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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Welcome to the Laputa: Castle in the Sky Theme!
Well, everyone, as i'm sure you can tell, i've changed my theme. This time it's Laputa! If you haven't seen this movie, i highly suggest you do. It's so good! The music is just awesome, and really adds to the effect of the story! Also, new changes include: more buttons on button page, and our new FMA fan club animation!!!

Well, what have i been up to these last couple of weeks? School and work as always. It's one week till finals week, so things are starting to pick up in pace, and in pressure. I have a research paper that's due next week, i still have to build my set design, not to mention these last tests we have before finals even start. All and all, it's getting pretty stressfull. But i think i can make it. I know i can make it.

Later this week, i have to work (obviously), and i have a b-day party to go to that could possibly be another late nighter. I'm hoping to get all my research done tomarrow, so that way my weekend will be open, and i won't have to worry about it that much.

Well, i'm off to do some more research. I hope everyone likes the new theme!! Have a great rest of the week everyone!!!

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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Well, i just got home, and the funs only beginnning.
Hey everyone! I hope you had a great weekend, because it's now tuesday, and what do tuesdays mean? Suckiness!

Sunday was my oni-chan's birthday. He's 21 now, and i can't really believe it. We went out to eat at this place and every time the "Cotton-eyed Joe" song came on, everyone of the servers had to dance to it in the walkway till the song was done. It was funny! This one gayish guy was really getting in it it. After that, we played some games together and then he left. After just relaxing for awhile, me reading the play i have to design the set for, Ann came over, and we looked at this apartment guide, and came up with a handy chart that says certain stuff about each one we where aiming for. There's this place downtown, and it's right next to Century II, which is like our downtown convention center, basically it's smack dab in the center of downtown. It's right next to the river, and it'd be a perfect place to watch the fireworks from the Wrangers game from. Only problem....it's $600 a month for rent. The cheapest place we found in the area we where aiming for, (pretty much downtown so that way it'd be centered distance from me and Ann's schools, and also in the area of the hospitals so i wouldn't have to drive far to get to my rotations, was about $450. We're looking for 2 BR, 1 bath places. We where up till around 1am just doing that, and then i spent the rest of the night studying for my ethics test which i had today. (You're awesome SG! ;))

Monday/Today, was alright, took the test, i think i did okay. Then went to wal-mart to get some DVD+Rs, which i used to make Fushigi Yugi disks. So now i have the first 26 episodes on DVD! yay! after that, went to class, then came home, and pretty much, slept. Then it was time for chem, so i went to that, then went to the play thing which i am either going to do sound for, or get stuck just raising and lowering the curtain. I would much rather do sound. I'm hoping we could get someone from our class to volenteer for it. Then after that, i went to eat with Tom and Ann.

Well, we went to wal-mart, and we where looking at the fish, and it was SOO SAD!!! A snail was eating up a fish, two fish where attacking each other, one literarly tearing off the fin and EATING IT of the other fish, and two snails which we couldn't really figure out what they where doing together. SO, after being grossed out, we went to the toy section, fenced with the toy swords, and threw the frizbee around until we knocked a bunch of stuff off the shelf. Great fun!.

I'm soo excited about tomarrow, cuz the FMP HD comes out!! YAY!! I'm soo going to buy it after class, and before i have to go to work. They better have it is all i gots to say!!! Otherwise i'll be pissed again!. Besides having to go to class and work 1-5, i have the play thing again tonight. *sighs* It wouldn't be so bad if the show didn't suck.

Have a great week all!!

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Friday, April 15, 2005

Why, hello all. Can you possibly believe it's Friday already? It certainly doesn't feel like it. Personally, i don't want it to be friday, cuz i have to work, and then when i go back to school, i have two tests, and another show i have to start tech on. *sighs* at least only three more weeks of school!

Today was sooo beutiful outside! I went to class, where i got this play i have to read called "The Glass Menagerie", and i have to design a set for it. If anyone knows what it's about please let me know, cuz i have no idea. After class, i came home, and went to Best Buy to buy the FMP HD box set, only to find out that they didn't have it. What a waste of a drive. Oh well. Then me and Grandma went to dillard's to get a new battery for my watch that i've only had for less then 6 months. 5 at the most. Well, the lady wasn't to friendly, and said that even though i have a warrenty, i'd have to pay for the battery, so we went somewhere else, and got a lifetime warrenty on the battery itself, so i won't have to pay for another one. After that i came home, and took out the folding chair, and set it up in the backyard, and sat in the shade of a tree, and read a book while i listened to my mp3 player. Sooo nice. I hope i can do that like every day coming up. I think i started to get myself a tan too, which is what i was hoping for. ;)

Well, i have a to make up two questions for a debate tomarrow, and try to work on my THAT avi for the contest. hehe, i bet you can guess the theme! *winks*

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

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Sunday, April 10, 2005

   Welcome to the RoLW version of Duo's MyO!
Hey everyone! Happy Sunday to you all! Let me be the first to welcome you to the new Record of Lodoss War theme for my site. Isn't it pretty? To be completely honest, RoLW was not what i originally planed on my new theme being, but then i saw that background picture, and i thought it was just adorable. I was looking for a springish theme, and what's more springish then pink? Hehe, i know you'll love this one Ann-neechan!

