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Friday, November 28, 2008

I’m updating in the middle of the day which is a new for me....I was going to update last night but when I got home from work I was too sleepy and went right to bed.
Anyway, I hope those who live in the state had a nice Thanksgiving! I got to go to my grandma’s house and eat with my family like we do every year. I had to leave early to go to work though.>_< That seems to be a standard issue since I’m always stuck working on major holidays. I had emailed my boss and pretty much told him if he doesn’t give me Christmas off, then I’m going to human resources to complain since in the 2 ½ years I worked there, I only had one holiday off and technically, my boss is supposed to rotate who works holidays and who doesn’t to make it fair.

Anyhoo, I want to thank everyone for giving me such a warm welcome back to theO! Amazingly enough, I was actually thinking of not coming back because I’ve been pretty depressed in my own, personal life and didn’t think people here gave two craps about me and whether I came back or not. But I was proven wrong and thoroughly enjoyed the warm greetings I got when I signed onto theO chat that evening and actually had a few asking me when a new drawing would be coming out by me which also perked my mood since during my self-loathing funk, I wasn’t doing artwork either but MewMew, SomeGirl and some others certainly gave me some encouragement which I highly thank you guys for! *hugs*

My eating issues haven’t much improved…when I’m not hungry, the last thing I think about is forcing myself to eat but an EMT at the casino actually stopped me as I was walking to my department and commented that he thinks I’m getting too thin.>_< He said he notices it in the arms more than anything…but my arms have always been stickly! Even ask Adam because that’s the first comment he said to me when he put his arm around me to get a picture together.XD

Oh man, my kitty, Jenks just took a number 2 in his kitty litter pan and holy crow…does…it….REACK!!! *holds nose* Anyway, off the subject so I may go to a doctor if I keep losing more weight. *nods*

I seriously LOVE my new car and yes, for those who asked, I did get a red one like the one I posted a picture of in my last post. It’s so cheap to run and it’s nice and quiet and such smooth handling. Go Honda!

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Friday, November 21, 2008

Sorry I’ve been gone so long! I’ve just been going through a lot that’s been keeping me away from this place. I’ll try and summarize what I’ve been up to the past few weeks:

My new kitty, Jenks is doing great! He’s gotten a little more rowdy but he always puts a smile on my face when I get home from a hard day at work when he plops down on the ground and looks up and me with that “pet me!!!!” face. Plus, Jenks is like a dog…he likes to play fetch and he follows me around EVERYWHERE! Wherever I am, he needs to be.^_^

Work has been getting worse…worse in the fact that I’m having issues with a girl I work with. I just plain, can’t stand her. She’s 21 years old but acts like an 11 year old spoiled brat who is incredibly selfish and greedy and I can’t stand working with her. I’m hoping she gets fired or quits or something because I’ve had it…work is stressful enough without having to deal with her crap.
Financially, I’m doing very well since I’ve become a supervisor and get to cashier quite often so along with my charm, I’ve been getting incredible tips.^_~

I’ve been having eating issues lately…I haven’t been eating well and I’ve dropped a lot of weight. I was already 35 pounds underweight for someone my height but I’ve lost even more and people at work have started to notice. It’s just that I’m not hungry! And when I eat, I take a couple bites and I’m full. I’ve been taking vitamin and calcium pills though so that’s good. I’ve been so tired too…I sleep and sleep and still feel exhausted and I almost fell asleep at the wheel a couple weeks ago. I had a drawing started back when I first got Jenks but I’ve just been so out of it I haven’t worked on it since. Hopefully, this funk will end soon.

In good news I bought a brand new car today!!! It’s a 2009 Sport Honda Fit and it’s gorgeous. I love it. It has all kinds of awesome features…one of my personal fave is that as I accelerate, the volume of my stereo goes up.XD It also tells me how many miles per gallon I’m getting , and going down the highway to work I was at 37.4 mpg which is awesome! I’m going to save a lot of money on gas which is a plus. Here’s a pictures of my new car:

Whelp, that’s most of what’s been going on in my life, sorry if it seemed long. >_>

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Friday, October 31, 2008

It’s been a busy week for me. Blah. I got my first $100 tip though yesterday at work! That made me happy!!! I’ve left the casino with over $100 in tips before but this was my first 100 dollar bill given to me. It was from a guy who won $25,000 and it was perfect because it was a slow night and I had made crap in tips till that point. WOHOO!!

So….I GOT MY KITTY!!!! I picked him up last Saturday from PetSmart and had to do paperwork for the humane society and pick up stuff for him and then I got to take him home! It was so cute though because when I went to get him from the store, the lady opened his cage and he was up on the 2nd row and he put his two front paws on my shoulder and jumped into my arms.^_^ He knew he was my boy.^^ I brought him back to my place and he wasn’t scared at all! Instantly wanted to play, he was eating and drinking just fine and he used his litter pan too which is a plus.
I ended up naming him Jenks (after one of my fave characters from a book series I love) and less than a week later, he already knows his name. He’s the perfect kitty, he’s doesn’t meow (unless he wants me to pet him), he doesn’t scratch the furniture, he loves to play, and the best part…he lets me sleep ALL night long. YOSH! FuzzButt never let me do that when I was at my parent’s house or when he stayed with me.XD Jenks just curls up next to me and sleeps in the bed. He’s a snuggler.

