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Sunday, August 29, 2004

You ever have that feeling where you're frustrated to the point of tears?
Hey everyone! Orientation was great! And no, SG, we didn't have a campus tour or anything like that. This is what we did:
It started off at check in, where, yes Niko, you where right, there where already a lot of people there. (That and the fact that I kinda took a little longer getting ready ^__^). So, I sign in, and then I see a couple of people from my high school, who I sort of knew, and I talked with them until it started. From there, we had the President, Vice President, Dean of Students, Chaplin, and a couple of teachers welcome us to the school. They all gave really funny talks. All of the teachers seem so nice, and the one history professor was really funny. From there, our T and T (Tradidtions and transitions) student teachers got up and did a skit, which was really funny. Then we split up into our T and T groups. (These groups are based on what your major is. Everyone in your group has a related major). In case you didn't know or where wondering, my major is radiology. Okay, so while we where walking to where we where going to meet, I started talking to this girl next to me, and she was really nice! We kinda did stuff together today, and I hope i have her in another of my classes and we can get to know each other better. Inner Nami: Yay!! I might have made a new friend!!! I felt kinda sorry for Hector, cuz he was the only guy in our class. (there where suppost to be two others but they wheren't there). While in our little group, we played a "get to know each other game", and then we tried to do the human knot. We had to give up since it was time for lunch. Then, we walked back to the Atrium, grabbed our sack lunches, and then walked to the lake, and ate in the Gazebo. There was a really nice wind coming off the lake, so it was a really nice lunch. After that, we played a game of telephone while passing on Catologs for the 04-05 year to each other. It was fun. Oh, all of this was just the students, the parents where somewhere else. After the lunch, we met back up with the parents, and then it was time to go.

So yeah, as you can see, I had a great day.....up to that point that is.

Work was terrible, and as my subject says, I got so damn frustrated I was about to cry. That and I'm a girl and like all girls some parts of the month just aren't for us. That might have had something to do with the emotions. I don't want to go into detail, cuz frankly I just want to forget everything that happened tonight. I'm just going to remember the morning stuff, and call it a day. I think we'll save this rant about work for another day, that is if you even want to hear it.

Have a great Sunday everyone! sorry i didn't get to most of your sites. I should have a little free time today before I have to go back to work in the evening. Take care! *hugs everyone*

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Saturday, August 28, 2004

Encounters of the cookie kind.
Hey everyone!! How was your day? Mine was okay, i guess. Let's see here, what did I do> *looks at subject* oh yeah....

So today I had to work another 9(8 hour with 1 hour lunch) shift. It was okay for the most part. I get there and I see Lisa, Nola, Tina and my manager. I was happy to see the first three, cuz they are fun to work with, but not that latter. Well today my jobs encluded frozen AND pan up, so I went to the freezer to basically get away from my manager. She made a frozen list for me, even though I am highly capable of doing it myself, and then she wrote down to many things, so I had to move some stuff around so it would fit. After I finished all that, I did my screen up in the freezer, and when I got out, I was so cold. Oh! And when Tina was leaving, she shut the door to the freezer, so I was in complete darkness. It freeked me out! But she opened it, and was laughing. I was still shaking a couple of minutes after that, wheather it be from the cold or from that, I still don't know. Then I had to pan up 8 19 rack trays of cookies. (meaning there where eight of the things in all, and each one had 19 racks on it. 18 cookies go on one rack). Why so many? Cuz someone didn't do the pan up yesterday. So then I baked 4 of those racks, and then I had to package all of them. Then by that time it was time to do my evening activites and I barely finished on time once again. Oh, and I had to also take some stupid test again. It was so easy, I almost feel asleep again. it was so stupid too! someone needs to work on their animation skills, and get some better clip-art. gez....

So tomarrow is my orientation day. I'm slightly nervous about it all. Esp. since mom says we're leaving at 8:30, when check-in doesn't start till 9:15...I mean come on...it only takes about 10 mins tops to get there! I HATE being the first person somewhere. So yeah...there's suppost to be a dinner at 5, but I have to work which really stinks. Anyways, I'll tell you how all that goes tomarrow. Wish me luck guys!

