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Wednesday, March 9, 2005

Good Evening Minna-san! I hope that everyone had a great weekend, and a good week since i've last updated. I'd rather not talk about my weekend, because it utterly sucked, so we're going to skip it!

This week is mid-terms week, and i have a Physiology and Chemistry test tomarrow. I haven't really studied all that much, but i understand it. I've figured out that if i study in the 2 hour break i have between my classes, not only is the material fresh in my head, i think it helps me understand it more! So i'm going to try that again this time. Let's just hope i get another 100 on it!

This upcoming week is spring break for me, but i can't do anything, cuz all of my friend's spring breaks are the week after that. The funness of my week will be going to the eye doctor (finally), and getting my hair cut. (which i really need). Other then that, i plan on trying to finish the InuYasha series. I'm on season three right now! w00t! I kinda backtracked cuz i lost where i was. But i think the final ones of this season should be new to me, i think. We'll just see when i get there.

I guess the highlight for the week so far is that the final Planet Ladder book came out after almost TWO YEARS!!! I've been waiting forever for this book! and also, the Beyond the Clouds movie is finally out as well. It's from the same guy that did Hoshi No Koe, my current theme, so i'm really looking forward to it.

Well, i best get to studying a bit, either that or getting some sleep for my big day tomarrow/today by post day. Have a great rest of the week all, and have a great spring break as well!

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