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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Well, i just got home, and the funs only beginnning.
Hey everyone! I hope you had a great weekend, because it's now tuesday, and what do tuesdays mean? Suckiness!

Sunday was my oni-chan's birthday. He's 21 now, and i can't really believe it. We went out to eat at this place and every time the "Cotton-eyed Joe" song came on, everyone of the servers had to dance to it in the walkway till the song was done. It was funny! This one gayish guy was really getting in it it. After that, we played some games together and then he left. After just relaxing for awhile, me reading the play i have to design the set for, Ann came over, and we looked at this apartment guide, and came up with a handy chart that says certain stuff about each one we where aiming for. There's this place downtown, and it's right next to Century II, which is like our downtown convention center, basically it's smack dab in the center of downtown. It's right next to the river, and it'd be a perfect place to watch the fireworks from the Wrangers game from. Only problem....it's $600 a month for rent. The cheapest place we found in the area we where aiming for, (pretty much downtown so that way it'd be centered distance from me and Ann's schools, and also in the area of the hospitals so i wouldn't have to drive far to get to my rotations, was about $450. We're looking for 2 BR, 1 bath places. We where up till around 1am just doing that, and then i spent the rest of the night studying for my ethics test which i had today. (You're awesome SG! ;))

Monday/Today, was alright, took the test, i think i did okay. Then went to wal-mart to get some DVD+Rs, which i used to make Fushigi Yugi disks. So now i have the first 26 episodes on DVD! yay! after that, went to class, then came home, and pretty much, slept. Then it was time for chem, so i went to that, then went to the play thing which i am either going to do sound for, or get stuck just raising and lowering the curtain. I would much rather do sound. I'm hoping we could get someone from our class to volenteer for it. Then after that, i went to eat with Tom and Ann.

Well, we went to wal-mart, and we where looking at the fish, and it was SOO SAD!!! A snail was eating up a fish, two fish where attacking each other, one literarly tearing off the fin and EATING IT of the other fish, and two snails which we couldn't really figure out what they where doing together. SO, after being grossed out, we went to the toy section, fenced with the toy swords, and threw the frizbee around until we knocked a bunch of stuff off the shelf. Great fun!.

I'm soo excited about tomarrow, cuz the FMP HD comes out!! YAY!! I'm soo going to buy it after class, and before i have to go to work. They better have it is all i gots to say!!! Otherwise i'll be pissed again!. Besides having to go to class and work 1-5, i have the play thing again tonight. *sighs* It wouldn't be so bad if the show didn't suck.

Have a great week all!!

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