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Sunday, September 19, 2004

Thank Goodness it's Sunday!!!!
Hey everyone!!! I hope that everyone had an awesome weekend, or is having an awesome weekend I should say. Finally a day off! I've been waiting for this day all week. Seriously!

I wanted to thank everyone for their good lucks on my Old Testament quiz/test thing. It was really really easy. I'm pretty sure I only missed one or two. I'm pretty sure I got the date of the Babayloain (sp?) exile. (Stupid Babayloians. Why did you have to kick my ancestors out of Caanan?) Anyways, friday was a pretty cool day. I got to spend the afternoon at my Grandparents house again, which always gets me in good spirits.

I've decided to officially withdrawl from my computer class. It's just way to easy for me. I already talked to the teacher for the Web Design class, and he said with my experience he'd wave the pre-req. I wish he would have told me that sooner. And upon further thinking, I came to ask myself, "Why do I want to take this class anyways? My major is Radiology. This is like the opposite spectrum here. I still have to get my pre-reqs just to sign up for the rad-tech class. Not to mention the fact that I have to minor in theatre thanks to my scholarship." I think I need an eye opener, that tells me to stop wasting my time, and money for that matter.

Monday I have a huge Anatomy test, so wish me the best of luck on that guys! I'll do my best, you can count on that!

I didn't end up going to the fair today. Instead I went to Newton, a small town not to far from my hometown. Me and Ann went shopping, and I found this book I had really wanted for awhile now. I was super-upper happy! ^.^ Today was also my last day of work for the week. Finally, my days of working every day is over. Now I only have to work three days this upcoming week. Which is good, cuz I should really study more then I do.

Chie-san.....RAVE KICKS BUTT!!! I love it! ^__^.

And now, this is the part where Nami-chan asks for help. I've been wanting to make a new theme on my site, but I need to get some stuff out of the way first hand. I don't have a PSP program any more and I don't have the time to do it either, so.... If any of you would like to help me out, I would really appriate it. Here's what I need:
1. My FMA fan club sign fixed. (We need to add demonboy to the club! (see, I haven't forgot about you!)
2. Ryu's new banner needs to go up after the club sign (something i can do). Oh yeah! If you want a new FMA club banner, Ryu/rain shower, has got one of the new one's she made up on her site. Go check it out until I get this one up!
3. I want to put all the buttons up on the side bar. I still need to put on Evil's and BWs. Anyone else who isn't up there, and feels they should be, please let me know.
4. I would like to make a sign saying all the D. N. Angel fan club memebers. I need to check with Katie for our complete list.

If you would like to help out with any of these, not only will I love you dearly, but I'll try to do something in return. Nami always keeps her promises. If you'd like to, just PM me, and I'll explain more what I would like. You guys are awesome.

Anyways, I need to go to bed soon, so I can go to mass tomarrow, and start my studying. Take care everyone!! You guys are the best!! *hugs everyone and passes around cakes decorated by Nami*

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Thursday, September 16, 2004

Nami-chan's very busy day.
Hey all. I think that most of my posts lately have "busy" in the subject. But I can't really help the fact that I am.

I've been going to school, and then working every night this week. Today for example, I went to school from 8-2, it was actually a pretty fun day. Then I only had an hour to relax before I went to work from 4-9. After that, I ate supper, and then Ann and I went shopping the rest of the night. We just got back not to long ago, around midnight.

Tomarrow there is going to be a meeting about studying abroad in England. It sounds interesting, so I'm going to go check it out. Also, I'm going to see if there's a way I can test out of my computer class. It is way way to easy for me. I also need to talk to my counsler about some other stuff as well. About enrolling in the actual Rad-tech program and such.

Friday I have a really big quiz/test thing so wish me luck! Also, other then working a bunch, I plan on going to the State Fair with Ann. Yay!! Although I really wanted to see the John Micheal Montgomery concert, I'm afraid I can't afford it. Maybe I can stand outside the gates and just listen to him sing. Gosh I love him. *cries at not being able to go*

Haha, I remember this one time, I played one of those little games they have in the street and stuff, and the prize was little screen cells. Like animation cells. And I won, and since there was nothing really good, I got a Pocohaunts (spelled that way wrong) screen cap thing. I still have it actually. Maybe it's worth some money by now.

So today's question....do you have any fun fair stories? I'm sure I could think up another one if I thought about it, but now it's time for bed! Take care everyone!!!

