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Sunday, October 24, 2004

   My buziness.
Hey all! I promised you guys a long post saying all I've been doing, and here it be! Let's start out with my trip.

Friday: Drove 3- 3 1/2 hours up to Atchison to see Katie-chan! We got there, met her for a quick lunch/snack, and then she had to get ready for the play. Ann and I then went to Katie's dorm room and decorated it with streamers and signs. Then, we went to see her play, she was awesome btw!!! Interestingly enough, we met someone who went to our high school there, and got to talk to him a bit. After that, we tagged along with Katie to the Cast Party, and did some dancing there, and met lots of people whose names I can't remember. Then we went to the boy's dorms, and I got to meet some of her guy friends, and played some of Bobby's old school games. Then we went back to her dorm, met Annita, her roomate, and then we went to doughnuts at 2:00 in the morning. After that, we pretty much came home to the dorm and slept.

After waking up and all that jazz, we took an hour or so car ride to Lawerence to see Amber at KU. There we had lunch with her, and she showed us a bit of the campus. Then we drove back to Katie's college, and hung out until Katie had to go to the play. Then we went to Erin's dorm to watch LOTR, and reminience while Katie was at play. Then, we went to bed. Again. ^_^.
We woke up, went to mass, and then went to a local pizza shop for lunch. The best news about Atchison, and the surrounding area......THEY HAVE MR. PIBB!!!!! *Nami-chan hops up and down* I was so excited. Mr. Pibb is a family favorite. After we ate, we went to the good ol' Wal-Mart, where, of course, I bought some 2-liters of Mr. Pibb. After that, we packed up, and took the 3 some hour drive back home.

All in all, my trip was tons of fun, and of course, getting to see Katie again is always the highlight of any day. The fun part is, that during the car ride, Ann and I came up with a TOTALLY AWESOME story idea!!! I'm trying to start to write it, but I'm finding myself pretty busy with work and school, and trying to start getting my theater hours.

I believe this next week is Homecoming week at school. Homecoming at college....I can only wonder what it's going to be like.....

Ta ta for now!!! I miss ya all!!!


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Friday, October 22, 2004

Hey everyone! Wow, it's been a while since I've posted, and a lot has happened. I'll try to this updated either tommarow or sunday. I've been wanting to change my theme, though I have to admit, my Li-kun theme is pretty kick ass.

I had great fun on my trip, which I will elobarate on later. Take care till then everyone!

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Friday, October 15, 2004

The day has finally come!!
HEY EVERYONE!!!! I hope everyone is doing great. Today is finally the day! I get to get out of town, and go on a car trip! yay!!! Just me and Ann, driving 3-4 hours to visit a friend! It's going to be so much fun!!!

Thanks for all your well wishes guys! I got a 78% on my Anatomy test, and another 100% on my quiz. That's a whole lot better then I did on my last one! I think I'm improving.

Well, once again, sorry this was so short, but I've got to finish packing. Everyone have a great weekend, cuz I know I'm going to have one!!!

Ja ne!!!!

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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

A new week, a new day, a chance to start over.
Hey all! I've missed ya! This week has been full of many ups and downs, and frankly some I'm not going to talk about, becuase, well, I really don't want to have to think about them again.

Besides working 33 hours, and going to school for 16 (not counting the time I sit around and wait for my next class to start), I've had hardly any free time this week. The only free time I did have, I went to see a play with Ann of Friday. A very very messed up play, that I wouldn't ever encourage anyone of seeing. I'll try to explain it more later.

I won $25 at work because our store sold the most cookies for the cookie contest. Yay! All that pan-ing up the damn things paying off I guess. *shrugs*

I've been in a good mood pretty much all day. I finally had my anatomy test today. I think I did pretty well. I knew most of the stuff on there. Yay! Go me! Tomarrow I have an Anatomy Lab test, and my Speech mid-term, so wish me luck again! Thanks for everything you guys!

Sorry this is so short, I just wanted to let you all know, I'm still doing fine! Just uncommonly busy! Take care everyone and have a great and safe week!

(Katie-chan....only three more days!!!!)

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Thursday, October 7, 2004

Hey everyone! *huggles everyone* I've missed you all too! Thanks for the good lucks on my quiz. I only missed one! w00t! I have a huge anatomy TEST on Monday, so please pray for me for that. It's all over the muscles of the body, and the special terms you use like when your body moves. And also how to recognize parts of the body superficially. I think I can do it. I'm just going to believe in myself, and go for it, cuz I think that's about all I can do.