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Friday, August 27, 2004

I'm on a sugar high, and now I'm inspired?? WTF???
Well, I had another good day at work, I only had to work for three hours which made a nice change. And that's all the work related stuff I'm going to talk about today.

I woke up, and since we have no food in our house, I called grandma, and went over to her house for lunch. Lunch was very good: turkey, chicken, and cheese sandwhich, pringles, and cookies with frosting! then me and grandma did a bit of shopping, mostly we went to the K-mart on her side of town. It was then that all these things started coming back to me from my memory. We where on the south/southeast side of town, where my family used to live in our mobile home. There was this store called "Checkers" that we always used to go to since it was close to home. Checkers was across the street from the K-Mart we went too. Checkers is like this grocery store, and we didn't have a Dillion's over on that side of town at the time, so that's where we went. I remember, they always had this drawing contest/coloring contest, and I won it once! It was awesome. That was such a fun store. And then I found myself thinking about Bret. Why was I thinking about Bret? He probably doesn't even remember me, although since his mom and my mom where friends, I got his senior picture, and I gave him mine. But still, do you think he would remember all those times I went over to his house to play video games with him? Or how we always used to play "Splat" until mom would drag me away? Probably not, which is really sad, cuz I cherished those times we spent together. *sighs*

And here's another question....what ever happened to All-Sport? You know, the sports drink that never was a sports drink because it had too much sugar in it? It was kinda like gatorade, only BETTER, cuz it had more SUGAR!!

oh, and the reason for my subject...I was drinking Kool-Aide again. *gets yelled at*, and it somehow like inspired me to work on my story. Why? I don't know, but I just took a whole bunch of notes on the whole plot situation. Have a greet weekend everyone! Cheers! *takes another glup of Kool-aide*

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Thursday, August 26, 2004

Not everything is working out the way it's suppost to.
That saying is apart of my screename right now. I don't know why, but it seems apporipraite. maybe I've just been watching too much Gundam SEED lately. *shrugs*

Today was another good day on my side of the word. I had to wake up earlier then I wanted to though, in order to make it to work by 10, but I think I got enough sleep. It had just started to rain as soon as I jumped in my car, but I was listening to my D. N. Angel Vocal Collection CD, so it seemed to kinda drown out the noise. ^_^. I went to clock in and met Lisa who was on her lunch. (Lisa is one of my favorite co-workers. She's really nice and loud, and fun!). then I went to the department and saw Tina (the new girl). I was kinda happy to see her, since it'd meant that I'd have someone fun to talk to while working. All in all work went pretty well today. And well, I got my wish, my manager has been reported by someone in our department. I just hope something happens now, and she'll actually do her work for a change.

We got some inventory in today, and for some reason she bought this wierd thing that's called a Donut Drizzler, that's basically this cirlce thing with spikes coming out of it. it's suppost to "help the glaze get on the doughnuts evenly". whatever, Tina expressed my opinion when she said it was a waste of money. and then said "Well, if it's not your own money...." I couldn't help but laugh to myself. Me and Tina rearranged the freezer, which needed it badly. It looks pretty sharp now, and you can actually move in it! Yay!!

After work, me and mom went to the bank, i got a cashier's check, and then went to my college to pay off school. I have a zero balance now! w00t! I also got my parking permit. I'm pretty much all set now! I'm getting kinda anxious though, but I'm sure it will be tons of fun!

I'm sorry all I've been posting about is work lately. I know you guys are getting tired of it. I'm sorry, but that's all I've been doing lately. I promise that once college starts I'll have more interesting things to post about. *hugs everyone* Have a great night and take care! thanks again for reading!

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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Thanks for all your comments again guys. I'm glad you liked my story Chie-san! if you have any questions that I might be able to give answers to without giving away the story, if if you just want me to explain some things, I'll be happy to help! That goes for the rest of you too!

