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Sunday, April 10, 2005

   Welcome to the RoLW version of Duo's MyO!
Hey everyone! Happy Sunday to you all! Let me be the first to welcome you to the new Record of Lodoss War theme for my site. Isn't it pretty? To be completely honest, RoLW was not what i originally planed on my new theme being, but then i saw that background picture, and i thought it was just adorable. I was looking for a springish theme, and what's more springish then pink? Hehe, i know you'll love this one Ann-neechan!

Well, today is finally the last day of the show. And to be comepletely honest, i'm glad it's over. I have come to relize there is only so many times you can watch/listen to a show before it gets old and quite frankly annoying. I kinda wish i had the sound person's job, she sleeps during the show. I on the other hand have to listen to it so i don't miss my cues. Oh well, almost over!! And then i get to do the chior's performance of broadway hits! I don't think this will be so bad, cuz i mean, they're broadway hits! You can never get to much of that! Let's just hope the choir doesn't suck ;)

Well, we're approaching the last couple of weeks of this semester, and frankly, it's a scary thought. I don't think i'm ready yet for all the tests that are about to come my way. Apparently i have a chemistry test this upcoming Tuesday, that i'm not ready for because i haven't gone to class all week due to play practice. I'm just going to pay really good attention to the review session we get on monday. I think i can make it from there. It's mostly a review anyways.

In other news, Tsubasa Chronicle came out today! I can't wait to watch it. I bought D. N. Angel #7 when i saw it in the bookstore yesterday, and i makes me want to watch the series again. In fact, i think that's what i'm going to do tomarrow night once i get home from STRIKE. At least i get double the hours for going to STRIKE for my class. Yay!! Now i think i need about 18 more. I think i can do it.

Best of luck to everyone on their end of the semester tests coming up, and have a great week ahead everyone! Tell me what ya think of the theme too!!

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