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Wednesday, August 3, 2005

The Twists of Fate: Chapter One: Part 6
“Karen, are you alright?”
“Huh?” I looked up and realized that I had bumped into Pete, and he now had a firm grasp on my shoulders. My face turned red as I looked up at him. “What just happened?” I asked.
“You ran into me. You really should be more careful. What are you doing anyways?”
I was still lost in my thought and didn’t even hear a word that he said. “What?”
“I said, what are you doing?” He looked at me with concern in his eyes. “Are you sure you’re alright?”
“Yeah, I’m fine.” I said as I looked up again.
“Sure?” He asked again?
“Yeah, I was just going to the principle’s office.” I said as he finally let go of my shoulders.
“Why?” he asked, now even more confused.
“My incredibly insane teacher sent me there.” I said with a smile.
“Oh, hey, wait for me at lunch alright?” Pete asked as he started to head towards his class.
“Um, sure, I guess.” I said, caught a little off guard.
“Alright, I’ll see ya then!” he sad as he turned around and walked towards his class.
“Man, this has been a really weird morning.” I said as I opened the door to the principle’s office. I passed Drew, who was sitting in a chair, starring at the ceiling.
“Hey, Drew!” I said as I passed him. He waved his hand in reply, as I stepped into the room. “Hey Mrs. Billblock.” I said as I took a seat in the nice comfy chair that sat behind her desk. She was rearranging some books on the mantle; at least, that’s what it looked like she was doing.
“Back again, Miss Kaoru? It’s only been two days. What did you do this time?”
“Absolutely nothing.” I said as I leaned back in the chair and looked at her almost upside down.
“Well, I’m sure you did something to piss him off.”
“All I did was write a note to Sarah…”
“That’s nothing bad. What did you do before that?” I relayed the events of the morning, excluding my dream. “So, you met Pete, did you?”
“Yeah, he seems like a really nice person.” I said blushing slightly. She turned around violently, and slammed her hands on her desk. I almost fell over in the chair as she said, “You must stay away from him!” I righted myself and looked at her. Her eyes had gone beady and she looked incredibly serious.
“But…why?” I asked.
“Stay away from him!”
“But..I don’t..Mrs. B..”
“Oh, what was I just saying right now,” Mrs. B said as she seemed to smack back to attention, and went back to arranging her mantle. “You may go back to your class now, Karen.”
“But..” I said puzzled. “You just.”
“You are dismissed.”
“Yes, ma’am.” I said as I walked slowly back to the class. What had gotten into her? I knew her very well, she was practically a second mother to me. I’ve never seen her act like that before. It was almost as if she was afraid, but of what? I headed back into the class, quietly, and tried to avoid the gaze of the boy.

(Only one more part left!! Yay! We're almost done with Chapter One!!)

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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Well, i'm sorry everyone but i know it's story day, only i don't have the next part ready. And plus, i wanted to give people a chance to catch up if they've missed a day. New part will come on Wensday.

I'll make this short since i have a headache, and feel not so great. If you have been cast as a role in Aurus's and I's Bleach Fan Dub, please check her last two posts for recent updates. One includes a link to our newly established site that contains recent news (we are currently holding auditions for some parts), and the Bleach Voice List. If your name has *unconformed* next to it, that means you have yet to confirm your position as said character and you need to contact either Aurus or myself asap. Secondly, I updated my fan art with two new pictures, but they're the same drawing, only one is colored using fireworks, and one usuing colored pencils. Also, i added a new wallpaper to my stash as well. Please check them out, rate them, and comment. ^_^.

Well, that's it from me, i need to lay down again before this headache gets even worse. Night all and have a great sunday!

