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Friday, July 8, 2005

Swimming can be fun, and educational!
Hey everyone! How's your week been going? Mine's doing okay, thank goodness that work for the week is over! Yay! That's right, I actually have Friday off! Isn't that amazing! Let's see, what have i been doing besides work?
~I went swimming with my friend Katie and her little brothers today. I'm like their older sister too. We had a lot of fun, i spent most of the time in the water chasing after Timmy (3rd youngest of the bunch) and then we had BBQ chicken and potatoes afterwards. It was really good. It's amazing how long these kids can hold their breath! I haven't been swimming in forever, so i'm not very good at it. That, and the fact that i was never really good at swimming in the first place. But still, man, i wish i was young again. And well, the educational part about swimming, we learned about some hitting on stuff going on between a certain two people. It was quite funny actually.

Besides that, umm, i saw Batman Begins with Katie. It was pretty good. I liked Gary Oldman's character. And Yay for Alfred!

Other then that, pretty much nothing else is new. I'll be starting the story tomarrow, so make sure you come back to read it! *hugs* have a great weekend everyone!

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Tuesday, July 5, 2005

Happy Forth of July my American Friends, and to you Canadians, Happy Canada Day!
Hello everyone! Sorry i haven't been around most of the week, but it's been quite hectic for me. I had a temporary job for the week of the forth of july working at the local fireworks company. The job itself wasn't bad, its just that i went striaght from working 8 hours at my regular job (being the baker) to that. needless to say, i seriously need to catch up on my sleep.

Happy 4th and Canada day guys, I know i missed them, but i still wanted to wish you the best. Also, the story that got the most votes was "Twists of Fate" so i will be starting that shortly. Also, i have sent PMs to everyone for the FMA fan club, so i finally got that taken care of. Sign will be updated shortly as well. Other then that, i need to get some rest for another 8 hour day tomarrow. see ya later!

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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

A message from your local Cookielady.
Hello everyone! It's your official THAT Cookielady here! *passes out cookies* Take a seat. It's decision time. A lot of you have expressed an interest in reading my stories, so the question is, which one do you want to read? I currently have two, one is a short story, and the other is part of my book. The first is called "The Half-Risen Moon", and the latter "The Twists of Fate". Now then, it's up to you guys to decide which one i post.

Well, work was okay today, though i really do feel that i should be the assistant manager of our department, because frankly, i do the work of one. I am now the most experienced person in our department (besides the manager), and to be completely honest, i can do more then she can! It's so sad! I made three signs today for some tables i had to put up with 4th of July things. My manager doesn't even know how to make a sign. Not only that, but what usually took her an hour to do our shelf review took me aprx. 5 mins. Sad eh?

Well, i'm working on my last picture here, so i'll get that posted as soon as i can. Also, it is my goal this weekend to get back to everyone who has PM'd me saying they wish to be in the FMA fan club. I'm soo sorry it's taken so long. But patience is a virtue after all!

Duo's current reading selection: "The Mysteries" by: Lisa Tuttle. Have a great day all!

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Monday, June 27, 2005

Hey everyone! Long time no see, eh? It's been a week i believe since i last got to update, though i did get around to visiting almost everyone's sites the other day. It was amazing i had that much free time. Well, today was our first day without Lisa, who was our main fryer/baker person, so needless to say, things wheren't running as smoothly as they usually do. Me? The first thing i had to do was put away the frozen that we had recieved. How much? About a 200 piece truck. It was terrible, some of those boxes weigh at the most 50 lbs. Not only that, but there really was no where in the freezer to put them. It took me two hours to do that. After that, i took a break to relax my arms cuz they felt like they where going to fall off, checked the invoice, and then i had some baking to do. Our fryer girl didn't bake enough stuff, so basically i had to bake what she should have baked. Then i panned up some racks that get baked every day, and then went to lunch. During lunch, my parents and I watched a George Straight concert that was on CMT. It was good, and i really didn't want to leave in the middle of it. The rest of work wasn't too bad, more pan up, more time in the freezer, and then finally coming back home. I was so exhausted. At least tomarrow i get a day off, and then to work the rest of my 40 hour week. But hey, good news is I got a raise a couple of weeks ago, and i have the possibility of working overtime, not to mention this is a holiday week. Soo....this is going to be a huge check for me! yay!! Hopefully i can get a head start on July's car payment.

