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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Good evening everyone. Nami-chan here to report to you the interesting stories of the week/days that have past. Our current headline: "Life sucks".

I find it quite humorus how my moods change from day to day. Yesterday i was quite content with myself, and today, i feel as if the whole world is coming down around me. Where are these thoughts coming from you ask? I think it has to do with failing health.

The other day i accidently poked myself in the eye, and ever since then, my vision has been, how would one say, poor. Spots of blurriness, and terrible headaches follow me wherever i go. As if that wasn't enough, i seem to have gotten shin splints somehow, though i haven't really done any excerize lately.

School is not going so well this week either. I have a debate to do on friday in which i was given the side it seems impossible to defend. Not only that, but my partner is no where to be found, and not doing his addiquit share of the work. Once again, Nami-chan works alone. My headache and eye sight where so bad today i didn't go to one of my classes. I rested, cuz i didn't think it was safe to drive. I did however go to my evening class, where the only interesting part of it is my friend who is some what of a smart ass. He makes that class enjoyable.

Well, i got a letter in the mail the other day saying that if i didn't get 85 hours in for my scharship, i would lose my scharship and have to pay back the money. 85 hours! These aren't that easy to get, considering the shop is only open 4 hours a day, and you know me, i work a lot. I'm really hoping that tomarrow when i go to stagecraft class my teacher will tell me he still needs help for thursday, where i can gain at the most 15 hours just in that one day alone. I gave my hours to someone though just so i could have this chance. Sometimes i think it would just be better to go ahead and give up the damn thing, and pay the money, so that way i wouldn't have to stress over it. I mean, i have the money in savings, i was just hoping to save it for next year, since i know i'm going to have to pay more then i did this year. *sighs* I think i need a hug.

FMA Fan Club Update: I have decided to make a new branch of the fan club known as "Bandwagoners". These "Bandwagoners" will consist of those who are either new to the show, or didn't provide me with an substantal answer for the question. If any of our regular members have any problems with this let me know. I will also be sending out a PM here soon. And i plan on creating a site that will list all members, and bandwagoners on it. Of course, this will definately be postponed till have my debate and physiology test. Questions or concerns, please feel free to contant me.

This is Nami-chan out, my eyes can't take the glare of the screen anymore.

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