Well, today is finally the last day of the show. And to be comepletely honest, i'm glad it's over. I have come to relize there is only so many times you can watch/listen to a show before it gets old and quite frankly annoying. I kinda wish i had the sound person's job, she sleeps during the show. I on the other hand have to listen to it so i don't miss my cues. Oh well, almost over!! And then i get to do the chior's performance of broadway hits! I don't think this will be so bad, cuz i mean, they're broadway hits! You can never get to much of that! Let's just hope the choir doesn't suck ;)

Well, we're approaching the last couple of weeks of this semester, and frankly, it's a scary thought. I don't think i'm ready yet for all the tests that are about to come my way. Apparently i have a chemistry test this upcoming Tuesday, that i'm not ready for because i haven't gone to class all week due to play practice. I'm just going to pay really good attention to the review session we get on monday. I think i can make it from there. It's mostly a review anyways.

In other news, Tsubasa Chronicle came out today! I can't wait to watch it. I bought D. N. Angel #7 when i saw it in the bookstore yesterday, and i makes me want to watch the series again. In fact, i think that's what i'm going to do tomarrow night once i get home from STRIKE. At least i get double the hours for going to STRIKE for my class. Yay!! Now i think i need about 18 more. I think i can do it.

Best of luck to everyone on their end of the semester tests coming up, and have a great week ahead everyone! Tell me what ya think of the theme too!!

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Monday, April 4, 2005

Well, another week has come and gone, and what have i accomplished? Not much i should say. Went to work, went to school, now i'm home. yay.

In other news, i got moved from sound to lights, so i'm now the light board operator. YAY! this is what i wanted to do in the first place! It's lots of fun!

Anyways, i need to go to bed, i have a eye doctor appointment tomarrow.


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Friday, April 1, 2005

Spring is in the Air!
First of all, I want to say, "HAPPY 19th BIRTHDAY AMBER!!!" Hehe, took you long enough to catch up with me ;).

Now that's that out of the way, i relize it's april fools, but frankly, i can't think of anything to do to you guys, and secondly, i'm just not that cruel.

I can't believe it's already April. Where did the winter go? I know this sounds wierd, but i enjoy cold weather, and now most of it is over. Spring is my favorite time of the year though, cuz i get to plant trees! Yay! Save the rainforest! ;) You should see this cute little tree i planeted when i was in sixth grade. Well, of course, it isn't so little anymore, but i still think it's cute.

School is going okay so far. This next week is our school presentation of "The Dining Room". Don't ask me what it's about, I'm just the sound person. Though you can kinda tell by the title. All this past week in stagecraft class we've been hanging lights, and focusing them. To be completely honest, i might be a theater minor, but i hate acting. I LOVE the backstage aspect of it though. So this week we have rehearsals and then the play, then the week after that I'm doing sound for our choir concert. It promises to be good, they're going to present lots of Broadway songs. I might just have to crank up the volume on the songs i like. ^_^.

Well, a change of theme is coming soon. I think Hoshi no Koe is a little too depressing for spring. You guys got any good ideas? I made this really cool animation for the FMA club, but i can't seem to export it properly. *shrugs* I'll try to work on that some more, so then i can put that, and my new club banners up!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Nami-chan's "I don't know what to call it" day.
Good evening everyone! I hope you've all had some good and fun times while i've been away. My life is way to busy. I just need a break from it all. Too bad my spring break was last week, and i was so busy, i didn't even get a chance to sleep in. *sighs* oh well. at least i get a 3 day weekend this week. yay!

Today has been...interesting to say the least. First off, i get woken up around 4 am do to the fact that some rain was slamming into my window, and against my side of the house. The wind was blowing at least 30 mph out there. I'm just glad dad cut down the little bush that was against my window too, otherwise it would have been worse. After waking up three times due to the storm, my alarm wakes me up, and i have to press the snooze button 3 times before i finally resolve to wake up. I was thinking about using the weather as an excuse not to go to school, but the fact that i'd miss so much if i didn't go, woke me up, and got me dressed. Drove to school, it was hella hard, wind still blowing around 30 mph, rain still coming down strong. Got sort of soaked on my way into Ethics class. Class was interesting. All of a sudden this lady(looked about 40) stands up and goes up to the teacher (who's a pretty cool guy, btw, he makes class fun) and says "I don't think i'm in the right class." Okay, i give the old lady a break, it is the start of the second half of the semester, but still. You don't interupt the teacher in the middle of his lecture! the whole class was sort of silently giggling, and then the england boy. (I like his accent), asked the teacher a question that had us all laughing. After that class, i went and talked to the fin. aid people about my award letter, then came home for some lunch. Ate, watched one episode of Bleach. *yay* and then returned to school, where i found out i got a 97 on my Physiology test!!! I was soo happy. I thought i did terrible! The questions where really hard. After that, i returned to the fin. aid office, to ask a final question, and then had to hurry to make it to work on time. Work wasn't so bad, though it seemed to take forever, and there was a lot to get done. After work, i rushed home, ate a quick bowl of cereal, and rushed back to school, making it to class right as the clock struck 6, and played it's funky litte tune. Went to that class and found out i got a 107 on the test! another over 100 % for Nami-chan!!!! After that i went to Wal-Mart to buy some groceries, ended up buying a frozen pizza for supper, and came home and am now finally getting to relax a bit.