Today was, well, actually, it was a good day at work. I finished all of my stuff way before time, so I basically just stood and read the paper. I even took a break today since I was bored. Like I said before, I do my job well, and I do it fast. The only really bad thing was that I had a ton of frozen to pull, but I got Tina to put it away, and I did her pan up for her as an exchange. All in all, it was a pretty good day.

Guess what everyone!! The Naucisaa of the Valley of teh Wind movie comes out at the end of this month! I'm sooo excitied! This is one great manga series, and I can't wait to see it on DVD. They say Patrick Stewart's a voice in it, which I find kinda funny. I would think he'd be Milo, or whatever the name of the guy with the mustache who rode on the mehv with her was. I don't think he could be Yupa. That would be kinda wierd.

Well, I'm off to bed again, tomarrow work from 10-3, then have to pay off college fees. There goes my savings account. Oh well. Take care everyone!!!

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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

I detest my manager.
I've come to the conclusion that yes, my manager doesn't do anything at work. But we'll get to that part later in the post.

Sunday: I had a great day off! I slept in as late as I could, which wasn't really that long, and then headed to work at the library. There, I read some more of "The Count of Monte Christo", and got to talk with one of my old high school teachers. He was one of my favorites, really nice. After that, I came home, ate some hamburgers and french fries for lunch, and got on my computer and read a bit of "Ranma". After that, I went to my grandma's house where I requested steak for supper. While waiting for the steak to cook, I sat out on the patio furniture, with the chimenia on, and read some more "Count". After that, we ate, and me and grandma made some frosting. There, I indulged myself in the frosting/cookie goodness, only eating two. Then, I played the piano. I think my fingers are finllly learning where they are on the keys cuz I don't have to look at them anymore. I just read the music. (and this is sightreading too). After that, I came home, took mom to Wal-Mart, returned my hanging folders that didn't fit my drawer, and got ones that did. Then I came home, and organized my drawer. You should see how neat it is now! All my college letters and stuff are together! then, I watched some episodes of GSEED, in which my little hunch came true. Man, this show gets really sad as it goes on. Poor Milly.

Monday: Well, I finally got to sleep in. Although I woke up around 10 since my body was now used to waking up early. Then, I read some more Ranma, watched a few more GSEED, and then had to get ready for work. I got there, only to see that there where a lot of racks sitting behind the little counter. yeap, that's right, none of the afternoon stuff was done. Why? one word. Manager. She doesn't do anything! She claimed she was at a meeting all afternoon. Come on! It doesn't take 4 hours for a meeting! So, I had a lot of extra stuff to do tonight, not to mention the girl didn't pan up the cookies yesterday, so she hurridly did them before she left. I had to bake them, only the oven was really messed up today. I would put the rack in there, and then it would get stuck! I finally just shoved the stupid thing in there cuz I was pissed, and they where finally done. So then I packaged those, and by that time I was late doing my nightly chores. Luckily i'm getting fast at doing that, so I finished ontime somehow. I swear whoever's been closing hasn't been cleaning the glass right....it has water marks all up and down it. It was sick. So i had to clean up that mess. Tomarrow I work 12-9, so at least I now something will get done, why? cuz I'm doing it. And my manager isn't going to be there! w00t!

Anyways, did everyone enjoy the new addition to the story? It's really starting to get going from here on out, at least to the end of the first book. If you missed it, here's the link again. Just go to chapter, and choose which one you want from there. Tell me what you think after you get done, okay?

The Twists of Fate

Take care everyone! Don't worry about me, I'm doing okay.

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Sunday, August 22, 2004

We're standing on unfamilair ground.
well....once again i missed visiting everyone, but since you guys keep telling me to stop apologizing, I won't this time, even though I am thinking it. We're going to say that Nami's weekend really sucked. And now, the reasons why:

So, Thursday, I had to work from 8-5 as already mentioned in a previous post. Well, that day I took an order for 60 doz. cookies. At that time, i clearly remember thinking "Man, i feel sorry for the person who has to pan these up." heh heh....