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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

A during the day post....this is different.
Hey everyone! I'm a college right now, or on campus I should say. I just had another quiz for anatomy, and got another 100%. Yay! go me!! It was really easy. We almost didn't have class because the teacher was 9 mins late. It says in the handbook that if the teacher is more then 10 mins late, class is cancelled. I really didn't want that to happen, cuz then there would have been no point to me waking up so darn early. Now, it's 9:30 am, and my next class isn't till 10:50 am, so I've got some time to waste. I really don't know what I should do. I think I might go work on my anatomy stuff or something. *shrugs*

Yesterday, was kinda a terrible day. I had class from 8 to 2, all of them where really really boring. After school, i went to get gas, went to McD's to get some lunch, and then came home. I feel asleep as soon as I sat down on my bed after I ate. Luckily mom came home from work and woke me up in time for me to go to work. Once I got there.....oh it was terrible. Once again it was like nothing had gotten done. I had to do pan-up, which is the afternoon person's job, and since I'm the only one there, my department sort of got in trouble since there was no one helping people because you have to do pan-up in the freezer. Soo, it's just kinda bad when they have to say "Guest Assistence needed in bakery". Luckily my assistant manager was the head person at the time, and she helped me out a bit by just watching the department. She then left a note saying that the afternoon person didn't do their job, so they got in trouble. Serves him right though. I shouldn't have to do that. So then, I had to package the cookies, and by that time, i had just made it in time to start cleaning the doughnut case. Everything after that went pretty well. I came home, and ate some supper, watched the new FMA, watched an episode of "Rave". (Yeah!! Haru found the second rave!!!) and then went to bed, even though it was pretty early by my standards. And that's what's been happening.

Today I'm going to go to the library after school, and get the rest of the Eva disks so i can finish re-watching the series.(Yay!! I get to see Kaoru!!!!) And then I have to make supper for my family also. I'm planning on taking another nap when I get home. I really need it.

hehe, you guys came up with some fun words yesterday. I guess I should have explained better. Denotation is the dictonary meaning of the word. Conotation is like how it's used today. But I knew what you all meant. *giggles*

And now today's question: If you could be one character from your favorite show, who would you be and why? I think we all know Duo's answer to this question. *giggles* Bye bye all! take care, and have a great tuesday!

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Sunday, September 12, 2004

   Can I ever get a break?
Nihao everyone!!! How's it going? I hope that everyone had an awesome week, and is having a good weekend. heh, I'm getting bad, it's been a week since I last updated.

Things I have done over the course of this week:
1. go to school (obviously)
2. Work (28 hours worth)
3. Hang out with Ann. (we usually end up watching a couple of episodes of D. N. Angel. One time we went to the mall. And one time we watched 6 episodes in a row.)
4. Saw Vanity Fair. (pretty interesting movie. I wouldn't go see it again however. it doesn't have a point in my opinion.)
5. Made a car payment (goodbye over $200 of my hard earned money. goodbye.)
6. Watch Eva. (okay, so my library has all the Eva disks in, but I could only get 4 at a time. Now the only ones I haven't rewatched yet are the first and last two disks.)
7. Watched Rave/Rave Master. (hehehe, I enjoy this show so much! It's great!)
8. Drove all the way to the very very east side of town and back. got to use the cruise control on my car.)
9. Spent time with my other family. (I think I talked about that in my last post. I made supper for them, read a book to Mark, and so on, so forth.)
10. Missed the school play auditions due to work. (oh well, I would rather be on the tech crew then actually on stage.
11. We had a savenger hunt for our T and T class. It was interesting. I guess it pays going to the library (3rd floor of our main building) every day to just study. At least I don't have very much homework when I get home.

And yeah, I think that about sums it up. This week I have to work every night except Tuesday, have some major quiz thing on Friday, and try to at least have some what of a life other then school and work. I have to work from 9-6 again tomarrow. (i also did a 9-6 shift today).

I hope that everyone has a great week! take care everyone!!

P.S. To give this post a little bit more of a point, I shall ask a question. This is something we had to do in Speech class. Name a word that's denotation and conotation are different. Ex. "sweet". Denotation- something nice tasting/sugary/applealing to the senses. Conotation- cool, awesome, in a sentance = "Dude, that guys ride is sweet!".

Now it's your turn. please give both definitions if you know. Or just put the word and use it in a sentance, and I'll know what you mean. The person with a word I don't know already wins a prize!

