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Friday, April 15, 2005

Why, hello all. Can you possibly believe it's Friday already? It certainly doesn't feel like it. Personally, i don't want it to be friday, cuz i have to work, and then when i go back to school, i have two tests, and another show i have to start tech on. *sighs* at least only three more weeks of school!

Today was sooo beutiful outside! I went to class, where i got this play i have to read called "The Glass Menagerie", and i have to design a set for it. If anyone knows what it's about please let me know, cuz i have no idea. After class, i came home, and went to Best Buy to buy the FMP HD box set, only to find out that they didn't have it. What a waste of a drive. Oh well. Then me and Grandma went to dillard's to get a new battery for my watch that i've only had for less then 6 months. 5 at the most. Well, the lady wasn't to friendly, and said that even though i have a warrenty, i'd have to pay for the battery, so we went somewhere else, and got a lifetime warrenty on the battery itself, so i won't have to pay for another one. After that i came home, and took out the folding chair, and set it up in the backyard, and sat in the shade of a tree, and read a book while i listened to my mp3 player. Sooo nice. I hope i can do that like every day coming up. I think i started to get myself a tan too, which is what i was hoping for. ;)

Well, i have a to make up two questions for a debate tomarrow, and try to work on my THAT avi for the contest. hehe, i bet you can guess the theme! *winks*

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

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