Friday: So i once again had to work from 8-5, getting hardly any sleep the before mentioned night. It was terrible. I had to pan up, and guess how much I had to do? yeap, that's right, I had to do thrusday's order of 60 doz, not to mention our 2 racks of chocoloate chip, and 2 racks variety that we do every day. Then I had to screen up the doughnuts, and do some cleaning. On top of my morning duties. Then, after writting on a chibi cake that I was giving to Katie later in the evening, I went home and had to do some housely chores. Then after Katie called, I went to her house to say goodbye to her, and give her her cake. There we watched "Quest for Camolot." After that, I put Mark in bed, and would have do the same for Paul if it wasn't for the fact that he's pretty heavy and my back couldn't take the strain.

Saturday: WARNING, THIS ONE CONTAINS A RANT! So once again, I worked from 8-5, and I relized why nothing really gets done if my manager is the only one working. Why? CUZ SHE DOESN"T DO ANYTHING!!! Okay, I admit that I'm a procrastinator. I like to wait to the last minute to do things. However, this aspect of myself only applies to school, and home life. I take my job seriously. I do my job good and I do it well. It pisses the hell out of me when I'm standing there, packing all this shit, and my mangager is just gossiping away with the Sara-lee bread man. That's all she does! Gossip! With her bread for making the garlic bread, sitting there. She said she'd do it at 10 a.m., I left at 5 and it still wasn't done. The only thing she even remotely does is put out the bread! And on top of that, we got a new girl in the department who used to work there, but oppenly admits to getting kicked out! "Oh I used to work in the bakery, but then I was kicked out, so then I worked in scanning, but I was kicked out of there, and sent back here." GREAT FUN. And then, another thing that pisses me off, why can't people use thier friggen eyes! HellO!!! The friggen bread is RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU!!! This is an example of something that happened today:
Lady: "Excuse me, ma'am. Can you tell me where I can find the pita bread."
Nami: *takes two tiny steps to the right and points about one inch or so in front of her* "It's right here."
Lady: "Oh, I must have just glanced over it! I was looking right here!"
Inner Nami: "No friggen shit sherlock! How bout you open your eyes!!"
Nami: *walks away*.
Yeah, so then I had to package my special order cookies I panned up yesterday, on top of pannging up the days cookies, doing frozen, and the other junk.

Don't get my wrong! I don't hate my job, I'm only starting to hate my manager. Everyone else works really hard, just as hard as I do. *waves angry fist at manager*

Well, today/Sunday, is my day off. You would think that I'd be able to sleep in, but no. It's that sunday of the month when I have to work the library bright and early in the morning. *sighs* My legs almost gave way underneath me today, it was actually sort of scary. LIke losing the feeling from the knee-caps down. Luckily there was a shelf next to me I could hold on to.

Well, I promised you guys a new chapter to my novel, and though it be a day late, here it be. The new chapter is actually four. (I thought we had gotten farther then that). If you've forgotten what's going on, don't be afraid to go back to chapter one and start over. If in fact I'm losing my mind, and you've already read chapter four, please tell me and I'll make chapter five accessible. It's up, just no link to it yet. Take care everyone! Now to watch another episode of Gundam SEED before I head to bed.


please excuse the music.

[EDIT] Thanks to some help from my friends, I'm not as pissed off as I was earlier. Thanks you guys. Also, listening to some X-Japan songs helped. ^_^. I love thier song "Tears" and "Alive". They are an awesome group! Go check them out!
P.S. Does anyone know where I can download "Rave"/"Rave Master"? I really like this series, not only the manga, but the few episodes I've seen of the series as well. Take care all!

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Friday, August 20, 2004

One man's justice is another man's evil.
I love that quote. Sorry I didn't get to anyone's sites yesterday or even post. I am so tired right now I think I might drop. Well, here's what I did the other day:

Wensday: I had to work from 10-3, boy was that a chore. I had to package all the morning stuff, then I had to run the bread, and then I had to make garlic bread. All of that going without a break. *sighs*. So then I came home, ate some lunch, and then waiting around until Katie got off work. Then we went to Braum's for supper, and then headed towards Wal-Mart to go school supply shopping. It was a mad-house, needless to say. They didn't have my mechinical pencils, which made me mad. But they had a good deal on CD-R's which sort of made up for it. We spent awhile at wal-mart, and then I went over to Katie's house to make a back-up CD for her computer. The computer made things easy for us, since it already had a thing ready to make one! So we played Dutch Blitz until it finished. Then, I came home, and called Lyndsey, but she was talking to someone else and sayed she'd call back tonight. I just hope it's not too late....