So, other then work, i've been working on a couple of things. One of them are my drawings, which i just finished one tonight, and one i started on the other day. Also, i've been writing some stuff on my stories, and working on my screencap site. I have to admitt, i got some good ones, which i was thinking of turning into my new theme.

Question of the day: What are your plans for the 4th of July weekend? My answer is that i have to work 8 hours both days, and frankly, me and my friends haven't even came up with an idea. I'll have to get back to you guys on that one. Have a great week all!! *hugs and passes out cookies*

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Sunday, June 19, 2005

I did it!!!
Hey everyone! It's your local Cookie Lady here with some great, awesomeless fantastic news!! I did it!! I was accepted into my program at school!! *hops up and down* First off, hugs to everyone. Thank you soo much for your prayers, and believing in me! You guys are awesome. Second off, special thanks to certain people, you know who you are, i wouldn't have even made it this far if it wasn't for you guys.

Well, besides getting my letter, me and Ann had a sleep-over thing last night where we made cupcakes and worked on our story and badgered certain people. I must admitt, it was quiet hilarious, we had such a great time. We also got to work on our story some more, which is awesome in and of itself. After Ann went home, i washed my car because it was actually pretty nice outside. Then we went to mass, and then i went to g-ma's house for supper. All and all, it's been a pretty lazy day i'd say. Tomarrow i have to work from....um....2-6 i believe. Hopefully it won't be too bad. Then i can come home and give Dad his gift! I know he'll love it! ^_^.

Have a great weekend, and a great week ahead everyone! Thanks again!! *hugs and passes out cookies*

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Thursday, June 16, 2005

To those of you I love.
Well, I know it's been a while since i've updated but i just want to get something off my chest real quick here at the start. For those of you I love, I'm sorry. I've been acting like a jerk lately, and frankly i hate myself for it. I'm sorry for complaining so much, and i'm sorry for seeming so selfish. We all know that's not the type of person I am, and for inflicting that upon you, I'm sorry. I'm tremendously sorry.

Now then, how has everyone been? Has your summer's been going okay? I've been working more lately, which is to my liking. I know that kinds sounds wierd, but a lot of things have been happening, and i've sort of moved up in rank. As of today, i shall become the baker, which means i get to actually bake the product, and pan up the stuff that gets baked the next day. An interesting thing happened today, one of our new people who was the fryer/baker person just upped up and left, without really giving a reason. The guy had only been there a week. What a wuss. (hehe). So now, the fryer/baker job has been split up, where one person does the fryer, another baking. So yay! i think it shall be funner, so that's good.

This next week i should be getting a letter saying weather or not i've been accepted into my program. Let's pray that i have. I have no idea what to do if i haven't been. I'm just not going to think about that right now though.

On another note, today is my half-birthday!! YAY!!! And what do you know, it's another crazy thunderstorm, (just the kind you'd love demonboy) tonight. Possibilty for tornados in my area...not very high...everyone else...slightly higher. I love how our city is like placed right where we usually don't get any. I think it's the river that runs though the middle of the city. So anways, tonight i'm going out to eat with my mom and dad at one of my favorite resturants, and maybe i can get them to buy me a gallon of ice cream. I've been craving that lately.

Well, i have to go to work early tomarrow, so i best be going to bed. I love you all. *hugs everyone* Have an exceptionaly well evening, and great weekend ahead!!!

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Friday, June 3, 2005

Hello everyone! It's your local cookielady dropping buy to see how everyone's doing. Nothing all that exciting has been going on lately. My day is consummed by going to work. On days i don't have to work, as in today for example, i sit around the house watching shows, playing video games, drawing, and working on my story. Yes, i'm finally working on that again, though i've decided to only work on book one, the book of introduction right now. I have no inspiration to work on books two or three. (book two being, the book of explanations, and book three, the book of resultions). Actually, i find myself laking inspiration to do much of anything. Work just sucks all my energy out of me it seems. Ah, well. Thus is the story of life.

Today i went shoe shopping with mom. I bought a pair of shoes at the Payless for only $10. Not a bad deal if i say so myself. Also, we went to the grocery store that also has a video department where you can rent movies from, and looked over their previously viewed movies that where on sale, and found Spirited Away, and Hero, so i helped myself to those two. The cost? Only $10 for the both of them. Quite a deal if i say so myself. I have yet to watch either of them to make sure the dvds aren't bad. (tape of Spirited Away, those are the ones you really got to look out for).