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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The Twists of Fate: Chapter One: Part Five
(well, here we are, part five, and in case you're wondering, it's 4:53am, and i have to be at work in 7 mins. I hate this shift.)
I showed Pete around the school. Most of the rooms looked the same, all had worn out chalkboards, so white with dust you could barely read what was being written on them half the time. The chairs all looked the same, like they where about to fall apart, as if a colony of termites had had a free lunch but then decided to quit before the meal was done. There was nothing special about our school, even if it was the only one in the city. We finally made our way back around, and ended up at the office.
“You’ll need to check in here,” I said as I stopped outside the door and looked up to him.
“Thanks for your help,” he said as he handed me back the books he had been carrying the entire time. “Will I see you later?”
“I’m sure we’ll have a class or two together.” I said with a smile. “Bye!” I said as I took off down the hallway, ran to my locker, hurriedly threw the books in, and ran to my class. The bell rang right as I entered the door.
“Well, decided to come to school today Miss Kaoru?” the teacher asked as I stood in the doorway, the bell just finishing its toll as I shut the door behind me.
“I was showing someone around sir,” I said quietly as I looked up at him.
“Save your charity work for later. Take your seat.” He said with a growl.
“Yes sir,” I said even more quietly as I headed for my seat. I looked around at my classmates, each saying “Hi!” to me as I walked by and took my seat at the back of the class next to Sarah.
“Gez, what’s his problem?” I asked as I flew my book bag on the ground next to my chair.
“I don’t know,” she said as I leaned over and whispered something to her that made her laugh out loud.
“Ladies! If you do not wish to join Mr. Pickledesky in the principle’s office, I suggest you SHUT UP, and PAY ATTENTION!”
“Sorry, sir.” We said quietly in unison as we looked at each other after he had turned back around and smiled. I got out a piece of paper and wrote, “Did he really send Drew to the office already?” and handed it sneakily to Sarah.
“Yep. He was standing up next to the window, and the “teach” sent him to the office. I guess he thought he was suicidal or something.” Was the reply. “He’s the one who’s suicidal!”
“The “teach” is crazy.” I wrote back to her as I pretended I was paying attention. I took another look around our classroom and noticed someone sitting in the corner, sort of all by himself. He was writing something and his brown hair was covering his eyes. “Who’s that?” I asked Sarah outloud.
“Humm…I’m not quite sure. He must be new too. I’ve never seen him before.”
“Ladies! I’ve had enough! Miss Kaoru, to the principle’s office! Now!” he said as he threw down the chalk he held in his hand.
“Yes, sir,” I said as I left my seat and headed toward the door. I looked to the guy and saw he was following me with his gaze, his dark green eyes following my movements. I got a real look at his face, and saw it was the guy who ran into me this morning. I turned around fast and walked out of the door as my heart began to beat fast. I stepped out of the doorway, closed the door, and fell against the wall. Why is my heart beating so fast? I said to myself as I took a deep breath to calm down. I headed for the office; my feet knew where to go, so I wasn’t really watching where I was going, or even paying attention. I just couldn’t get his face out of my head.

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Sunday, July 24, 2005

I feel like I'm living in the dust bowl.
hey everyone! How's it going? I hope you're all having a great weekend so far. Can you believe it's already Sunday? Frankly, I'm glad it's sunday cuz that means another day off. I decided not to post another part of the story since i don't think a lot of people got to read the last one. If you haven't read part four, please scroll down to yesterday's post and read it. ^_^. I'll probably post Part Five on Weds. A good middle-of-the-week pick me up. Today I had to work from 12-9, but i guess it was okay. Today was our manager's last day, and tomarrow is Dawna's last day, but i don't work tomarrow, so i won't get to see her off. I'm going to miss her, it was really fun working with her. We always played "Name that Tune" together. It made the day much more fun, and went by faster.

Yesterday I went to a pool party at a friends house and got to see a lot of people I haven't seen for a long time. It was a lot of fun actually. I did get to go swimming, and it was really nice water, and the cool thing was that they had a salt generator instead of chlorine, so the water tasted like salt, but it's better for you. It was interesting to say the least.

Well, i'm soo tired right now i can't keep my eyes open. This is what happens when your body gets used to being in bed by now. Have a great weekend everyone, and I'll see you all later!


P.S. They're might be a special suprise for some of you if everything turns out okay! *winks* I sure hope it does!