I started a new drawing today too! This was one of the first times Jenks has truly been a pest though because I’m trying to draw and he kept jumping on my drafting table and walking over my drawing and laying down on it and then kept trying to bite the top of my pencil while I was scribbling away.XD He wants *my* attention, that’s for sure! He ended up sleeping on my lap most of the time I was drawing so that was okay.^_^
So anyhoo, here’s some pictures of my Jenks (he’s 8 months old if anybody wondered):

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Friday, October 24, 2008

Thanks to all those who commented on my new drawing! I really appreciate it! Yeah, I wanted to practice with more intense backgrounds in Photoshop so this was kinda my practice run. I’m glad so many people like it…especially since it took so long to do.XD But if you haven’t seen it already, please do, it would make Elves happy^_^:

So guess what? I’m getting the kitty I mentioned in my last post!!! At PetSmart I had to fill out an adoption application and I was called the next day from the humane society and she asked me some questions and then she tells me, “Great! When would you like to pick him up?” That made me so happy because it means that he’s mine!!! I’m getting him Saturday afternoon and I can’t wait! I’ll be sure and take pictures once I get him. He’s about one years old and he was saved from a neglected home but he was really sweet when I got to see him and he liked being held.^_^ They named him Mickey but I’m so changing it…a cat named Mickey…feh! He’s all gray so he’s not fancy looking but I didn’t care since he was the one that rubbed against the glass and was putting his paw up to me when I was looking at him.
Oh and to clarify with my other cat, FuzzButt…technically he’s not even my cat. He’s my mom’s….but he loves me best.^_~ And he lives at my parent’s house, not with me so this new kitty I’m getting is alllll mine. He’s going to be one spoiled rotten boy.^^

This picture amuses me…plus, these two kitties are the same color as my kitty:

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

I know I’ve been gone awhile…doubt anyone noticed.XD Just work has been keeping me busy and when I wasn’t working I was working on my latest drawing which I just finished. The background is what took me flippin’ forever! Ergh, but if you could please take a look at it and comment, I’d be very appreciative:

I’m keeping this short since I mainly want people to check out my new drawing…but I should be getting a kitty soon! My landlord gave the okay to get one and I was at PetSmart today and found the perfect one…he chose me, I didn’t chose him…so let’s hope the adoption papers go through and he’ll be mine!!^__^

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

I had two days off in a row again. Wohoo! I enjoyed it now because next week my schedule is all over the place again. This week is as well because my boss has me hopping around from opening to closing again. Ergh.

I got a lot done on my drawing though! I actually have the main character all done but the background is pretty hard-core so that’s taking me longer.XD I really like how it’s coming out though.
I had a bad headache yesterday though and no pain killers made it go away. Usually, caffeine will help so I drank lots of coffee and that didn’t help. Finally at 11pm (I tend to stay awake till 4am) I sat down in my big comfy leather chair and shut my eyes and that made the headache lessen. I had the TV on so I just kinda listened to it with my eyes closed and slipped in and out of consciousness.XD I think my body was telling me, LOOK! RELAX ALREADY!!! I HATE just sitting around and doing nothing though. I’m a mutli-tasker, always doing many things at one time but I think I’ve just gotten so tired from work and my boss screwing with my sleeping schedule by having me open then close then close then open. Bah!

I had my belly dancing class today and we learned some cool new moves so that was fun. I also started a new anime called, ‘Earl and Fairy.’ Yes, I only downloaded it because it had “fairy” in the title and Elves loves fairies!^_^ It was actually good! Then again, only one episode has been released so far since it’s just started airing in Japan. I love it because it takes place in the 1800’s and has pretty violin music and the way it’s animated reminds me of Ouran High School Host Club. The main character, Earl, looks JUST like Tamaki too. He’s not air-headed like Tamaki is though.XD But it’s cute and it’s all fantasy meets “reality” and there’s lots of bishies in it for the ladies.^_~

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Monday, October 13, 2008

Today is Columbus Day, right? I didn’t even know it was a holiday till someone mentioned it. It would make sense since there were a lot of college students at the casino getting drunk and hootin’ and hollerin’…usually Sundays are very quiet but not this time. Must be nice to have holidays off. *sigh*

I had to open at work 3 days in a row. It’s tough to have to open after being the closer for so long. Usually, I’m there from 5:20pm-3am but this past weekend, it was 9:00am-6:30pm. BAH! It’s so hard to adjust! Needless to say, I was a walking zombie those days of opening and then I’d be pumped to get home and get artwork done and stuff and then…Zzzzzzz. Elves would fall asleep in her chair. Oh, but you know what I hate? There’s this lady I work with who is SUCH a huge gossiper and lately, she’s been calling me while at home to tell me of what drama just happened. You know what? When I’m home, I don’t want to hear about work! PERIOD! Sometimes, I don’t answer my phone but then she’ll just nab me at some other point. Ergh, she really needs to get a life…or a husband.