This past week has been somewhat interesting. I don't know if I mentioned this in my last post, but I played fooseball with Tony during our break time. I felt really bad cuz I was litterly kicking his butt. I couldn't tell if he was letting me win or not. I figured, he wouldn't be cursing at himself if he was intentionately letting me win. Any ideas? Your a guy, Niko. What do you think? Would you let a girl win, just for the fact that she's a girl? Cuz I don't think that's right. He seemed like the competetive type of person to me. *shrugs* Oh well.

Today I had to work again, and work a lot I did. I swear, whenever the guy works, he never does anything. He's soo slow. It took him 3 hours to pull the frozen, and 2 to do pan-up. Come on!! Both those only take me 30 mins each! 45 tops! *shakes head* needless to say, there was a lot of work to be done. Also, the president of our company was suppost to come in and look at our store, and compare it to the new SuperTarget (who wants to help Nami-chan burn it down?) opened up across the street. Only, he never showed. So we did all this hustling, and getting ready stuff for nothing. I was running behind tonight, so thankfully one of my chinese kitchen guys came over and helped me. I was very greatful.

Well, it's official now. Every member of my family has a new car, and also has a loan from the bank. How we're going to keep affording all of this, I have no fricken idea, but then again, I'm the child. I'm not suppost to be worrying about this stuff. And yet, I do? Why? because I'm the one that has to take care of this stuff. Oh well. I figure as long as I work, I can pay off my car, and I shall only worry about myself. If the parent's need help, I know they'll ask. Either that, or get into my account and take some money.

Well, I ran out of time. Got to study for Anatomy! (and watch the last episode of FMA. *Sniff* I can't believe it's over!) Cookies and hugs for everyone!! Ja ne!

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Tuesday, October 5, 2004

   Yes, I am alive.
Hey everyone! How's it been going? Wow, I haven't updated for awhile, I've been so busy it's not even funny. What have I been doing. Basically two words sum it all up: work and school. This week alone I'm working 33 hours, and then add my 16 hours of school to that, and you get more then the average middle-aged person works for a week. 49 hours. yeah, that's right.

So there's your main reasons why I haven't been here. I'm sorry for the shortness of the post. I'm feeling a lot better since I last posted, and I have a HUGE anatomy quiz tomarrow over the muscles of the upper extremity that I'm studing for, and need to get back to. Wish me luck on the quiz please!

This friday, I'm sort of going on a blind-date like thing, which sounds interesting. I'll update more on that later. For now, this is Nami-chan, signing off. Ja ne! *hugs everyone and passes out loaf bread*

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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Hey everyone!! I hope that everyone had as great as weekend as I did! I had a blast with my friends, and I really wish they where still here. I miss them so much. At least it's only about 3 more weeks till I get to go up to see them! I can't wait! I've never been to their college before, so I can't wait to see it.

Things we did: have a sleepover. ^_^, went out to eat at Old Chicago, gave them a tour of my campus, and a look at the dorms cuz I friend was home, so we sort of invaded her dorm, watched Miracle....again...,went to the parish picnic, got to see my other family, and the list goes on.

I think I got a small bit of food poisioning because on Monday I was really sick, and didn't go to school. Luckily enough for me, two of my classes where cancelled so I didn't miss much. I just finished an assignment that's due today, and just finished typing my paper that's also do this morning.

today I had lab, got another 100%, and we looked at the muscles. The teacher was taking the muscles that move your hand up and down, and basically making the hand move on the dead body. It was really wierd, and cool at the same time. Some people where freeked out when they saw the dead body. Wimps.

Anyways, i need to get to bed, I have a long day tomarrow. I'm glad I had enough time to post! I hope that everyone is doing well. Oh, and Red, a date gun is exactly what it says. It's this little gun that when you press the trigger, you set it to say a date, and out pops a little sticker with the date on it. Fun stuff, eh?

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Saturday, September 25, 2004

I'm so excited....and I just can't hide it!!!
Hey everyone! Thanks for stopping by again! I promise that one of these days I'll have enough time to swing by everyone else's sites. As long as you comment, I know you're doing okay, otherwise I worry about you.