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Saturday, July 23, 2005

The Twists of Fate: Chapter One: Part Four
“We’re here.” Pete said as we stepped through the rusted wrought iron gate that was opened, it’s trail through the dirt path evident by the dent in the ground. I opened my eyes as I watched the dirt trail in front of us seem to rise and fall again from the dust of the feet of people rushing into the entrance. The building itself was made of red bricks and looked like a Victorian house crossed with a church. The thickness of the dirt that covered the walls seemed to outweigh the red color of the bricks that lay underneath, giving the building a blackened look. There was a huge clock that was placed in the middle of the building, it’s face shining in the morning sunlight, big enough to be read anywhere on the school grounds. The windows were open, and you could see the blue frayed curtains swaying slightly in the morning breeze. To the right, you could see the little kids playing in the sand box, having fun before the day began.
“Karen! There you are! I’ve been looking all over for you!” A girl with straight blonde hair said as she ran up to me, and bent over to catch her breath, her backpack falling down her arm as she did so.
“Heh, sorry Sarah,” I said as I tried to avoid her gaze. “Some things happened this morning and..”
“No time to talk,” She said as she moved in front of me again. “Look, Brian’s completely redid the order for tonight,” she said exasperatingly as she handed me a sheet of paper.
“What for?” I asked, confused and slightly pissed at the same time. “The way we had it was perfect.”
“I don’t know,” she said as she shook her head and grabbed her backpack sling with her hand, and pushed it back on her back. “Apparently to make room for the new song,” she said as she pointed at the sheet with the other.
“But, I thought we weren’t going to do that one.”
“He says it’ll be a big hit if we use it as our closing,” she said as she sighed. “You know I’m not one to make these kinds of decisions.”
“I know. It’s alright.” I said as I looked down at the list again. “Well, I guess he does have a point.”
“I’ll see you first hour then, okay?” she said as she looked over to Pete real fast and winked at me.
“Yeah, bye.”
“Who was that?” Pete asked as he watched Sarah turn into a classroom.
“Oh, sorry. That’s my best friend, Sarah. We’ve known each other since kindergarten. “
“What was she talking about? The new one? What’s that?” Pete asked as he looked down at me.
“You’ll see tonight,” I said as I smiled up at him. “Come on, let’s go.”

(Uhh oh! Just what are they up to? And who exactly is this Pete guy? *giggles* I love the mystery. ^_^ Have a great weekend everyone.)

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Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Twists of Fate: Chapter One: Part Three
I looked up to the clock tower as the sun slowly began to come up, and shine its radiance on the city. “Good Morning Karen!” I heard a voice yell from across the street, and I waved to Mrs. B, and proceeded down the street.
All of the houses looked the same, in some way or another. For one simple fact, they all faced east, and the sun made its presence known on the paneling of the front of the houses. I made my way finally to the main market where my school was located on the other side of this busy exchange. I stopped at the corner, when I heard a voice yell out above the commotion of the morning market.
“Stop him! Stop that man!”
I turned around just in time to see a young man around my age coming my way. He ran straight into me and knocked me to the ground, my books scattering everywhere.
“Out of my way,” the man said quietly as he ran past.
“Stop him!” the owner yelled as tried to chase after him, but could not catch up, and after a few more steps, gave up completely. I watched the man run down the block and then turn right at the corner. I looked around trying to comprehend what had just happened, and then it hit me. I looked down at my now scrapped hands from hitting the dirt so hard. This was just like my dream. What was going to happen next?
“Are you alright?” I heard a voice above me ask, as I saw a pair of feet come into my view as I sat in the road.
“What?” I asked as I looked up to find out who the pair of feet belonged to, and was blinded by the glare of the sun. I could just make out the outline of a young man.
“Are you alright?” he asked again as he bent down and began gathering up the books I had dropped. He turned around, and his dark black brown hair blew slightly in the wind. My heart began to beat faster as I looked into his eyes, blue, strong.
“I guess,” I said as I slowly got to my feet, brushing the dirt off my skirt.
“Here are your books,” He said as he handed them to me. I got the first real look of him, as I looked him up and down, pretending to be concentrating on the books he was giving me. His hands felt soft, as I touched them for that brief moment. He was tall, and had dark brown hair that sort of spiked out around the front of his face. If they where to combed down, they would have covered his eyes. He was skinny, but not really all that skinny because you could see his muscles. He was fit, if anything and I couldn’t help but blush as I looked into his eyes.
“Thanks,” I said starting to turn red.
“You should be more careful.” He said as he put his hands on his hips. There was a weird awkward silence as he began looking around. “My name’s Pete.” He said as he outstretched his hand, a smile played across his face.
“I’m Karen,” I said as I shook it. “Thanks for your help.”
“Don’t mention it.” He said as he finally let go. “Hey, would you happen to know where the Nortek School is?” he asked as he looked me over.
“Um, yeah, that’s the school I go to. Obviously,” I said with a laugh as I just now registered he was wearing the guy’s version of our uniform, plain blue pants, with a blue jacket that covered a white dress shirt. The jacket was lined in a white stripe at the bottom, but not on the arms. He also wore a blue tie, but unlike the dress regulations, he has his collar up, and shirt untucked. “It’s right there actually” I said pointing down the market street to the two story building that stood in the distance. “You can’t possibly miss it, it’s the only two story building in this area.”
“So, that’s my school,” he said with an odd look I couldn’t place. “Would you mind showing me around? Today’s my first day.”
“No…no problem,” I said as my face got even redder.
“Great,” he said as he took my hand. “Let’s go.”
I felt a calmness flow through me as I looked up at his face as he dragged me along. His face shown in the light. Is..is he the one from my dream? I closed my eyes and tried to remember the way the hooded face looked, allowing myself to be lead by him.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Finally a Day Off!
Hey everyone! Wow, i feel so loved, look at how many comments I got last time! You guys are awesome. *hugs everyone and passes out cookies*

Well, it's been 4 days of this 5am-2pm shift, and i must say i'm sick of it. My body was about to collaspe today, and i felt sick at the beginning of my shift. The day got better about half way through the shift, but i think that's because my friend came in. I always have more fun when she's there. My muscles are killing me, there's only so much you can lift, and then to try to lift that over your head just blows.