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Wednesday, September 8, 2004

Nami-chan says: "Think Physics!"
Hello all! Woah..it's been one hell of a busy weekend, please excuse my french. Let's see. I think we left of on Monday.....

Monday I worked from 12-9. At least I got to sleep in a tad bit. Work was actually pretty boring for once. I finished everything that really needed to be done by the time i went to lunch. So after lunch, I really had nothing to do. Ann came and visited me so we talked for a bit. that was fun. After work, I took some notes for Oral Communications, and by that time it was time for bed.

Tuesday. Ha! I woke up late, and had to rush this morning. I just barely made it to class on time. Lab was really boring but i got a 100 on my quiz over the bones of the skull! Go me! After that, I spent an hour taking more Oral Communications notes, and then went to OC class. It was okay. I got to talk to Zach again, so that's always fun. I went to g-ma's house for lunch, we washed my car, and I played a video game with my Uncle. Then I came home, called my "other family", to check up on them, did some homework, and then spent over an hour and a half on the phone with an while watching Eva. Then I had to clean the bathroom, and do some more homework. Now, I'm going to go to bed so I won't be late for class tomarrow! take care everyone!!!

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Monday, September 6, 2004

   Nami-chan's very busy weekend.

Hello all! Wow, it's been a couple of days since I've updated. I've been so busy it's not even funny. Let's see how the weekend went, shall we?

Friday: w00t! It's finally friday! And I only had three class (well, two actually since in one our teacher wasn't there.) So I woke up, went to 8 am class. spent an hour in "The Hanger" (basically our study area with lots of computers), and worked on my assingment I got in my 8 am class. Then I went to my 10 am class (Old Testament) where we where talking about the tribes of Jacob/Israel. *slams head against desk*. I know I know, this is probably new for a lot of people, but I just want to fall asleep. And then, I headed for home after that class, since my computer class was cancelled. I got home, only to find my garage door opener wouldn't work. And since that's my only way into my house. I called around my family. No on was home, so I finally just gave up on calling, and drove to my aunts house. There, I gave my opener to my uncle. He drove home and he got it to work. So then, I come home too. The reason why the garage door didn't open for me, was the fact that the power went off in our house while I was at school. It came back on by the time Uncle came over. So, I ate a little something, then had to work from 1-9.

Saturday. Had to work from 8-5. Yeah, I didn't get very much sleep last night. Went to mass at 7, and then tried to do some homework. It stinks cuz I have an assingment in Word 2003, but I only have Word Perfect on my computer, so I have to convert everything. Needless to say, it took awhile. On my lunch break, I got an Eva disk from the library. Luckily enough for me, it had my favorite episode on it. You know...I don't remember this series being so...what's the word..."dirty".

Sunday: Had to work from 8-5 again. I hate doing other people's jobs. I had to make a bunch of garlic bread today, which did not make me happy. But at least I got to work for 4 hours by myself with no manager or anyone else around. Yay! After that, I came home, and then spent the evening playing with my little cousins. wow, if I wasn't tired before, I surely am now.

Tomarrow: I have to work from 12-9. Then I have to do something with Ann, call Lyndsey back since she couldn't talk today, and get at least the homework I have for my Tuesday classes done. *sighs* can't I just take a break from it all?

P.S. Oh yeah! I got the new Tsubasa manga!! (I know, I'm such a bad girl). All I can say is that, I love the guys even more!!! I do have a feeling that this is going to turn into an expensive undertaking though. Good thing my b-day and christmas are headed our way! And also, some lady came into work today asking if we sold any CDs. Come on people!!! *shakes head*

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Friday, September 3, 2004

Well, today was an interesting day. I had oral communications class this morning, and well pretty much blotched my speach. I went up there, and completely forgot what I was going to say. After that, we had a Freshman Mass, and after that we had a community picnic. The food was pretty good, but I think I ate to much. After that, I had my T and T class, which we really didn't do anything. After that, I came home, and had to go to work. Yes, I know I lead an exciting life.

Yesterday, after school, me and Ann went shopping, well, I wasn't really shopping for anything, we where just sort of hanging out. Well, I found this really cool ring, that has the astronomical sign for Sagitaris, and the word Sagitaris on it, and it was only 20 cents, so I got it. I really like it! I think it's cute. Oh, and I also got these fun class which when I wear them, make me look "nerdy" according to Ann. They where only 20 cents too, so I got them. And that's all I bought.

