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Saturday, August 30, 2003

   The object is...
Hey all! Wow, today was the most boringest day ever! Seeing how its been raining all day, and hasn't let up since last night, there was hardly anyone shopping today. Which, i don't really mind that much, it just makes my job so boring. I think I had a total of about 20 customers when I usually average about 50. What did I do? you ask. Well, i sat around and played Hangman with Monica, the other person who works at the service desk. We usually work at the same time, so it's basically like us against the world!

Al lot of the streets are flooded by my house, but i really don't care. It's not like i have to go anywhere. I'll just stay at home and watch tv. like i do every day. I need to go somewhere and do something. Anything!!! I don't care what!!!

Please give me some ideas people!! I'm bored off my a**!!!

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Thursday, August 28, 2003

   and your point was???
Well, yesterday was my first rotation at the hospital, and i have to say, it was pretty boring. The most exciting this I did was help a patient out of the ER bed and into another one. I also helped weigh her. Sooooooo exciting. One patient was about to have a heart attack, so she got moved to a different floor. I wonder what happened to them.

I really can't believe it's friday already. I guess getting out of school on tuesday made everything screwed up, and plus getting to dress down today made it feel even weirder. I can't wait till the dance, i hope it will be fun.

Tomarrow, is the scrimages, go team!! I hope we do good this year, we better if I have any say. Well, got to go fix my scanner again! Have a great weekend!!!

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Saturday, August 16, 2003

   The great american...what?
Hey all! Have you ever gotten a feeling when your reading a book, and you realise that not one part of it makes any remote sense? Your just confused out of your mind, and don't understand what's going on? You get frustrated at reading it, but you don't want to give up because that's something you just don't do? Well, welcome to my life.
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Friday, August 1, 2003

Hey Everyone! how's it going? yet another hectict day in the life of this anime fan. my only relief was getting to watch an eposide of Trigun. I was going to upload a pic i drew but my scanner isn't working, stupid technology...oh well...maybe next time.

P.S. I'm kinda new at this so if you have any helpfull hints, please share!!

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