Tomarrow/today, me and Ann are going to Newton, a small town not to far away to do some shopping. I need a break from this city, the rainy weather is getting to me I think. After that we're going to eat at my favorite resturant, Crackel Barrell! Yum yum! After that, um...I'll probably just relax and read some Harry Potter. ^_^, either that or get depressed by watching Fafner. *shrugs*

Thursday I finally registar for classes. Yay! Now i can finally tell you guys what my schedule will be like! I'll try to pick some fun classes, but i don't think i can take a theatre class this year. Sorry Aurus.

My fan art is updated! Please go check it out and comment! Have a great week guys! Oh, i'll try to post Part Three of the story tomarrow. Till then everyone!

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Friday, July 15, 2005

New Theme! "Summer Memories"
Hey everyone, and welcome to my newest theme, Summer Memories. I hope you all enjoy it. To be honest, i'm kinda sad to see my Castle in the Sky theme go, but Summer means change, and hopefully this one is for the better!

Let's see...first off, thanks for your comments on my story guys! I'm glad to see you liked it so far! And just think, it's only just getting started! You've still got over 75 full single spaced pages to go! hehe.

I went to the doctor yesterday for a physical and ended up getting two shots and my blood drawn. I wasn't very happy about it. Oh well, i guess if they find something wrong with me now, it'll be for the better right? Needless to say, my arm still hurts. I have to go back today for them to read the TB test i got. I don't see anything spouting on my arm, so i'm going to assume i'm good to go. The only thing I don't like about those is that they only last 6 months. Which means every 6 months for the rest of my life, i'm going to have to get one of these suckers. Sometimes working in the medical field doesnt seem that appealing.

Well, i got a really bad schedule for this coming week, 5am-2pm all the way across the board. I'm not to happy about it. Me and my friends are going to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory today. I'm excited about that! I'll be sure to tell you guys what i thought of it!

Well, i hope that everyone has an awesome weekend ahead! Take care!


P.S. I made some awesome Cinnamon Swirl loaf cake today. It soo kicks ass!

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Sunday, July 10, 2005

The Twists of Fate: Chapter One: Part Two
(Well, here we are, it's finally Sunday, and for some reason, i'm not to thrilled about it. Stupid work. Stupid computer. Anyways, it's not a lot, but this will get us a little ways. I can't cut it off right in the middle of something, and if i didn't make this one so short, the whole thing would be to long. Well, you're going to like it! Trust me!)

“Wake up! Wake up! Karrie, wake up!”
I shot up in bed, breathing deeply, my heart pounding in my chest. I closed my eyes as I put my hand to my head, replaying the events of what had just happened.
“Karrie, it was just a dream. Calm down.”
Was it really just a dream? I thought as I looked at my hands. I could feel him, I could touch him, and I felt his breath.
“Come on, now. You’ll be late for school.”
School! Oh, school! Maybe it was just a dream. Or maybe it was real and this is just a dream of my memories before I die. What was reality?? What was the truth???
“Mom!” I yelled, frightening her to some extent. “What’s today?’
“It’s Wednesday, Karen.” She said as she smiled at me. “Don’t you remember? Your concert’s tonight.”
“Oh.” The thought calmed me within the instant that it left her lips. My concert was tonight, and I knew it was going to be fun. I looked over at mom and smiled, as I leaned forward to give her a hug. “Thank you,” I said.
“For what?” she asked as she hugged me back.
“Just for,” was my reply. I couldn’t tell her the truth of what just happened. I guess it comes from being “chosen.”
I watched mom leave the room, as I stretched and slowly made my way out of bed. Man, it’s still too early to be waking up. I hate waking up before the sun does. It’s not fair. “You have to wake up early, sweetie. You’ve got a long walk to school. You don’t want to be late now do you?” Mom’s voice echoed in my head as I walked over to my clothes that Mom had washed for me the night before. There they sat, my school uniform. Anything but ordinary. I took off my pajamas, and slipped on my blue pleated skirt, the bottom trim reached to my thigh, and then popped my head through my shirt, a white sailor-like suit, trimmed in blue, with a small blue bow in the front. I brushed the hair out of my shirt, and proceeded to comb it. I was always afraid that my small plastic comb would break off in my long, wavy brown hair, but always felt relieved when it came out of the adventure within my hair safely. I looked around my room at my closet as I put on my blue school socks that went up to my shin, and hurriedly put on my school shoes. There, hanging on the door was my groups’ clothes. At the end of the day I would be wearing those clothes. I was already starting to feel the rush. I took a breath to calm myself as I grabbed my book bag, and headed down the stairs, to grab some breakfast. “Thanks Mom!” I said as I kissed her goodbye, scraped up my books that where sitting on the table, and ran out the door into the street.

