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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Nami-chan's "I don't know what to call it" day.
Good evening everyone! I hope you've all had some good and fun times while i've been away. My life is way to busy. I just need a break from it all. Too bad my spring break was last week, and i was so busy, i didn't even get a chance to sleep in. *sighs* oh well. at least i get a 3 day weekend this week. yay!

Today has been...interesting to say the least. First off, i get woken up around 4 am do to the fact that some rain was slamming into my window, and against my side of the house. The wind was blowing at least 30 mph out there. I'm just glad dad cut down the little bush that was against my window too, otherwise it would have been worse. After waking up three times due to the storm, my alarm wakes me up, and i have to press the snooze button 3 times before i finally resolve to wake up. I was thinking about using the weather as an excuse not to go to school, but the fact that i'd miss so much if i didn't go, woke me up, and got me dressed. Drove to school, it was hella hard, wind still blowing around 30 mph, rain still coming down strong. Got sort of soaked on my way into Ethics class. Class was interesting. All of a sudden this lady(looked about 40) stands up and goes up to the teacher (who's a pretty cool guy, btw, he makes class fun) and says "I don't think i'm in the right class." Okay, i give the old lady a break, it is the start of the second half of the semester, but still. You don't interupt the teacher in the middle of his lecture! the whole class was sort of silently giggling, and then the england boy. (I like his accent), asked the teacher a question that had us all laughing. After that class, i went and talked to the fin. aid people about my award letter, then came home for some lunch. Ate, watched one episode of Bleach. *yay* and then returned to school, where i found out i got a 97 on my Physiology test!!! I was soo happy. I thought i did terrible! The questions where really hard. After that, i returned to the fin. aid office, to ask a final question, and then had to hurry to make it to work on time. Work wasn't so bad, though it seemed to take forever, and there was a lot to get done. After work, i rushed home, ate a quick bowl of cereal, and rushed back to school, making it to class right as the clock struck 6, and played it's funky litte tune. Went to that class and found out i got a 107 on the test! another over 100 % for Nami-chan!!!! After that i went to Wal-Mart to buy some groceries, ended up buying a frozen pizza for supper, and came home and am now finally getting to relax a bit.

It's been raining, and really windy all day long. And it's suppost to rain tomarrow and wensday too. There was even a couple of tornados earlier this evening. I still can't believe it's that time already, but oh well. I'm used to it by now.

Well, i need to finish the laundry downstairs and get ready for another exciting day. Have a great week everyone!!!

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