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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I finally finished my Ouran High School Host Club fan art Iíve been talking about! Itís been getting such wonderful reviews from everyone which makes me very happy since I worked hard on this. I adored drawing and coloring it thoughÖhelps that itís also my fave scene from the show. I just love the Tamaki/Haruhi coupling to pieces.XP But yeah, a couple have mentioned it looks almost like a vector of a screen shotÖit isnít! For one, I stylized them more-so to my own new style Iíve been working on, which is the long-and-lean style like CLAMPís and two, that particular full-body shot of Tamaki and Haruhi didnít look like thatÖin the actual show, they had been borderline chibi-fied (something I never liked since it was an emotional, serious moment and the chibi style didnít suite that moment) so, with my ďartistic licenseĒ I drew it the way *I* thought it should have been done! Hazzah! Gotta love that whipping out that license. But yeah, Ďtis my 2nd attempt at coloring my works on the computer, so please take a look and comment, Iíd appreciate it:

So, Iíve been very busy latelyÖsummertime usually equals relaxing and vacations to most but for me, itís the opposite. Itís the busiest most stressful time at the casino I work at. Lots of overtime, lots of overwork, lots of me getting stressed and easily irritable. But itís okay, I deal. Iím tough. The drawing above that I talked about helped me in the sense it kept my mind occupied the little time I am at home. I just am in an overall better mood the entire day if Iíve worked on a drawing. I was probably going to try and throw something together for Adamís evil cupcake contest heís holding if I can gather the time. I got to see FuzzButt yesterday though! He kinda behaved himself too!XD

Hereís a picture of him I took that I think came out really well! I was more-so shocked that he let me put the camera this close to his face without swatting at it:

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