito would lock him in that shed for days on end, beating him and mentally abusing me to the point where Yuki’s self-esteem is zilch-to-none. When he is older, Yuki is swooned over by the ladies but none of them attempt to get to know him. He is viewed as the epitome of perfection and he kills himself to live up to the expectations of others. When Kyou comes to the school, the girls think he’s cute but he manages to snag friends almost instantly making Yuki jealous that Kyou can easily do something that he can’t do. I think what irritates me the most about Kyou is that he’s had a tough life along with every other Sohma, but he chooses to sulk about it all the time and use it as an excuse to be pissed off.XD

And don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind “the jerks” of the shows, heck Inuyasha is my fave little hanyou! But what I DON’T like about the Tohru/Kyou relationship is that Tohru doesn’t know how to fight back. What makes characters like Kagome and Inuyasha work so well is the fact that he can throw an insult or angry tut at her and she will throw one right back! Tohru is too much of an air-head and while Kyou yells insults at her, she just sits there grinning in lalaland and it’s usually Yuki that knocks some sense into him.XD But I’m glad Tohru prefers Kyou because Tohru doesn’t understand Yuki. That’s why I like Machi so much…while the “Prince Yuki Fan Girls” were yelling at her because she said Yuki wasn’t as great as he seemed she replies, “But he isn’t perfect…he looks….sad.” I was like YES! She gets it! Good thing Yuki heard it too.^^

*Whew* There, just had to stick up for my fave prince, Yuki since people tend to always say that he’s not a good character because he’s too perfect but those are the people who haven’t looked into all the personalities of the Sohma’s. What can I say, I’m a dork and look too deeply into things sometimes.XD XD Piccy of the Day is of Yuki and Machi:

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