So yes, if any of you are looking for a new series to semi-fill a week of your summer days with, I'd highly suggest Star Ocean EX. Based on the game Star Ocean: The Second Story for the PS, this show follows the adventures of Claude, our friendly spacer who accidently discovers a warp gate that sends him to a planet that is currently under attack by many monsters caused my a "falling meteroite" known on the planet as Sorcery Globe. Claude meets Rena, a shy girl who thinks he is the legendary Warrior of Light, sent from another world to rid theirs of the evil that has beset them. Claude meets some interesting people on his journey, one of my favorites is Ashton. hehe. So yeah, i guess that's my summary of it. If you want me to add more, i'll be sure too next time. Now i must head for bed so i can have yummy homemade pancakes made with grandmother love tomarrow morning. Take care everyone, and have a great weekend!

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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

It's All Over.
Well everyone, it's been awhile since we've last chatted hasn't it. Sorry for being away, my life is not an easy one, as i'm sure all of you know by now. Let's see what's been going on, shall we?

Well, i got my grades in, I got all "A"s except for a "B" in Ethics. I'm pretty happy. I mean, frankly, i'm just glad i didn't get a "C" in Ethics, which i thought i was going to. And it all just goes to show that if you set your mind on something, you can accomplish anything. It's called goals, and this semester, I think i definately acheieved what i had started out to do. That being out of the way, thanks to the help of our local english major (^_~), i submitted my application for my program at school. I have yet to hear anything back from them, but it's only been about 2 days, so i'll give them a little longer.

I found out that my friend won't be able to come back home this summer due to some problems she's having. It makes me sad, i really wanted to see her again, but i can understand what all she's going through. I wish i could go and give her a great big hug, but that requires money i don't have. I hope the e-cards i send her make her think of me.

Working a lot again, as always. Today i have do work 6 hours without a lunch. Now, the law states that if you work 6 hours or more, you get a lunch, and one 15 min break. Did i get either? nope. But at least it wasn't that bad. John was working in the deli, and Chris was working in the kitchen, so they made work interesting. That, and since our friendly night crew scrubbed up the floor really good, i didn't have to mop it. Yay! I hate mopping.

Other then that, i've been hanging out a lot lately. Recent events include: going to lunch almost every day (my checkbook is really suffering), going cosmic bowling with friends, and other activites which happen usually on a nightly basis, or at least on the weekends. Yeah, life's been a little hetic.

But, anyways, I drew a picture, so i'd appriate it if you went and looked at it, commented, and tell me what you think of it. It's another character from my novel. And I think i like the way this one came out. I hope you enjoy it too. Take care everyone, and have an awesome Wensday!!!

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Sunday, May 15, 2005

It's Over!
Well, it is now offical. River Fest is over. The night ended with a big bang as our sympthony orchastra played songs from america's history, ending, as always, with the 1812 overture, with cannons booming at the end. Then after a couple of mins of set up, the fireworks started. Good ol' 25 mins of firey goodness. I got to spend the night with my other family, wrapped up in a sleeping bag with one of my little brothers. We had fun commenting about the shapes the fireworks made and such. It was a lot of fun. Even though i had to walk 4 blocks to get to the actual thing.

Well, work stinked today. I had to stand at a table asking customers "Would you like to sample one of our M and M cookies today?" *shoots self* It was terrible and soo boring. At least it's over. Tomarrow is a day off so at least i get to sleep in. I get to go out with Katie tomarrow too! Yay!

I hope you all have a great night!!!

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Thursday, May 12, 2005

   It's finally over!!
Well all, i'm sure you've missed me for the past couple of weeks. I'm sorry i hadn't been able to post, mostly because of school, but i'm pleased to report that I am done! That's right! I am now a sophmore in college! Yay!! I have survived my freshman year. I don't know my grades yet, but i'm prettty sure they are mostly "A"s. This week i'm going to type up my application for the program, so let's pray that i get accepted.

All this week has been River Fest, but i haven't really been able to do much. I did go to the opening parade and fireworks last weekend. They where pretty good. It saddened me when we could only walk so far down the river due to the construction of the stupid sports center that is suppost to be the highlight of the riverwalk we're building. I'm not going to complain too much, but i think our city wastes our tax dollars on stupid stuff when we could be using it to help our schools.

My friends are finally coming home from school themselves, so i'll be able to hang out with them again. I've missed them so much!

Well, i'm off to get my books rounded up so i can sell them back tomarrow. You all have a great weekend ahead!!

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