Thursday: Well, I had to wake up at 7 a.m., since I had to go to work at 8 a.m., which really sucked since I was up till about 1 a.m. last night. Work was really long, the day seemed to take FOREVER!! I had to package the morning goods, package the breads, package the struddel things, and bow ties, slice the bread, package that bread that was sliced, but then it was time for lunch (it takes a while to do this guys). After lunch, I came back and did frozen, then had to make garlic bread (30 loaves), and then had to package the PS cookies, and the pies that where baked. I left the cookies for the night person since that was their job anyways. Oh, and I had to run the bread about 3 times cuz we kept selling out. So needless to say, I'm exhausted. I'm about ready to fall asleep right now. And here's the thing, I have to do it all again Friday, and the same thing of Saturday also, only you have to add that I'm suppost to pan up the cookies both days.

Oh, I almost forgot! I got another mystery shopper a day ago, and I got another 100%. Now I'm entered in for a trip to Hawaii. They have yet to draw for the mustang, so keep your fingers crossed for me. Also, I had to take this stupid stupid test about SHRINK (which is what our store calls interal theft/external theft/procedual errors). I almost fell asleep.

It was really overcast when I woke up this morning, I thought I was waking up to early. Then it rained most of the morning, and into the afternoon. Oh yes, getting wet, and then going into the freezer for about an hour is Always a good thing. >_<.

If I don't get a chance to visit all your sites I'm sorry. CME, I'm PMing you the site. demonboy, you're in. Just give me time to get a new PSP since my trial expired and I'll add you.

I'm starting something new. It's called Nami-chan presents: "The Friend of the Day!". Each day I will present a new friend which I would like you all to go and visit because they are what keep me here, and posting away. If it wasn't for them, I don't know what I'd do. So without further ado...our first friend is....

Artemis!!!. Artemis, also called Art-chan *winks*, and Katie-chan by me, is my bestest friend in the world. We've been best friends since around Sophmore year, but it seems a lot longer then that. I don't know what I'd do without her. I definately wouldn't have passed Physics, that's for sure. ^_^. She's one of the nicest, sweetest people I know. She's always there to stick up for you, and there to comfort you when you're feeling down. Sure, she's not all that good with computers *winks* but she's got me to help her. ^_^. So now, please go visit her! And tell her I sent you!

Well, I promise I'll get chapter five of my novel up tomarrow (Hopefully) *crosses fingers*. I'm sorry that my new sign looks pretty shitty, you'll have to give me time to get my PSP back. And in case you didn't know, me and Katie-chan have started a D. N. Angel fan club. The requirements are that you have had to watch the series, or read the manga to join. You can be a character from the show if it's not already taken. I'm Daisuke, (as shown above), and Katie-chan is Satoshi. If you go to her site, she's got a list up.

Thanks for reading everyone! Have a great weekend!! *hugs everyone*

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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

People can piss me off.
Wow, today at work really stunk. Once again, I was left doing someone else's job. It was like no one came in during the afternoon, so I had to do the afternoon stuff, and my evening stuff. Needless to say, I was lucky to get out on time.

I think Chris was the PIC today, (person who goes around store to make sure everyhing looks okay), because he keep coming round my department, which I of course didn't have a problem with. We waved to each other every time he walked by. And then it seems we got a new guy in the deli, who I think is very cute *winks*, and even iniated a conversation with me while we where taking back our trash! *blushes*. I had to explain to him what the box compactor was and how it worked.