I had to buy my car tag today, not that much fun. At least I get paid tomarrow. I hope I can buy the new Tsubasa that came out! I really want it! I might cash in all my coins I have in my jar. I think there's over $50 inside of it. Anyways, I need to go to bed. I have to work from 1-9 tomarrow. I'm sorry I haven't been getting to everyone's sites. I know you guys understand. You all are awesome!

Take care and have an awesome weekend everyone! *hugs everyone, and this time, gives them brownies!*


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Wednesday, September 1, 2004

Hey everyone! Thanks again for all your comments yesterday. I completely understand what you guys are saying. Yes, I understand that some people may not have ever opened a bible before, and I completely understand that. I mean, no one else had the childhood, growing up experiences that I did. I mean, I was raised catholic, went to a catholic school for...*counts of fingers* 7 years, and go to mass regularly. I even understand that some people are just taking the class because they have to, and really don't believe it. That's their personal beliefs, and I'm not going to judge them.

Anyways, I just finished another day of College Writing one. I think I'm going to like this class. Yesterday was really interesting. In Lab, we got to play with skulls. well, we named our skull Sally, since it was a girl. And well, let's just say we had some crazy fun with Sally. Sally contiunaly hit on Kadel (i think that's how you spell it.) It was hilarious. Then after that, I went to Oral Communication, where I met someone who's hate for public speaking matches my own! Yay! (I'm sure you guys would never guess it, but I HATE confrentations of any kind. I'm really shy when it just comes down to it).

So today I have a scharship meeting after all my classes for theater. So, I'm going to be here till 5. At least tomarrow I get to sleep in since my class doesn't start till 10! Yay!

Well, I had this thing to put here, but I somehow lost it. *sighs* Oh well. I think I'm going to go read my book or something. I need to pick a story to write a summary about. Yeah, fun stuff, I know. Take care everyone!!! *hugs and hands out cookies*

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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Duo's first day of college.
Sorry guys, but I got to make this one kinda quick. It's past my bed time. *gasps*

My first day of college was great! Thanks for all your good luck wishes! *hugs everyone* Let's see, Writing class looks interesting, and fun. In Old Test, I wanted to bang my head against the desk because the teacher was explaining something that I've known ever since I was a little girl (how to basically read the bible, you know if something is in Gen 1:1-12). My computer class rocks! Not only is Jessica in it (a girl from my high school) but we are surrounded by hot guys! She met this guy in her last class, and he was in that one. I told her to hook me up with him since she already has a boyfriend. And anatomy class looks interesting to say the least.

hehe, you asked where I go, I go to Newman University! Go Jets! Anyways, I have another 8 am class tomarrow (Anatomy Lab), and then Oral Communications at 10:50, then work from 1-9.

take care everyone!!!

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Monday, August 30, 2004

The countdown is over!
Hey everyone! Thanks again for your comments. Work was A LOT better tonight. I really hardly had anything to do, so I just kinda moseied (is that even a word?) around all night. I ran the bread, and then did my evening stuff. I got to talk a little bit with my cute deli guy. He's really nice too!

So this is it. Tomarrow is my first day of college. Right now, I'm feeling a tad bit excited and nervous at the same time. Here's tomarrow's schedule:

8:00- 8:50 am.- College Writing 1
10:00 - 10:50 am - Old Testament Lit.
11:00 - 11:50 am - Intro to Microcomputers
1:00 - 1:50 pm - Human Anatomy.

So there is my day tomarrow. Yeah, I only have 10 mins to get from one end of the campus to the other for my Computer class, but I should be able to make it. I really don't know what I'm going to do inbetween my breaks though. I hope I find a new friend in College Writing so I can just hang out with them during that time. I have a feeling that my computer class is going to be full of guys, but I have no problem with that. ^_~.

After all my classes, I have to go to the tag office, get my new tag for my car since my 30 day one is about to expire, and then me and mom I think are going to my aunt's new house. What for, I don't know. My backpack is really heavy since both my anatomy book and computer book are really huge. But it's not that big of a deal. I'm planning on leaving a tad bit early to make sure I make it there on time. ^_^. Since I don't live in the dorms, I have to commute. Anyways, I need to head for bed. I have to wake up early tomarrow! Wish me luck once again guys. And everyone have a great monday!

~Nami-chan, the college student.

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