The 2nd season to Vampire Knight has started!!! AHHH!! It’s called ‘Vampire Knight Guilty” and I already downloaded and watched the first episode. Zero-kun…*hearts* But it’s funny because I actually like the “competition,” Kaname, as well. Usually I hate the rival to a character that’s my fave. Kinda like my loathing for Kyou when I love Yuki so much.XD But nope, I actually like both of them! Maybe since they’re both such awesome eye-candy.^_~
A piccy of Zero and Yuki:

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Theme change! I like to change my theme with the change of the seasons. Lulu!!! *pets him*

I actually had 2 days off in a row from work! *le gasp* It was so nice. Tuesday I went to my pal Tyler’s house and we played Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Mario Kart Wii while eating Chinese food. Yumm. Then, we watched this pretty cool Japanese movie called, ‘SkyHigh.’

Today, I went to my belly dancing class where we learned some new moves and are starting to cerograph things together. We did some spiffy new hip moves that my teacher refers to as “yummy.” lol! My teacher also sells belly dancing stuff and she showed me this totally awesome skirt that I ended up buying. It’s really tight up top and then it wooshes out at the bottom and really “floats” when I do some moves. She showed it to me since she said it would actually fit me since it was made for a tall skinny person and…well, I’m a tall, skinny person.XD

I also started a new drawing! I’ve was introduced to this oh-so-totally-awesome anime called, ‘Soul Eater’ and I LOVE the character Death the Kid…voiced by the same Japanese voice actor as Tamaki from Ouran High School Host Club and Light from Death Note. This character is what lured me to watching more of it since he’s just that awesome and obsessed with symmetry.XD The drawing probably won’t be done for quite awhile but at least it’s started! YAY! And the picky of the day is the ‘Soul Eater’ group…Death the Kid is the one in black on the far right.^_^

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I had a guest at work tell me I had very pretty hair today. That always makes you feel good.XD But then I leave work at 3am and there’s frost all over my car!!! BOO!!!! HISSSSSSSS!!!! Means winter is coming! *weeps* I hate having to brush off my car of snow and then have to scrape my windshield every time I leave work.>_<

I forgot to mention when in NYC last weekend for NYAF, Adam took Angie and me to this awesome dumplings restaurant in China Town. The dumplings were awesome because you put them in a spoon and bite off the tops of them and inside the dumpling is the actual soup and it spills out onto the spoon when you bite it. Then you add a little soy sauce and oh man…heaven. I’ve had the biggest urge for those dumplings!!! Darn you, Adam! *shakes fist*

And speaking of NYAF, me and my fellow Code Geass cosplaying peeps I walked around with had been stopped by a camera crew and filmed a little and the film has been uploaded! The guy has a run-down of NYAF so you only see us for a few seconds a couple times but hey, you can see me within the first 30 seconds of it! lol! So yeah, you should check it out to see Elves’ on film for a whole second.XD We’re shown again later too but the whole thing is fun to watch if you feel like it.^_^ I’m dressed like Kallen and piccy’s of me and the other people I met can be seen in the last post too.^^
Linkage: Click here!

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Friday, October 3, 2008

So, NYAF is over.:-( I got home from NYC just fine Tuesday evening…thanks to GPS! *hugs it* Thursday was the first day I got to sleep in since I had to work Wednesday morning. I slept 13 hours!!!O_o

Anyhoo, Satuday was the day I cosplayed as Kallen from Code Geass. Needless to say, I. Was. MOBBED! It was total, non-stop picture taking and then I found other characters from Code Geass like Zero, Lelouch (yes, I know Zero and Lulu are the same character but different costumes!!), Mao, Cici, Nanaly, Suzaku, and others. Zero, Lulu, Mao, and I kept together for almost all of the con and therefore, when you’re in a group all from the same anime, you’re mobbed even more! It took us 30 minutes just to get from one end of the con to the other to get food!XD But oh my gawd, it was so fun and the Lulu who was with us was SO awesome!! He (we called him a he even though it was a she) knew like, all of Lulu’s poses and kept throwing himself on the ground and making me do all kinds of poses with him. One of those anime con-ers that you just love to be with.

I have quite a few pictures but here’s just a few:
This is me and Angie before we went to con. It had stopped raining at least long enough for this picture.>_< That’s me as Kallen from Code Geass and Angie was the “movie-version” Maki from Death Note.XD:

Here’s me with Zero and Lulu…like I said, Lulu was so much fun…kept making me do obscene poses with him…but I didn’t mind since it was Lulu!XD XD

Here’s the main group of us who were walking around…this is when we were at the cafeteria trying to eat but we still had to pose for pictures.XD But it was so fun, I didn’t mind…did I mention I loved that Lulu?:

While eating…an awesome Tamaki made his way downstairs…Lulu instantly nabbed him for a crossover picture.XD:

The classic on the ground pose. Lulu’s idea! I actually love this picture too! I loved that Lulu…oh wait, I said that didn’t I? (and no, not literally love him…just that person who was just so fun!):

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