It's been raining, and really windy all day long. And it's suppost to rain tomarrow and wensday too. There was even a couple of tornados earlier this evening. I still can't believe it's that time already, but oh well. I'm used to it by now.

Well, i need to finish the laundry downstairs and get ready for another exciting day. Have a great week everyone!!!

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Wednesday, March 9, 2005

Good Evening Minna-san! I hope that everyone had a great weekend, and a good week since i've last updated. I'd rather not talk about my weekend, because it utterly sucked, so we're going to skip it!

This week is mid-terms week, and i have a Physiology and Chemistry test tomarrow. I haven't really studied all that much, but i understand it. I've figured out that if i study in the 2 hour break i have between my classes, not only is the material fresh in my head, i think it helps me understand it more! So i'm going to try that again this time. Let's just hope i get another 100 on it!

This upcoming week is spring break for me, but i can't do anything, cuz all of my friend's spring breaks are the week after that. The funness of my week will be going to the eye doctor (finally), and getting my hair cut. (which i really need). Other then that, i plan on trying to finish the InuYasha series. I'm on season three right now! w00t! I kinda backtracked cuz i lost where i was. But i think the final ones of this season should be new to me, i think. We'll just see when i get there.

I guess the highlight for the week so far is that the final Planet Ladder book came out after almost TWO YEARS!!! I've been waiting forever for this book! and also, the Beyond the Clouds movie is finally out as well. It's from the same guy that did Hoshi No Koe, my current theme, so i'm really looking forward to it.

Well, i best get to studying a bit, either that or getting some sleep for my big day tomarrow/today by post day. Have a great rest of the week all, and have a great spring break as well!

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Sunday, February 27, 2005

New Theme!
Well, everyone. Let me be the first to welcome you to the "Hoshi no Koe" version of Duo's myO.

Well, seeing as how i spent most of the night working on this, i really don't have time to stay up much later. Work went okay today, I made my co-worker a picture that can be seen soon once i upload it to the otaku. She really liked it, which made me happy. Work 31 hours this upcoming week, not to mention some tests in school. Needless to say, yet another buzy week for me.

Please tell me what you think of the new theme, and I'll try to get working on the FMA site, and starting the official bandwagoners stuff. Have a great week all!!

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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Good evening everyone. Nami-chan here to report to you the interesting stories of the week/days that have past. Our current headline: "Life sucks".

I find it quite humorus how my moods change from day to day. Yesterday i was quite content with myself, and today, i feel as if the whole world is coming down around me. Where are these thoughts coming from you ask? I think it has to do with failing health.

The other day i accidently poked myself in the eye, and ever since then, my vision has been, how would one say, poor. Spots of blurriness, and terrible headaches follow me wherever i go. As if that wasn't enough, i seem to have gotten shin splints somehow, though i haven't really done any excerize lately.

School is not going so well this week either. I have a debate to do on friday in which i was given the side it seems impossible to defend. Not only that, but my partner is no where to be found, and not doing his addiquit share of the work. Once again, Nami-chan works alone. My headache and eye sight where so bad today i didn't go to one of my classes. I rested, cuz i didn't think it was safe to drive. I did however go to my evening class, where the only interesting part of it is my friend who is some what of a smart ass. He makes that class enjoyable.

Well, i got a letter in the mail the other day saying that if i didn't get 85 hours in for my scharship, i would lose my scharship and have to pay back the money. 85 hours! These aren't that easy to get, considering the shop is only open 4 hours a day, and you know me, i work a lot. I'm really hoping that tomarrow when i go to stagecraft class my teacher will tell me he still needs help for thursday, where i can gain at the most 15 hours just in that one day alone. I gave my hours to someone though just so i could have this chance. Sometimes i think it would just be better to go ahead and give up the damn thing, and pay the money, so that way i wouldn't have to stress over it. I mean, i have the money in savings, i was just hoping to save it for next year, since i know i'm going to have to pay more then i did this year. *sighs* I think i need a hug.

FMA Fan Club Update: I have decided to make a new branch of the fan club known as "Bandwagoners". These "Bandwagoners" will consist of those who are either new to the show, or didn't provide me with an substantal answer for the question. If any of our regular members have any problems with this let me know. I will also be sending out a PM here soon. And i plan on creating a site that will list all members, and bandwagoners on it. Of course, this will definately be postponed till have my debate and physiology test. Questions or concerns, please feel free to contant me.

This is Nami-chan out, my eyes can't take the glare of the screen anymore.

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