This weekend is the days that Erin and Katie-chan come back home!! I'm so excited!! We're going to have so much fun, I just know it!

This week has gone by pretty quick. I had to work a little, but not as much as usual. I only had one of my classes today, which made me happy. Then I went to grandma's house for lunch, then came home and worked on something for a friend. Then I went to work.

For some reason work was really fun today. I sort of got trapped in the freezer looking for something, and then I sort of forgot what else I was suppost to look for, so I went into the chinese kitchen to use their phone to call my manager, since it was easier then walking all the way back there. While on the phone, Duy, one of the chinese guys, "dated" me with the date gun. It was funny. Then he kinda talked to me while I was in the freezer. He's pretty funny. Then when I went to take my trash back, the recieving guy (who was sort of cute, btw *winks*) moved the palletes out of my way so I could get to the trash can. I felt so special! (though I have to say I feel more special when Steve sings for me! ^_^)

So yeah, that was just one of my busy days this week. Next week, is pretty much the same story. Oh! I finally found out when that last "Planet Ladder" comes out. It's not till next March!! I've been waiting for over a year for it to come out! I guess I can wait a little longer right? At least the new D. N. Angel comes out the 5th of Oct. so that should keep me happy.

Take care everyone! and to those of you who have recently signed my guestbook, thanks so much. I'll get back to you as soon as it's possible!!

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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Another during the day post.
Hey everyone! Sorry the last post was kinda meaningless. I don't think it even had a point to it. Oh well, here we go.

Today is Wedns. It sure doesn't feel like it. I was almost late to class this morning cuz I forgot to wake up. Opps! oh well, I made it on time. Right now, I'm pretty happy since our teacher canceled our class for friday. yay!! I don't have to wake up early!! I can sleep in!! Next class is OT, and then I have that computer class. *falls asleep in both* then I have Anatomy, where I really need to understand what she's saying. I didn't do so well on that last test. Well, no one did really.

Yesterday was an okay day. Went to lab, and only missed .5 on the quiz. Maybe this will make up for my pathetic test grade. (heh, what am I thinking. of course it won't). The teacher yelled at my little group since we where being sort of loud. she accussed us of "messing around". BS. we where sitting there, and studying. So what if we had some converstations during the time we where studying. It's not like we where doing anything else that day anyways. I thought we where going to look at some dead bodies, but the stupid quiz took the entire time. Sometimes, I'm glad my name is at the beginning of the alphabet. I didn't have to sit there for two hours trying to remember everything. I got it over quick.

Then between the break in class, me and Kim went to Starbucks with Tony and where going to read our OC book since we had a quiz. That didn't happen. We talked most of the time. I got a hot chocolate, but it was really nasty. What a waste of money. It wasn't made right or something.

Then me and Kim where a little late to OC class, but we still made it in time for the quiz. It's a good thing I'm a great BSer. hehe, I guess on the quiz, but hey, I got them all right! See kids, it's good to have an BS ability. It can get you out of a tight spot sometimes! After that, I had to work, but it was pretty slow. I wrote on some cakes, and then had to try to call 5 stores to look for something for a customer. ha! I completely forgot out the water I had put in the sink, (I left it running when I went to help the phone customer) When I looked over, the bubbles where like a foot high! and spilling out the edge of the since. At least it didn't flood the floor! that goodness for the drain! I thought it was really funny though. If I put my arm in the bubbles, it went up to past my elbow before I touched teh water. *giggles*

Tonight, I'll probably do something with Ann, or watch some more "Groove Adventure Rave" to waste some time. Haru's finally found his dad!! Uh oh!! *winks* Take care everyone, and have a great rest of the week! *hugs everyone*

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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Today's been quite a busy day. Woke up early, went to school, went to my first couple of classes, survived through my comptuer class, and took my anatomy test. All I can say....I think i should have studied more. I think I did okay though. Some of the stuff confussed me though. *sighs*

I took a nap today, that was good. Then my brother came over to eat supper, then he left to watch the football game. Go Eagles!!!

Tomarrow, I have another anatamy quiz, this time only 10 points. I studied a bit, but I'm really tired so I sort of gave up on it.

I hope that everyone has a great week! I have work today, but at least it's one of the three days I have to work this week. And Katie and Erin come home saturday! Yay! I can't wait!

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