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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Welcome to the Laputa: Castle in the Sky Theme!
Well, everyone, as i'm sure you can tell, i've changed my theme. This time it's Laputa! If you haven't seen this movie, i highly suggest you do. It's so good! The music is just awesome, and really adds to the effect of the story! Also, new changes include: more buttons on button page, and our new FMA fan club animation!!!

Well, what have i been up to these last couple of weeks? School and work as always. It's one week till finals week, so things are starting to pick up in pace, and in pressure. I have a research paper that's due next week, i still have to build my set design, not to mention these last tests we have before finals even start. All and all, it's getting pretty stressfull. But i think i can make it. I know i can make it.

Later this week, i have to work (obviously), and i have a b-day party to go to that could possibly be another late nighter. I'm hoping to get all my research done tomarrow, so that way my weekend will be open, and i won't have to worry about it that much.

Well, i'm off to do some more research. I hope everyone likes the new theme!! Have a great rest of the week everyone!!!

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