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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Listening To: Damien Rice: Blowers Daughter
Well all i done last night was be depressed and cries. Why? Well for a while now i've been feeling really pathetic, like my life is worthless. Yeah, alot of people think that. But i have some close friends saying how "They never wanna be like me". Is my life that screwed up? Seriously? And then my own sister says "I'm praying i never end up like you". Nice eh?

Thanks for all the support...bastard people. It really hurt. I think people forget that i actually do have feelings, i ain't the brain dead moron i pretend to be *sigh* so yeah, i text Amy and she said people just don't understand, that they'll all just being nasty pieces of work. That kinda cheered me up, but not completely. So, i cried alot. Even after Stephen came home just to check if i was ok (Amy asked him to check on me).

I think Richard felt sorry for me, i was on MSN when i read the GB entry my sis left (Lauren-chan), and then i just went off saying "I ain't in the mood to talk, i. fed up with people reminding me what a fuck up i am" then left. When i came back on later, he suddenly asks "You wanna go out tomorrow?" I think he wants to cheer me up, i'm grateful. He knows nothing of my depression, but even when i'm slightly down he wants me to go out heh. Hes a good friend.

Anyway, i'm off. Hope ye like the new theme, i think Ryou looks great with wings o.O don't you?

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