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Saturday, July 9, 2005

The Twists of Fate: Chapter One: Part One
The sun shown brightly through the fall colored leaves that hung down from the branches of the old maple trees that lined the dirt covered road. The trees weren’t the only thing that lined the road that ran though the main section of the city, lots of tiny vendor shops lined the edges, pushed between the overgrown trees, providing a nice place to eat and relax in the cool shade of the brush. Not too far behind, houses stretched out as far as the eye could see towards the western mountain pass that blocked our city from what lay beyond. The houses, with their broken shingled roofs, faced east, as if each day awaiting that ray of sunshine that would come forth from the flat horizon, and shine it’s brilliance on the castle walls. The castle itself was the tallest structure in town at 4 stories high, though the central clock tower which came off the main part stood like a skyscraper against the tiny buildings that surrounded it. The tower was one of the original pieces of the city still standing after the war, a reminder of what we used to have. Its large faces where pointed in every direction, north, south, east and west, so that no mater where you where, you could tell the time. A small river ran through the city. Its path started from the waterfall from the side of the mountain closest to the city, making it’s way through the city, and finally surrounding the castle gates on all sides. The river then ran out of the city, where it goes exactly, no one really knows, but I always dreamed it lead to a city filled with happiness.
I stood in the middle of the main street, looking up towards the clock tower, as the rays of light shinned against its surface, cascading the light around it, creating a shadow that stretched throughout the city. My fellow townspeople where walking around me, going about their morning business, buying fruits from the vendors, or even just having some breakfast before the day truly began for them. I took a deep breathe of fresh air, as I felt the smell of the river fill my body with a newfound energy. I felt something bump me, as something was forced into my hand. I looked around and found nothing, or anyone who could have done such a thing. I turned around again when I heard a big booming voice shout towards my direction.
“Hold it right there!”
My feet instantly left the dirt trail as I began to run in the opposite direction. I pushed through the crowd that lined the street, sometimes almost stumbling on top of someone who was leaning over to check the freshness of a vegetable or two. My breathe became even as I got into my running rhythm, heart beating fastly.
“Someone! Stop him!”
I felt like I was doing a dance as I zigzagged through the people that lined the streets. It seemed like the people where coming from nowhere, all gathering into the street for some odd reason. My mind kept saying, “I must keep going! I must keep running!” But then I realized, I didn’t know what I was running from. I looked behind me, to find the owner of the voice, but there was no one there. There was nothing there. It was pitch black. I turned around again, and saw only blackness before me. Blackness, I was surrounded by a complete and empty void. I looked around again, and the ground began to crumble underneath my feet. I flew my hands out wildly trying to steady myself, but it was of no avail. “What…what’s going on?” The thought raced through my mind as I began to scream. Everything around me was breaking up, disintegrating. I finally lost my balance and began to fall. I looked up, or what direction I thought was up, and saw a blinding flash of light, and a hand outstretched.
“Take my hand,” The voice said. The voice seemed to radiate around me, as I raised my hand, and felt it be clasped by the being. The light was extremely bright, and as I was being brought up into the being’s arms, I tried to look for a face, but the figure was robed, and the radiant light was shinning behind it, casting a shadow across its face. I felt my body be brought into its as the voice was heard again. “I’ll never let anything happen to you,” “It…it sounds like a guy’s voice.” I thought. He grasped me tighter then before. A single tear began to fall down my cheek as I felt his gentleness so close to me. “Who are you?” I asked as I looked up. I thought I saw a small smile under the hood as the light grew brighter as I broke away from him and began to fall again. I spun around, trying to grab onto something, reaching out for the guy’s hand again. “Goodbye” the voice whispered as the darkness began to surround me again, his light disappearing. “Come back!” I yelled as I fell, and the darkness surrounded me completely.

(Hope you enjoyed it so far! Part Two coming on Sunday!)

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