After work, I got some McD's for supper, and headed to Katie's house where they had a movie night, but I never saw the movie. We played a card game upstairs, and I helped mom with the computer again. It looks like it might finally be fixed, at least for now, it seems to be running faster anyways. Tpmarrow after work I think we're going to go school supply shopping, and then I'm going to help her make a restore disk for her computer, (hopefully).

Now, for the long awaited Duo's review of "Rave Master: Vol. 1":

Description from back of book: "16 year old Haru Glory had never left the cozy confines of Garage Island. He likes fishing and eating snowcones on the beach-not exactly the lifestyle of a hero-in-the-making. Meanwhile, in the wider world, the evil society Demon Card is threatening civilazation as we know it. When they come to Garage Island, unleash the destructive power of the Dark Bring, and start messing with his friends, Haru is forced into action. With the help of a transforming sword, and his magical guid Plue, Haru sets out on the most harrowing quest of his young life; to find the five missing RAVE stones-which hold the key to victory over the Dark Bring-and to kick some majoy Demon Card butt."

The storyline is basically as the descpirtion says. Haru lives on Garage Island with his older sister, Cattleya. They live in a house that has this huge sun thing on it named Nakajima. Basically, Haru meets this guy named Shiba, that was the rave master, but now Haru is the new rave master. His quest: to find the missing Rave Stones of course! And keep the Demon Card from taking over the world.

I liked the character designs in this series. It was funny as well. Haru's favorite saying is "Oh snap!". (this comic is rating 7+ fyi.) If you've seen the anime on CN, you'll find its a pretty good read, and show. (Of course, I get my copies from the library so I don't have to buy them ^_^), i think this series has about 12 books so far....or maybe that's all there is. *shrugs* i'll look that up for you guys. Now, for a nice pic, and now I'm off to bed. Have to work at 10 a.m. today! Night all! *hugs everyone*

Cover scan of the first book.

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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

It's time to make the rent payment!
Hehe, I hope you liked that one Katie-chan! Thanks for all your comments again guys, it's glad to see that mostly everyone's family reunions are kinda boring and dull. Seeing family members you haven't seen in a long time is always a good plus though.

Since today was my day off, I woke up sort of late. I woke up at ten, why? Cuz we where having this huge thunderstorm! It lasted pretty much all day too! It finally finished around 2 or so, and then I went over to Katie-chan's house. There, we watched the final episodes of Nadesico, made supper, ate it, helped mom with the computer (well, I'm the one who helped her ^_^), and then we just decided we needed to get out of the house, so we drove around town, listening to Daft Punk as we went. We went to Barnes and Nobels, all the way on the east side of town, and there Katie got Tsubasa. YAY!!! (I've converted another Chie-san!). Then after that, we went to Dairy Queen, where I had an oreo and ch. chip cookie dough blizzard, and Katie had this mocholatte thing. It was really good!

Now to answer some questions:
1. Yes, my avi does look like Li from Cardcaptors because it is the same person. (rant)If you are watching Cardcaptors, I emplore you, please, step away from the television, turn around, and go buy Card Captor Sakura, the real and uncut version! Cardcaptors was such a shitty edit of that show, it makes me sad. Why would you want to show the episodes out of order? Really??? (/rant)
2. I've had some people ask me about crazy chinese man. well, since I don't want to make you all go back and look, crazy chinese man is this old guy who works in the chinese kitchen at my job. I, working in the bakery, work in the part right next to the chinese kitchen. And well, he's just rather creepy, and he keeps hitting on me, saying "looks like your havin fun today", and then he gives me this wierd smile.
3. Chris. Chris is one of my brother's friends who also works at my place. As mentioned yesterday, he saved me from the crazy chinese guy. He's really nice, and really looks like a big teddy bear!

Let's see, I think that about does it. Umm, today I have to work in the evening, and I think mom is going to make me go shopping tomarrow afternoon. If it was for some manga or something, I wouldn't mind going, but I hate clothes shopping. I think I'll update my story site here in a couple of days so you guys can read the next chapter. And tomarrow, if I have time, I'll give you my review of "Rave Master: Vol. 1". Night all! Have a great Tuesday!

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